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Developed with Human Resource and Personnel directors.

Pilot Check List, Telework Guidelines, Selection and Monitoring Forms, FAQA’s, Health & Safety & Flow-Charts. For pilot and mature telework and flexi-work programs.


SW2000 have been writing Telework Guidelines and Policies; training teleworkers, analysing the cost & benefits, recommending technology and recording the environmental impact for fourteen years. Authors/Editors of The Economics of Teleworking and the text book Teleworking Explained.

You could re-invent the wheel - Or learn by your mistakes.

But that can be a slow process and a big cost.




Tailored for your organisation: Save valuable time, money and effort. Give managers and teleworkers a clear and comprehensive program structure. Application Forms, Office Safety Forms, Evaluation and Assessment Forms, Advice on Income Taxes, Capital Gains taxes and Business Rates Assessments, Cessation and Retirement Procedures, Insurance Issues and Reporting Forms, all tailored to your requirements.


We provide the latest, client tested and updated, approved texts and forms for your telework programmes:


 1) Guidelines, under 12 main headings, in a concise, PC and practical format; with FAQA’s.

 2)  Edited versions of the Guidelines, tailored to your organisation.

 3) Process Flow-Charts for individuals and managers - how to implement telework.

 4)  Lists of IT Equipment, Telecoms, Furniture, Training, Security and other requirements.

 5) Application, Selection, Process and Reporting Forms including Health & Safety, DSE and PAT.

 6) Outline advice on the taxation implications for your teleworkers and your organisation.

 7) Recommended text for an Addendum to the contract of employment.

 8) Processes forms for returning to central-office or retiring from work.

 9) Notes on the Data-Protection Act/s and confidentiality issues.

 10) Recommendations on training, or briefings, or simply advising teleworkers - including households.

 11) SW2000’s Costs and Benefits, Productivity, Office Space and Environmental analyses.

 12) Monitoringand Reporting - tracking results and outcomes for reports to senior management.


Since 1988 SW2000 has advised, among several hundred employers, The World Health Organisation, The World Bank in Washington DC;  BT Sales in Bristol and Chiswick; Nat-West Bank - London City, Citibank; Lombard North Central; Prudential Insurance; Royal Insurance; Thorn-EMI;  W H Smith; Yorkshire Water; Surrey CC; CEGB; Shell -London Office; Burgher King; British Gas; Digital; Southern Electricity; Grampian DC (Aberdeen City); Laura Ashley;  Post Office Counters; AT&T Europe; UK public bodies; and many other major employers.


Price Guide $9,900US or Euro (plus Sales Taxes/VAT), per central office location.

Telephone or email for terms, process and delivery dates.




Member of the International Telework Association and Council (ITAC)

SW2000 Telework Studies (Est.1988)

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