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In 2004 social and financial justice seems to be slipping backwards. The gaps between Rich and Poor, Privileged and Underprivileged, Serfs and Aristocrats and Exploited and Exploiters have widened not reduced. Yet in this Information Society, the era of The Electronic Revolution, more global real wealth is being automatically generated by machines, computers and robots than ever in history, thanks to all the generations of effort, sweat, toil, invention, innovation and sacrifice of all who have spent their lives working, and in many cases dying, for the commonwealth.


Poverty can be eradicated, not only in the developed nations but worldwide. But the mechanisms to share this immense and sustainable wealth remain medieval, punitive and primitive. Most people are stressed out. The Work-Life balance is wildly distorted, with responsibility, work and anxiety loaded onto the crushed shoulders of the powerless. The powerful do less and less, and spend more and more time visiting their ever increasing amounts of wealth hidden in tax and money-laundering “havens”. Havens for whom?


Our elected representatives are impotently silent and are no longer capable of acting for their constituents. The governing systems need to be changed. The way that wealth is shared needs to be changed. We should all have a far greater say in government. People are tired of being bamboozled, cheated, polluted, misled and insulted. Balanced justice, equity and fairness can be achieved far more quickly than any current political proposals would allow. We need a radical and intelligent SHOUT for JUSTICE. 99% of people are honest and fair, the dishonest 1% own and exploit the world. We now need to shine the bright light of publicity on the exploiters, freeloaders and unscrupulous.


Here is how I intend to accelerate change. These policies do not please the old established rich and powerful – so I need your support to gather the energy to build a team, persuade the media and promote the changes – in our own lifetimes – that will give me and you and our kids and our grandchildren a better world to live in. Any donations you send will be applied to this aim.


Can I accelerate change? In 1988 I joined the movement to strike the shackles off the commuting workforce – daily being chained to cripplingly tedious work in factories and offices, away from their families from pre-dawn till after dark – six days a week. I know, I was one if those commuters. Flexible working was a treasonable offence. We called the new way “Teleworking”. Today, there are more than 20 million flexible workers in the US and 10 million in Europe. Flexible working is commonplace. I was one of the pioneers who helped make the changes, empowered ordinary working people and persuaded the employers to introduce working at home, job-sharing, full-rights for part-time work and flexitime. So – Yes – I think I can make a difference.


First steps – We will build a core-team of policy strategists and computer and telecoms communications experts – so that we can communicate with all EPICUS supporters.  We will promote our fair-share policies throughout the UK, Europe and the US and across the world. When we have gathered enough support we will form a political party and put up candidates in the existing voting system and gain some political power. The likelihood is that as our numbers grow, existing parties will adopt and adapt and introduce our policies – and that’s OK, because we don’t want traditional POWER – we want to lobby to change the system to give you power. It’s called democracy – and there’s not a lot of it about at present.


Email your EPICUS policy suggestions to – and be brief as I expect I will have a lot to read. If you are an organisation that can help – e.g. in E-Learning, E-Democracy, Tax-Justice, Tracking Off-Shore Funds, Restitution for Major Frauds Victims (Parmalat, ENRON, Equitable Life etc), Fair-Trade, Wealth-Distribution – I would appreciate your help.


To support the work, for the first year or so of our lobbying campaign (from September 2004 until the EPICUS is established) simply send a cheque/check in any currency, payable to me “Noel Hodson” at:

Noel Hodson,





Am I trustworthy? Check me out on the Internet with a search for “Noel Hodson” which will show that this is the sort of campaign I initiate or join. The above address has been my wife’s and my home for 25 years.  My short and long CV’s are on the website.


I will put a weekly EPICUS progress report, ‘EPICUS-NEWS’, on this web-site.


Here is the shockingly radical manifesto your support will help me to promote to usher in the Era of Intelligent Cooperation. There is a lot to do.




Radical Fiscal Redistribution Policies.. 4

1)  Repatriation. 4

2) Birthright 4

3) Professional Land Reform Group. 5


2. HOUSING.. 7










Overall Guiding Principle:


"Gradually (over 20 years) change the party system to enable E-voting on policies by referenda with Informed Consensus."


