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AD 2516

After Global Warming


By Noel Hodson
"Fascinating - I could not put it down" - 1st Review - June 2005  

Prophetic, Provocative, Dramatic, Imaginative, Sexy & Funny. 
Publish America & Publish Britannica ISBN-1-4137-6870-9

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“It’s a refreshing vacation read – full of fun, forecasts and hidden gems of knowledge”

AD 2516


By Noel Hodson. ISBN 1-4137-6870-9. 

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"The last thing Sebastian Huggins felt, immediately before he fell in love with the most beautiful woman in the universe, was very, very, cold".


AD 2516 - AFTER GLOBAL WARMING, is a story of hope; amusing, dramatic, intriguing and pacey. The author addresses social and scientific trends, soundly based on current societal conditions and the latest scientific projections, gleaned mostly from New Scientist and Scientific American. The author challenges, with heretical wit and insight many established ‘isms that may stimulate debate in readers of all ages.  AD 2516 explores, with tenderness and humour - love, lust, loyalty, courage, betrayal and the ultimate Diaspora; being lost in place and time, being geographically and temporally displaced.

Two Americans, Sebastian Huggins and Joseph Sigmund Hanson the Third, and an English woman, Secretary of State for Education, Sarah Beck, are diverted from 1999 to 2516 via an unintentional 500 year diversion of Concorde under the Polar ice.

 Sarah, suppressing her terminal homesickness, realises the level of adjustment required of them:


"Suppose" said Sarah, when they were alone "that we went back, or that somebody came forward from five hundred years earlier. From fifteen hundred" she speculated. "I mean they didn't wash. They had mice in their coiffures, fixed with flour and water, and heaven only knows what lived in those powdered wigs…”


Sebastian, rebuffed by Eloise and determined to break his unintentional 516 years of celibacy, returns to New-New-York, falls into the clutches of the evil Mind-Warrior and druggist, Lethean, and falls in lust with Amas, the city’s most celebrated courtesan:


She slipped delicately into bed and kissed him lightly on the lips, skilfully avoiding his hungry grasp. Any lesser man, indeed as was the case with many of the men she slept with, would have suffered the indignity and terminally disappointing minor orgasm of premature ejaculation, after such a prolonged abstinence and day long seduction. But Sebastian was made of sterner stuff than most of today’s male stamens.”


Joe, an obese, self-made, Vermont billionaire, whose courage and heroism emerge later in the tale, cannot at first accept the time jump - and a society functioning without money. On a flight back to New York he decides to arrest their courteous “kidnappers”:


The sight of the Statue of Liberty and the recognisable profiles of the Empire State and the other famous skyscrapers filled Joseph Sigmund Hanson the Third with renewed certainty and courage.  He accepted what he could believe and blotted out the minor conflicting evidence, like the three mile high mountainous city ahead and the one hundred feet of high tide on Fifth Avenue below him.


This book is a counterbalance to the bleak, hopeless and pessimistic views of the future in films such as Blade Runner, Alien, Terminator etc. where the human race is consigned to a derelict computerised-industrial-complex run by violent psychopaths – and those are the good guys. Mankind needs a fair compass setting, as we create our own future from our imaginations, expectations and actions. AD 2516 points us towards a better world – and it’s a really good read.