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Services for organisations and businesses in the Information Society


We have a strong interest in and knowledge of new ways of working in the information society and in the impact the new methods and systems have on business, on individuals, on families, on communities, on the environment and on the effectiveness of large and small organisations.


We advise and assist in the following areas:-


Managing Organisations in the Information Society.


E-Work guidelines, economic-rationale, corporate e-strategy, initiation, change and project management of Teleworking and flexible working projects for large and small businesses and organisations.  Individual, local, national and international trans-border taxation strategies addressed and planned. Wide client experience including financial institutions, commerce and mail-order; call centres, government departments, oil industry, engineering, professional firms and NPO’s.


Training teleworkers and managers in the Information Society.


The latest E-Work guidelines and advice on the knowledge requirements of senior managers, middle managers, virtual team members and individual teleworkers in organisations facing telework, remote-teams, virtual-workers and e-commerce decisions in the Information Society. From computer user skills (computer literacy) to selecting, training and managing teleworkers to evaluating the environmental and societal impact for The Annual Report. Advice on the courses and qualifications at all levels, being designed by ITAC with major universities for 2002. Advice and workshops for your employees on the home and family issues raised by Teleworking. Advice on the tax-status and planning of home and trans-border work.


Domestic and Commercial Property uses and values in the Information Society


BT is currently selling over 250 properties in the UK. AT&T is divesting itself of commercial property world-wide but new commercial properties are still being built for good business reasons.  The 20 million USA and 10 million EU teleworkers are beginning to have an impact on the uses and values of property. Homes with space and facilities for working efficiently are rising in price and seasoned teleworkers  are choosing to live further than ever before from the central-office with an impact on remote regions. Advice on virtual companies, renting and buying property in the Information Society.  Advice to selling agents and home buyers on what constitutes a valuable home-office. Advice on the tax and planning and financing issues of home offices and Use-Of-Home-As-Office allowances from employers. Advice on the home and family issues of working and living in the same space and on the communication habits and protocols that make it enjoyable and sustainable.  Discussions and advice given in employer funded workshops or by private consultation.


Forecasts - Research, Discussions and Strategic Advice.


Seminal reports and recommendations and solutions prepared include the Economics of Teleworking; Current numbers and Forecasts of Teleworkers; Employment in the Information Society; SOHO (Small Office, Home Office) Equipment now and in the future; Traffic Congestion and De-Congestion 2007 and 2014; Comparative Costs and Benefits of all forms of Communication; UK Survey of Teleworkers and Employers; European Statistics on Teleworkers; Fiscal Issues in the Information Society; The Future of the Information Society and other papers. Clients have included BT, the EC, AT&T and The World Bank, Washington DC.  Confidential or public reports prepared and presented for senior managers and their clients.


Corporate Annual and Social Reporting with the Royal Society for Arts  – the Centre for Tomorrow’s Company - & West Midlands Tomorrow Limited.


Annual Shareholder & Stakeholder Reporting that encompasses the financial, societal and environmental business of an organisation, is not just responsible corporate behaviour, good PR and good citizenship, it’s a vital commercial activity that methodically identifies current, medium and long term contingent liabilities and potential law suits and class-actions. There are many costly examples of public companies and utilities realising too late that their actions or products have stored up problems for years that emerge to decimate their reserves and share-price.  Templates for year-on-year comparisons; advice and editing for public reports; workshops and advice on communicating good and bad news to the Markets, to shareholders and stakeholders. In the Information Society, President George Bush Snr. forecast that there will be no secrets. So invest more in managing your formal and informal corporate communications.





Noel Hodson

Noel Hodson,

Director SW2000 Telework Studies.

Director Experts Unlimited

14 Brookside, OXFORD , OX3 7PJ, UK

Tel: 00-44-(0)1865-760994 Fax: 00-44-(0)1865-764520 Email: NoelHodson@btconnect.com



CV - Noel Hodson – Director of SW2000 and of Experts Unlimited.



Hodson wrote the seminal paper "The Economics of Teleworking" - BT Martlesham Labs 1992 and he specified, part authored and edited the book "Teleworking Explained" Wiley and Sons, Chichester & New York, 1993 ISBN 0-471-93975-7. He was Product Development Director of Telework Analytics International, USA, and proposed and originated TeleworkAuditsTM methods. He developed the 600 cost/benefit formulas for TeleworkAuditsTM from 1992-1996 when advising major UK and USA employers implementing telework. He proposed Experts Unlimited to BT in 1990, the delivery of professional advice by telephone at £1.50 per minute. It was funded by the EC in 1994/95. He is a director of Experts (UK) Ltd that plans to launch Tax-Advice-Line nationwide in 2001.


Flexible Working and Teleworking Promoter

Noel Hodson has been a consultant on telework to British Telecom since 1991 and a proposer of and partner in several EC, DGXIII, ACTS projects, including the 500Keuro “Experts Unlimited” and the 3.5Meuro “DIPLOMAT project”, producing the European Charter for Telework, in which he had special responsibility for European fiscal issues. The Charter was signed by more than 600 VIPs across Europe. He has written papers for the EC dealing with Telework Guidelines under seven themes including Employment, Intellectual Property, Sustainable Economics and Taxation. He was the Chairman of the EC, ACTS programme, GAT Chain which developed Telework Guidelines and disseminated ACTS project results. He continues to develop practical management tools for teleworking and promotes telematics for wired democracy and for interactive distance learning (e.g. IDLE in Oxford).