We no longer want to vote for an individual who, like Tony Blair and most past Prime Ministers or Presidents, may manifest one or two good political ideas but who, when empowered, conflicts with his supporters on dozens of other ideas and ultimately on policies. MP's should at last, with the astonishing tools of mass communication and the information society at their disposal, truly represent their constituents via continuous, educated and INFORMED referenda.


Practical first term actions:


Ensure all voters have access to the tools of the Information Society. Devise a fraud-proof E-Voting system.


Select one or more public issues, e.g. street litter collection and disposal, create key-policy questions and design a media blitz to inform and educate the electorate. Devise voting-criteria which ensure that eligible voters have studied the issue/s.  Publish the eligible voters list and allow time for late-comers to join it. Take the vote with TV and Radio instant feedback on the counting - to leave no time or room for post-vote fiddling.


Here are three popular fiscal policies that might be adopted.


Radical Fiscal Redistribution Policies


1)  Repatriation - Globally there is about US$14 trillion offshore, $7 trillion (Time Magazine) from the US alone. As most tax and money laundering havens are/were British territories it is reasonable to assume that UK offshore accounts are proportionate to the US, say 60:300, or US$1.4 trillion, about £910,000,000,000 (£910B) or 3 years UK budgets. Businesses (ENRON, Parmalat etc) and individuals (mostly criminals) only hold their unneeded surplus wealth offshore – usually illegally – so confiscate it. The Treasuries should raid all offshore banks, freeze the assets and repatriate the funds for our economies and the World’s poor. To do it overnight – introduce a new mandatory global currency, the ‘EURO-DOLLAR-YEN’.


2) Birthright - Time Magazine reckons the UK is worth £150,000 per head or about £450,000 per family. Have the members of your family each got their £150,000? If not, apply the Birthright doctrine by converting the nation’s wealth into suitable financial instruments to put £150,000 in Trust per child, who will receive the income from it for life – Birth-rights replacing Pension-rights.  This will create an income flow from below that will hugely enrich the economy and empower the people. Does a common soldier or miner who dies on duty contribute less than Mark Thatcher – or should he share in the commonwealth equally?


For details see:\index_files\brightsummaryjune2000.htm


3) Professional Land Reform Group – Tax all land and fixed assets instead of income. To provide the UK’s annual budget requires about 10% tax per annum on capital. As Dave Wetzel wrote in the New Statesman 20 Sept 04, “…land cannot be taken to Jersey in a suitcase.”







Guiding Principles:


"We have a basic freedom to travel. Time is each human's most valuable and inelastic resource. We only live for 27,500 days. Don't waste them sitting in transport bottlenecks."


Increase access, reduce delays, reduce pollution.


HOW? Integrated, joined-up transport designed on the governing principles of JOURNEY-TIME and MINIMUM WEIGHT VEHICLES.


About 1/3rd of the main roads network is now occupied by working vehicles, that is – wagons, lorries, vans and specialist vehicles. Devise alternative systems for transporting goods, particularly the largest category - food. In the UK we move 134,000 tons of food a day - and 2.6 million tons of water and sewage - fortunately most of the water is carried efficiently in pipelines - otherwise our roads and streets would be permanently gridlocked. Much of our food can also be piped in vacuum tubes - such as were once used in department stores. 


Encourage walking - e.g. ban all cars stopping within 500 yards of all schools. Short-haul SUV parents and kids will then walk to school. Build footpaths between existing houses and commercial buildings to enable walkers to get away from traffic and take short-cuts.  In towns and cities build people conveyors to speed-up walking and to enable people to cart parcels etc. (FOOTPATH CZAR).


Encourage cycling - e.g. Allow cycling on quiet pavements. Join up cycle paths to avoid earnest cyclists, as in Oxford, suddenly being pitched into the teeth of irate oncoming motorists. Build cycle tracks between existing buildings.  (CYCLEPATH CZAR).


