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 Estuary, inundation, New York, Radical Economics, Overkill, Nuclear Submarines, Antarctic Ice Cap.

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Scary Holiday Reading - The Chaos of Global Warming – But a great Future.


Global Warming – the Avian Flu Pandemic – and a great Future.

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Over the Rainbow – Is an “unputtabledownable” drama aimed at the popular market, set in the Thames estuary as global warming floods the coastal margins and billions of people worldwide grudgingly migrate to higher ground. But the destruction of transport routes disrupts food supplies and the measures for containment of pandemics. Avian flu’ destroys most of the human race. The heroine, Alice, survives by secretly dwelling on the upper floors in Harrods, surrounded by deep, dangerous and filthy water, to eventually emerge and join other London survivors, including the politically ambitious, self-appointed Dean of London University and ruthless agents of  once aristocratic land owners. Alice opposes “politics and power as usual”, is murdered for spreading radical and seditious ideas and an overt battle for who will rule Britain commences. The book ends with the compass pointing to the brave new world which may result. Throughout, quotes from the scientific literature and tales from Londoners’ lives paint an accurate picture – if a little accelerated – of what global warming will bring us.  

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…what next? – read AD2516-After Global Warming by Noel Hodson - Entered for the 2005 Whitbread Prize – first novel category.  ISBN 1-4137-6870-9


AD2516 - After Global Warming – Is compulsive reading. Five hundred years from now, global warming has almost run its course and a new Utopian society of eleven billion people has been built. Our main characters are temporally and geographically displaced from 1999 to 2516 via a long deep-freeze, to be resuscitated and woken by “the most beautiful woman in the Universe” Doctor Eloise le Friac. It is a humorous story in which an American billionaire resists adapting to a world without money, an English Minister of Education, lodging at Magdalen College, behind the Oxford Sea-Wall, strives to go back in time to her children and husband; and a neurotic New York journalist seeks sexual satisfaction in dark places after five hundred years of involuntary celibacy. It is an optimistic and thought provoking book, full of warmth and comedy, indicating how the human race could develop – despite or because of the pending destructiveness of global warming – which is described in 'future-history' lessons. The underlying science and economics are consistent and credible – this Utopia could really happen.  http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/search-handle-form/202-2843992-4459832

Entered for the 2005 Whitbread Prize – first novel category.

 ISBN 1-4137-6870-9


The Author - Noel Hodson - has read popular science, which underpins his novels, for five decades. His career spans twenty-five years advising businesses, innovators and inventors, including a partnership with Wolfson College, Oxford focused on local science-parks. He is among the pioneers promoting Telework internationally to major employers, with clients including The World Health Organisation and Transport for London. He wrote the seminal Economics of Teleworking in 1992 and Teleworking Explained (Wiley & Sons) in 1993 and co-led two significant pan-European Information Society EC projects. He has worked at and from home in Oxford for thirty years. Noel has an active, current interest in transportation and environmental matters and in national economic and taxation issues including Land Valuation Taxes.  noel@noelhodson.com


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