Noel Hodson

Telework Consultant & Business Project Manager

14 Brookside, OXFORD, OX3 7PJ, UK. tel +44-(0)1865-760994 fax 764520


Born 9th Dec 1942, I founded, built and managed a successful accountancy, audit and tax advice practice from 1970-80, which now trades as Blackstone Franks, London EC1. From 1978-80 I also managed Mallalieu Cars, a 50-man specialist Bentley & prototype car-maker.

I have teleworked at home since 1980 and specialized in telework consultancy through SW2000 Telework Studies, full time since 1988. I am a member of Tomorrow’s Company, promoting The Inclusive Approach, and am Secretary of West Midlands Tomorrow Limited.

I founded and managed a successful teleworked team of business consultants, assisting new-start enterprises, 1980-1987 with 38 offices - it now trades as Morton Hodson and Co. Ltd. (London registered) and has 54 offices across the UK.

In 1979/80 I assisted the development of the £7M Southbank Technopark in London and led a team, including Wolfson College, from 1980-1990 planning to develop the £80M Oxford Research Science Park, a proposed City centre incubator for new, science based enterprises. My accountancy and business expansion work has occasioned me personally advising more than 5,000 SME’s and Micro-Enterprises. I make fully interactive Project Planning Tools for clients in EXCEL.

I wrote the seminal paper “The Economics of Teleworking” – BT 1992 and specified, part authored and edited the book “Teleworking Explained” Wiley and Sons, New York, ISBN 0-471-93975-7. I was Product Development Director, of Telework Analytics International Inc, and proposed and originated TeleworkAuditstm methods from 1992-98. I developed the cost/benefit formulas for TeleworkAuditstm from 1992-1996 when advising major UK and USA employers implementing telework. 

I am a consultant on telework to British Telecom and was a partner in an EC, DGXIII, ACTS project DIPLOMAT, producing the European Charter for Telework, with special responsibility for European fiscal issues and Telework Guidelines. DIPLOMAT reported to the EC on seven themes including Employment, Intellectual Property, Sustainable Economics and Taxation.  From 1997-98 I was the Chairman of the EC, ACTS programme, GAT Chain which developed Telework Guidelines and disseminated ACTS project results.  I continue to develop practical management tools for teleworking and I am involved in telematics for wired democracy and for interactive distance learning (IDLE in Oxford & IDLE for Industry).

In 1998 I designed BIRTHRIGHT, a new tax and wealth sharing and distribution system for the Global Village and the Information Society and promote it via networks on fiscal and social security reform. I believe that BIRTHRIGHT, if applied in most countries, would eradicate poverty and greatly increase global wealth and business.

In January 1999 I re-launched Experts Unlimited, a system for delivering all types of professional and counseling advice via advanced communication systems, and in May 2000 I opened the company’s first service, Tax-Advice-Line, to run as a pilot for 3 months.  The company is now seeking from £1m to £10M in capital to enable it to launch nationally and overseas. 



Liaison officer for the ECTF (European Commission Telematics Forum) to the DTI (Department of Trade and Industry).

Chairman of EC, DGXIII, ACTS Programme, GATChain.

Director of ITAC the International Telework Association and Council, Washington DC.

Director of WISE the Work Information Society and Employment Forum, Vienna.

Member of the Future Work Forum, Henley Management College.

Secretary of West Midlands Tomorrow Limited, an Inclusive Approach initiative for sustainable employment.

Telework Publications:

Economics of Telework, 1992, BT Labs.Martlesham

Economics of Telework 1994, BT Labs. Martlesham

Teleworking Explained, with BT, 1993 Wiley & Sons, Chichester & New York

Telework & Employment, 1995 for EC, DGV, Expert Group on Employment

Jobs Work and Employment, Information Society Guidelines, 1996, EC GATChain

Telework Tax Guidelines, 1996 for DIPLOMAT, ACTS, EC

Teleworking, 1996, Institute of Directors UK

Taxing Internet and Telework, 1997, Tax Faculty, Institute of Chartered Accountants

UK Traffic Decongestion 2007 & 2017 from IT and Flexible Work Methods, 1997, UK anon Inst.

Articles in TCR Telecommuting Review (New Jersey, USA)

Articles in the European Journal of Teleworking, EU

Articles in Home Run magazine, UK

FutureScope 1999, The future for the information society commissioned by Dresdner Bank in Germany.

Telework Promotions:

Teleworking Today - Video for Major Customers, BT 1995

Telework Training Video for managers, BT 1997

Swiss TV Telework Programme, Arbeisort Internet, 1996

Interviews for numerous UK radio stations, newspapers and for The Times Magazine

Noel Hodson has delivered papers at conferences in several European countries and in the USA


SW2000 Telework Studies has assisted many major employers to initiate or expand telework.  It was founded in 1988 as a partnership between employment psychologists, training and flexible working specialists. It conducted Flexible Working seminars from 1988-1992 attended by over 120 major UK employers. SW2000 was retained to carry out a major survey of UK employers and telework in 1992 and conducted 2 other telework surveys in 1990 and 1991.  It published Working Environment News in 1990 and was retained by BT to assist major customers to calculate the Costs and Benefits of Teleworking in their organisations from 1992-1995.  SW2000 led the EC supported project Experts Unlimited which initiated higher telephone tariffs of £1.50 a minute, in the UK, now used by over 100 professional advice services, and ran pilot projects in Spain and Ireland. SW2000 co-authored and was a partner in the EC, DGXIII, ACTS project DIPLOMAT, with special responsibility for Fiscal Issues.  SW2000 leads workshops and advises companies on the family and psychological issues of telework, publishing “Bringing Home the Electronic Baby” in 1995. SW2000 was one of the first and remains one of a few enterprises which specialises in promoting, advising employers and employees on and creating products for telework and flexible work in the Information Society.

Jan 2002.