Enable Car users and stop persecuting them/us - The car is preferred for 85% of all UK journeys. Clear all main roads of traffic obstacles. Ensure buses pull off the carriageway at Bus-Stops. And do the same for loading and unloading goods vehicles. How stupid is it to spend billions on new roads and then, as in the UK, dedicate a third of the road as a mostly unused bus-lane? Who is going to own up as the inventor of bus-lanes?  Restrict work-vehicles, e.g. Refuse Collectors, Cranes, Bulldozers etc. to non-peak hours.


Joined-up licenses for road works - Get them all onto a computer rota for One-Hole-for-diverse-repairs. Over time, put all services currently under the pavements (telephone, power, gas) and roads into above ground channels.


Stop harassing, fining and spying on motorists - remove all speed-trap-cameras and replace speeding offences with offences of careless or dangerous driving.  Use cameras to record these offences. 


Make most suburban streets into cul-de-sacs. Encourage small vehicles (e.g. One Jaguar takes the road space of two Smart Cars) - Move to a Road Tax Licence based on the size and weight of vehicles. Create more car parks (underground) and de-privatise the parking Gestapo and make them accountable. Co-ordinate traffic lights and fit with traffic counting sensors.  Why sit at a red light when the crossing streets are empty?


Make speed limits variable to suit the conditions - e.g. 10MPH (16kph) past a school at entry-exit times - back to 30MPH (48kph) after 7pm. Remove 80% of all road "furniture" and redesign the rest to cut the clutter and confusion. Our roads and streets need one-authority to harmonise them. (ROAD SIGNS CZAR)


Public-Transport: Restrict the size of buses and introduce more routes (the big buses exist only for big profits) and make them free at the point of use (no tickets - no money changing hands - no delays). Enforce School Buses. Give buses access to the railway system (tarmac the rail-routes) and use the new (old railways) as through routes for goods vehicles also. These routes join all City Centres and are used by trains only about 2% of the time. 


Living Well - ban vehicles from many more inner city and town areas to turn them into enjoyable pedestrian havens.




Guiding Principle: "Every citizen is entitled to a pleasant place to live for their brief ephemeral lifespan."


Policy - Build more and varied homes and enable far more self-build and self-design; as making a living space is one of the most basic human creative acts.


HOW - Kit houses like the World-War 2 prefabs have been proposed by many famous architects. Encourage them. List ALL spare inner-city land/derelict buildings that can be used. Educate people into expecting a pleasant neighbourhood and then into insisting on their rights to have a good neighbourhood.


People will make nice homes anywhere from anything if they are permitted - permit them but with quality controls. Use cheap loans to oil the transactions (see Low Interest Rates below). If necessary get the loans from Japan (at say 0.5%) or Chinese banks; or the EU (2.5%) or USA (2.5%). Use the WWW to inform people on the rules and regulations of building. Enforce utilities to connect them.  Don't be afraid of a few full frontal assaults on the sensibilities of people of taste - it will all work out. Hold competitions to "Build-a-House-in-a-Day" ready to use.


The UK homes property market is the cornerstone of our freedom as "subjects" or eventually as citizens. Homes and gardens lend great pleasure to most people's lives. Ensure mortgages remain affordable. Prevent rapacious interest rate hikes and the boom-bust policies favoured by City crooks. Do far more to enable low earners to own their homes.  Encourage builders by keeping the homes market buoyant and profitable. House prices WILL rise until there are enough (good) houses.


Protect the green-belt by using every imaginative way to utilise inner city sites.




Guiding Principle: "All citizens are entitled to receive good free health care - but cannot expect unlimited health care, as that is unsustainable. People should be educated to take more responsibility for their own health."


Policies and Actions.


In the UK, at 1.2 million employees (1 in 50 of the population) the National Health Service (NHS) is probably not understaffed - However the resources are not well organised. As the system is constantly evolving to meet the needs of an ageing population and to accommodate new technologies, it should be accepted that there is always a "change margin" where old systems are swapped for new. Like redecorating and refitting your kitchen, there is a necessary level of disruption - of say 5%.  95% should operate well and reliably. But it doesn't.


