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Technical Manuals

Corporate & Media presentations

Future Trends & Forecasting

Statistical Analyses

Financial and Fiscal texts



Novels – both humorous and serious

      & I will ghost-write novels, biographies & text-books


Commissioning clients have included: BT, the RAC, The European Commission, Transport for London, Institute of Chartered Accountants, Wiley & Sons (text book), Quentin Bell plc, Bank Dresdner, Oxford Research Science Park, Inventor to Investors (quarterly), World Bank Washington (board report), Institute of Directors, Working Environment News, WHO HQ Geneva, Prudential Insurance, other major organisations, plus promotional texts for more than 500 SME’s (small & medium enterprises).


Understandable Statistics: I delight in analysing data, financial spreadsheets and reports, and in making sense from otherwise incomprehensible numbers. I excel at Excel® and make powerful points with PowerPoint®. (Try a GOOGLE search for “Telework Statistics”). I collate, create and present statistics for accurate, popular use and understanding.


In depth topics have included: Global warming; Transport, telecoms & telework; The Thames Highway (utilising river-buses); Social-phobia & shyness; Offshore-funds & tax; Wealth & redistribution; E-voting, E-learning, E-manufacturing; The Future (of the Information Society); Property values; Inner-City development & regeneration; Textile design archives; Families & telework; Innovation & inventors; SME’s; Corporate Governance & SOX; Interest rates, pensions, city-fraud; 3rd World debt; Justice & laws; and every type of business and business model.


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SW2000, 14 Brookside, OXFORD, OX3 7PJ, UK. tel +44-(0)1865-760994 fax 769384

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AD 2516-After global warming first print July 05 

PublishAmerica, ISBN-1-4137-0791-2, at Barnes & Noble & at Amazon.


Detailed CV below:




Noel Hodson - Studies, Reports & Novels.

The Haunting of a Favourite Son - on Social Phobia & Shyness. (Publish America, 2003, ISBN 1-4137-0791-2)

The Economics of Telework (Martlesham Heath Labs 1990 & 1992) – seminal studies.

Teleworking Explained (Wiley & Sons - ISBN 0-471-93975-7) – a  telecoms text book.

Gridlock and Telecoms 2007-2017 – in 1997 for the RAC.

Szenario 2010 - Habitamus - Herausgegeben von der Dresdner Bauspar AG - Oct 99. ISBN-8295-8105-X

AD2516 - After Global Warming. (Publish America, 2005, ISBN-1-4137-6870-9); a novel.

The Alchemist's Lad - In which Sir Isaac Newton learns the perils of entanglement. WiP a novel

Over the Rainbow - a contemporary novel of global warming. WiP a novel

Tales From Heaton Moor - True Stories of the '50's - (ongoing local anecdotes - see my web site)

The Business Bible - how to start and how to stop. WiP a text book


My own business initiatives as an owner/employer have included:

The Mallalieu Partnership – COBOL based accounting software.

Blackstone Franks – auditors accountants and tax planners.

Mallalieu Cars – specialist car makers.

Oxford Research Science Parks.

Southbank Technopark - at the Polytechnic of the Southbank.

Morton Hodson and Co Ltd – Business Expansion Experts.

Experts Unlimited – advice by telephone.

SW2000 Telework Studies – transforming the workplace.


Offices held:

Liaison officer for the ECTF (European Commission Telematics Forum) to the DTI

Chairman of EC, DGXIII, ACTS Programme, GATChain.

Director of ITAC the International Telework Association and Council, Washington DC.

Director of WISE the Work Information Society and Employment Forum, Vienna.

Member of the Future Work Forum, Henley Management College.

Secretary of West Midlands Tomorrow Limited, an ‘Inclusive Approach’ organisation.


Information Society Publications:

Economics of Telework, 1992, BT Labs.Martlesham

Economics of Telework 1994, BT Labs. Martlesham

Teleworking Explained, with BT, 1993 Wiley & Sons, Chichester & New York

Telework & Employment, 1995 for EC, DGV, Expert Group on Employment

Jobs Work and Employment, Information Society Guidelines, 1996, EC GATChain

Telework Tax Guidelines, 1996 for DIPLOMAT, ACTS, EC

Teleworking, 1996, Institute of Directors UK

Taxing Internet and Telework, 1997, Tax Faculty, Institute of Chartered Accountants

UK Traffic Decongestion 2007 & 2017 from IT and Flexible Work Methods, 1997, UK anon Inst.

Articles in TCR Telecommuting Review (New Jersey, USA)

Articles in the European Journal of Teleworking, EU

Articles in Home Run magazine, UK

FutureScope 1999, The future for the information society; commissioned by Dresdner Bank, Germany.


Information Society Promotions:

Teleworking Today - Video for Major Customers, BT 1995

Telework Training Video for managers, BT 1997

Swiss TV Telework Programme, Arbeisort Internet, 1996

Interviews for numerous UK radio stations, newspapers and for The Times Magazine

Noel Hodson has delivered papers at conferences in several European countries and in the USA


Happy clients have included BT, The RAC, Quentin-Bell plc, the European Commission, Wiley & Sons, Bank Dresdner, Oxford Research Science Park, Inventors to Investors, plus board-level reports for the World Bank, WHO, the Prudential and many other organisations. We have created hundreds of promotional texts for new businesses, with financial forecasts in EXCEL, and produced corporate technical Guidelines, Annual (financial) & Environmental Reports.


SW2000 Telework Studies, started in 1988, has assisted many major employers to initiate or expand telework.  SW2000 was retained by BT to assist major customers to calculate the Costs and Benefits of Teleworking in their organisations from 1992-1995.  SW2000 led the EC supported project Experts Unlimited which initiated higher telephone tariffs of £1.50 a minute and co-authored and was a partner in the 2.4Mecu, EC, DGXIII, ACTS project DIPLOMAT.  SW2000 leads workshops and advises employers on the family and psychological issues of telework, publishing “Bringing Home the Electronic Baby” in 1995.


I am available from 1st June.  “Buy now to avoid disappointment!”

Contact me by telephone on 01865 760994 or email:  

SW2000, 14 Brookside, Headington, OXFORD, OX3 7PJ, UK. tel +44-(0)1865-760994 fax 769384

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