Tuesday, 4 September 2012



This nine step cycle shows why OECD governments are all claiming “There is no money; we are deep in debt; there are mountains of debt; you must lose your jobs, homes and take pay-cuts”.  They parrot this mantra despite the global economy having the most productive systems ever in human history and, thanks to automation, creating more real-wealth than was dreamed of even fifty years ago.


You know that you keep working hard. You do your bit for the economy. You pay your bills and taxes and pay into a pension fund. So, where does the ever increasing real-wealth go?


Via the international banks, the FREE MARKETS and the Internet – the bankers, lawyers and accountants who we once trusted to keep our money safe have been fiddling the books for themselves and big-business on a global scale. The paper-shufflers have become corrupt. To protect their crooked dealings they recruit anyone who might be a serious threat. They believe they can escape all taxes, gouge capital from Homeland economies and laugh all the way to the funny-money-banks in government approved tax-havens.  They corrupt IRS, HMRC, The Courts, media personnel, celebrities and elected representatives to join the happy throngs of tax-free tapeworms, off-shore.


In 2009, The OECD Paris, estimated there was $18 trillion off-shore. In July 2012, The Observer newspaper (UK) commissioned experts who estimated there is now $21 trillion in tax-havens.  That means that every year, one-trillion US dollars is hidden in tax-havens. Most of that $1 trillion is granted tax-relief by the nations that lose it.  One trillion dollars siphoned from our economies is 28 million jobs lost, every year.  $21 trillion invested back in the homelands would create 588 million jobs – and pay-off every deficit in the World.


It is a triple assault on our economies. “They” not only do not pay tax on income, but we are dumb enough to grant tax relief on sham invoices from potty little islands and protected jurisdictions such as Delaware, where “they” pretend to have major businesses. They are given tax-refunds at home AND they take all the capital offshore. All that really exists are brass-plates, bent lawyers and dummy directors. And THE LAW, the gravity and majesty of the law of our lands, pompously accepts these pantomimes as being real businesses.  They are fakes. They are false accounting. They are fraudulent conspiracies. 


Who are they?  Most major companies now have dozens of sham companies in tax-havens, just like ENRON had. Many wealthy families have sham “Trusts” or “Charities” in tax-havens. High earning celebrities pretend to by employed by companies in tax-havens. Doctors, dentists and plumbers have sham companies in tax havens. All the pretended transactions, the paperwork, that siphon money from the homeland to offshore are illegal. They have been illegal for 100 years. Ask Al Capone; ask Arthur Andersen, ENRON’s now banned auditors.


It is time this nonsense stopped. The hidden money should all be assumed to be illicit in tax-law, assessed and repatriated. The honest owners will not be penalised by back-duty-tax investigations – but the majority breaks the rules and should be repatriated. It is time to invest the $21 trillion back into Greece, Spain, Italy, Japan, UK, USA and all OECD countries; so that we can move on into the next phase of economic and human development. We must shake loose from the paralysed, terrified “owners” of the offshore hoards, sitting on their hands and stopping the healthy circulation of money – and put the $21 trillion back to work. 


Where are the World Statesmen and Women brave enough to shout “The King has no clothes” and bring an end to these disgraceful con-tricks. In the meantime – the next idiot or complicit banker, economist or politician who bleats “…but there’s no more money  - throw them into the local pond.