Hospitals - these public faces of the NHS are now dangerous, infected and dirty places. Patients go in to have an in-growing toenail fixed and die of “the hospital bug” MRSA. This is due to sloppy management. The more that "business-managers" are paid, the less inclined they are to work, as there is little point in having masses of spare cash with no free time. Hospitals need dedicated and medically experienced and qualified managers.


Bring back the Matron (Male or Female) and give them draconian powers to put their hospitals right. Pay medical staff (nurses) far more and insist they take on wider duties - to clean, cook, decorate, disinfect etc. just as you or I would if our child was to be operated on at home. Ditch all "subcontractors" as these are mostly exploited teams of de-motivated low paid workers providing a fat living for their "bosses".  Contracting-Out has been fully demonstrated to not work. 


Invest in training, training and training at prestigious nurses' and hospital doctors' schools. Enable bright nurses to become medical-assistants and doctors. The UK, EU and USA should be global net providers of trained medics - not parasitical exploiters of poorer nations' trained personnel. We should train more than we need.


Unlimited free medicine? It simply is not possible to provide an unlimited service to an ever ageing population with ever increasing expectations of health care.  Review and publish continuously on the WWW what a citizen has rights to and what they must fund privately. All emergency care must be free at the point of delivery - continuously update the list of what is considered emergency. Increase exhortations for citizens to get and stay fit - "Dying in the Best of Health" should be our aim.  Mobilise surgical teams far more and have blitzes on waiting lists for eyes, hips etc. across the country.


Give medical officers - from nurses to senior consultants - their status back; commensurate with skill, age and experience.




Guiding Principle: "Each person is born with unique talents and forms of intelligence which the education system should identify, nourish and develop. Good education creates sustainable wealth. The whole population should be well and appropriately educated." 


Policies and Actions: If the UK and the World are to survive and thrive all people need to discover their own unique talents, overcome inertia and apply those talents in the community; thus is wealth created. All must receive basic education and continued further education. Much of this can be delivered, at high quality, through the media and the WWW.


Teachers and tutors have to be re-educated to identify their pupil's innate abilities - as artists, chefs, athletes, entertainers, mathematicians, engineers, communicators, entrepreneurs, mothers, labourers, craftsmen/women, warriors, salespersons, farmers and etc. etc. etc. - and be given new goals to enable the development of those talents. The current narrow focus of schooling must be broadened to include all types of talent, to mobilise the energies of the whole community and thereby create far more wealth.


Lifelong Learning - As new technologies arrive we all get out of date and need refresher courses in our own work disciplines to avoid being overtaken. Not least of the professions under stress from new methods - is the teaching profession. Distance Learning like the Open University (Broadcast) and the even newer Interactive Distance Learning (IDLE) with two way communications, such as Australia's School of the Air, are vital elements to incorporate into the education system.


Apprentices: The UK has abandoned its responsibility to train its own workforce. The apprentice system is bankrupt (in the Midlands for example a branch of engineering is down from 3,000 apprentices to just 3) and we prefer to import fully trained people from other countries. This is lazy, sloppy, greedy and unsustainable.


We all need Lifelong Education and need to learn how to apply the new technologies.


HOW - A mix of state and private initiatives - with ever decreasing costs to the students as IDLE and similar systems come on stream.


The UK, EU and USA should aim to be global educators - but our entrepreneurs then need to keep ahead of the foreign competition which our educators create. Constant effort and innovation.


Education can be increasingly customised to the needs of specific pupils.  Eventually computers will enable an almost one-to-one learning experience in any subject or field.


To reduce use of drugs, alcohol and general negative living, the mass of people need better education AND the facilities to apply their education in the real world. This means encouraging more pure research, applied research and hobbies.




Guiding Principles: "Citizens have a right to live in a well ordered society without fear of either criminals or over-bearing policing. Custody should be reserved for dangerous and violent criminals. Punishment should be appropriate to the crime."


Policies and Actions: In this world with the rapid increase of the Information Society, it is ridiculous that many violent and non-violent crimes go unsolved, undetected or unchecked. We need to create a fairer society which means protecting the vulnerable against bullies and thieves of all sorts - but without giving up our essential freedoms - as a poster outside Washington Airport exhorts "Read Orwell". We should use more computing, more responsibly.