In 1993 he was invited to address the telework advisory committee (TAC) at the World Bank, Washington DC, who had some 6,000 people commuting daily to work. Through the years from 1993 to 1997 Noel Hodson was commissioned by BT to visit their major customers and discuss the pros and cons of telework implementation. Companies advised included several major City banks and insurance companies, The Post Office, HM Customs and Excise, British Gas, Burgher King, BT Sales, Grampian District Council (Aberdeen City), Laura Ashley, Yorkshire Water, WH Smith and numerous smaller organisations. He produced a comprehensive Telework Programme Check List to assist these clients; the check-list he currently relies on is the e-Work Guide 2000, from ITAC in the USA, translated where needed to suit UK and EU protocols.


ITAC Washington DC and WISE Vienna.

In March 1998 he was appointed a director and treasurer of the Work, Information, Society & Employment Forum (W.I.S.E. Forum) an international group researching and reporting to governments and industry on trends in the Information Society. The first President of the Vienna based forum from 3rd December 98, was Mr Ferdinand Lacina, a respected banker, special adviser to the Austrian Government and ex-Minister of Finance in Austria.  Hodson is also treasurer and a director of ITAC, the International Telework Association and Council, Washington DC. ITAC is the largest and most active NPO in this field. Among its many activities are the Telework America annual conference and exhibition and work with the environmental agencies in Washington on the impact of telework on traffic decongestion and air quality. Hodson has written joint-proposals with the Transport Studies Unit, University of Oxford to measure the impact of telework on traffic and on people in the UK.


Tomorrow's Company

In January 1999, he was appointed as a Tomorrow's Company Professional. Born of visionary reports on corporate responsibilities from the Royal Society of Arts, Tomorrow's Company philosophy is INCUSIVENESS; widening the Corporate boundaries to include the Community, Employees, Shareholders, Suppliers, Customers and Leaders. Inclusive Companies are proven to be more profitable and sustainable. Hodson is specialising in encouraging organisations to include Social and Environmental Audits in their Annual Reports, that traditionally report only on financial matters.


SME Adviser, Active Telework Manager, and Fiscal Planner

He founded, built and managed from 1970-80 a successful accountancy and tax advice practice, which now trades as Blackstone Franks, London EC1. The firm has published numerous EIU books on tax planning and wrote funding reports for the Euro-Dollar markets. Hodson has teleworked at home since 1980 and specialised in telework consultancy full time since 1988. He built a teleworked team of business consultants 1980-1987 from one to 38 offices - it now trades as Morton Hodson and Co. Ltd. (London registered) and has 54 offices across the UK. He assisted the development of the Southbank Technopark in London and led a team, including Wolfson College, from 1980-1989 planning to develop the £80M Oxford Research Science Park, a proposed City centre incubator for new, science based enterprises. His accountancy and business expansion work occasioned him personally advising more than 5,000 SME's. He retains a vital interest in this field. He was invited in 1998 to advise the Inventors Club of Iceland and contributed to EC policy documents on patenting. Currently he is working on an electronic version of the self-assessment income tax return form (for professionals) and on The Electric Chequebook (TECB), conceived to assist micro-enterprises, tax authorities and banks. His forward looking concept to reform the social security and tax system for the Information Society is called Birthright, and is available on his web site. He is a skilled business planner, creating forecasts in EXCEL and forms for business and management projects.


Telework Publications & Interviews:-

Economics of Telework, 1992, BT Labs.Martlesham

Teleworking Explained, with BT, 1993 Wiley & Sons, Chichester & New York

Telework & Employment, 1995 for EC, DGV, Expert Group on Employment

Jobs Work and Employment, Information Society Guidelines, 1996, EC GATChain

Telework Tax Guidelines, 1996 for DIPLOMAT, ACTS, EC

Teleworking, 1996, Institute of Directors UK

Taxing Internet and Telework, 1997, Tax Faculty, Institute of Chartered Accountants

UK Traffic Decongestion 2007 & 2017 from IT and Flexible Work Methods, 1997, UK anon.

The Future of Telework and the Information Society – Chapter for a Bank Dresdner book 1998.

Articles in Telecommuting Review (New Jersey, USA)

Articles in the European Journal of Teleworking, EU

Articles in Home Run magazine, UK

Telework Promotions:-

Teleworking Today - Video for Major Customers, BT 1995

Telework Training Video for managers, BT 1997

Swiss TV Telework Programme, Arbeisort Internet, 1996

Interviews for numerous UK radio stations, newspapers and for The Times Magazine

Noel Hodson has delivered papers in several European countries, including Austria, and in the USA.

Director of ITAC (USA) from January 2000 and Treasurer in 2001.


SW2000 Teleworking Studies was founded in 1988. It conducted Flexible Working seminars from 1988-992 attended by over 120 HRM and Personnel directors from major UK employers. SW2000 was retained to survey UK employers and telework in 1992 and conducted telework statistical surveys in 1990 and 1991. It published Working Environment News in 1990 and was retained by BT to assist major customers to calculate the Costs and Benefits of Teleworking from 1992-1995. SW2000 led the EC supported project Experts Unlimited which initiated higher telephone tariffs in the UK, now used by over 500 professional advice services. SW2000 co-authored and was Fiscal Issues partner in the EC, DGXIII, ACTS project DIPLOMAT. SW2000 published "Bringing Home the Electronic Baby" 1995, Pauline Hodson, (available via a WEB search). SW2000 specialises in promoting, advising on and creating products for telework and flexible work in the Information Society.