All law enforcement agencies should share information on a national computer system. The UK’s medieval County boundaries should be abolished.


In the UK, prison doesn't work - With a record 60,000 going on 75,000 people banged-up in our overcrowded penal system the question has to be asked about the Home Secretary's fascist tendencies. We MUST reduce the prison population dramatically and with it reduce all the huge costs it generates - from Courts to Police to Cells to the social consequences of a burgeoning population of ex-cons.


HOW?  - Legalise drugs. It is ridiculous that marijuana (pot) is illegal. The original laws stem from the US and probably from the tobacco growers of the US, who see a plant that is fun to smoke, has powerful medicinal uses, and which can be grown on any kitchen window sill, as the greatest threat ever to industrialised tobacco. BAT makes sure it hires as many influential "revolving door" politico's and civil servants as possible - who always reliably strut their stuff to keep pot out and fags in. Strong drugs such as cocaine and heroin compete for the markets of the weak and addictive in society, against industrially manufactured beer and spirits. Where do tea and coffee rank in the harmful drug league tables? All substances should be de-criminalised and equally regulated and taxed if necessary.


De-criminalise all drugs. But greatly increase the information campaigns. If people want to kill themselves by smoking, drinking, injecting and whoring - bad luck to them - but it would save society billions if we simply let them do their thing - legally - and halve the prison population.


Release non-fine payers. The other large and oppressed prison population are people who cannot pay fines - including women, for mostly TV licences. It is a sick society that criminalises the very poorest and blights their lives ever after with a prison record.  People trapped into such poverty must be helped to get out of it - by education - not damned to stay in it for life.


Mentally-ill people should not be in prison. “Care in the Community” for the mentally ill is not working. Transfer them to hospitals, as secure as necessary to protect themselves and the public.


Review the entire criminal system and de-criminalise anachronistic "crimes" and inappropriate punishments. Replace most prison sentences with obligatory education courses. Re-educate prison managers and guards.


These measures will reduce the UK prison population from 60,000 to 10,000. If the numbers start to creep up again - review the reasons.


A fair society - the basic causes of crime are despair and lack of education. Despair at never being able to express one's own talents and creativity; lack of education consigning most uneducated people to social dustbins. These causes are reflected in the recent re-emergence, since 1980, of aristocrats and beggars in most OECD economies. The UK and the USA locks up petty thieves for stealing a few hundred pounds for longer and with less hope of rehabilitation that it does major financial fraudsters stealing millions or billions of dollars. Fairness must be restored to society.




Guiding principle: "The life work of a steel-engineer, sweating for forty years at a furnace, or a soldier dying for their community, or nurses dedicating themselves to our health, are as valuable to society as the life-work of a senior-manager; their families should now receive more equal respect and benefits. The era of exploitation of other human beings is ending.  Ever increasing automation is generating more wealth than the human race ever dreamed of, in a society of rapidly increasing unfairness and state tolerated major fraud, without restitution. Wealth will continue to increase with less and less necessity work - new mechanisms are required to distribute this wealth."


There has been a resurgence of the principle of aristocracy since the days of Margaret Thatcher, Ronald Regan, Monetarism and the "unacceptable face of capitalism." Regular and recurring massive frauds, stealing the life savings of millions of hard-working people, like ENRON, Parmalat, Equitable Life and many, many more; and the extraordinary Lottery-Fund-Level annual grasping by corporate directors - and the ever increasing gap between rich and poor - demonstrate that enough is never enough for most of those who claw their way by hook or by crook into the Rich List. While recognising the few notable exceptions – the majority will not voluntarily stop grabbing and getting fatter.


The world's major economies are in real and present danger of becoming Gangster Economies which award power, the power of great wealth, without responsibility. Power without responsibility ultimately leads to anarchy and then to e.g. the French and Russian Revolutions. The few thousand super-rich never have enough and unless there is a shift in government intervention, the already rich will take more and more of the world's wealth, pay less and less tax - anywhere - and leave less and less to be shared between the other 6 billion people on the planet. Without de-motivating society's budding entrepreneurs, it is time the rules were changed to distribute wealth more fairly.


In Japan the Gangster Economy infested the banking system and despite being one of the hardest working populations creating, in forty years, one of the wealthiest societies on Earth, the gangsters stole the majority of that wealth through crooked, irrecoverable loans - of billions and billions of dollars to almost sabotage the entire economy. Such transactions are known in The City as "back-to-backs" - you lose it in Japan, (and claim tax relief), I make the same amount in Panama (without tax) and we split it and put into offshore banks.


The US Treasury estimates there is $7 trillion dollars in tax-haven bank accounts. The entire wealth of the UK is valued at £9 trillion pounds (that's about £150,000 for each UK citizen, £450,000 for the average family - have you had yours yet?).


The favourite mechanism to enrich the rich in the UK is via complex City Frauds which take 20-30 years to resolve by which time the defrauded have died off and, a far faster mechanism, the old Tory boom and bust game via the interest rates. The UK persistently has the highest interest base rates in the OECD countries - twice those of the USA and the EU and 6 times higher than Japan.  We have the most expensive money (capital) on Earth - in the Thatcher years a rich-man's bank account effortlessly doubled every 7 years due to interest rates. The poor made the effort, lost their jobs and paid the price. Credit Cards interest is now as high as the high rates of the Thatcher top-people-scams; hence the ever increasing wealth gap in the UK. With UK mortgages and borrowings now at £1 Trillion pounds (1 with 12 zero’s) every ¼ point rise (0.25%) in the Base Rate siphons £2 billion from the poor and gives it to the rich (not to the small savers). High interest rates are the greatest siphon of wealth from the poor to the rich - and the poorer you are the more you pay. When you borrow £5,000 to buy a car, do you know whose money you have borrowed and whose champagne lunch you are paying for? 


Money-lending and loan-sharking is more subtle than out and out aristocratic-gangsterism - but is just as effective at stealing from the poor and giving it to the rich.  Pre-Thatcher, the UK did of course suffer hugely from overly powerful unions ripping off the economy and being paid for sloppy work - that's how the UK lost our entire motor industry to foreign investors. The path between the dangers of lazy workers and rapacious owners has to be steered with great care and skill. Fairness requires goodwill and consensus from all the economic players.




Budget changes have to be slow to avoid dislocation. The majority of the tax collections are used to pay teachers, nurses, policemen, firemen and civil servants. Even the radical policies of M. Thatcher only tweaked the national budgets by a meagre 2%, even including the £10M she slipped across to lubricate Mark Thatcher’s life. Evolution not revolution is the way forward. She relied on Interest Rates to punish the poor and create unemployment in order to defeat Arthur Scargill and his miners’ unions.


BIRTHRIGHT - our proposal is to ensure that the increases in national wealth are shared more equitably. Over 70 years, a generation's lifetime, all new babies, about 700,000 people a year in the UK, will become entitled to a portfolio of shares in all businesses which transact in the country, including Currency Trades (Money Bonds) and other financial instruments. The income from the Birthright is the State's gift to its future citizens. The capital portfolio is held in trust and cannot be gambled or given away or bequeathed. The income slowly replaces all forms of state support so that for example a Birthright Citizen 2000 will pay for its own nursery school, day care to its parents and so on. This way the parents and family will get an immediate benefit from Birthright and start to share in the nation's real wealth. Education will ensure the new citizens understand their invested portfolio. The value of the portfolio will represent a minimum share of the increased wealth - about £120,000 each generating a basic income of about £6,000 a year. This will increase annually as the UK and World economy grows.


GLOBAL ECONOMY - Birthright introduced in all countries, at levels appropriate to the local economy, will bring cash-income to more and more currently excluded communities. There are about 1 billion active in today's money-economy. Global Birthright will switch on the other 5 billion in economics terms, give them spending power and hugely increase global markets and corporate and government wealth. Automation will produce more real wealth than the world has dreamed of - if we can avoid the disruptions of revolutions, wars and pestilence.


UK NATIONAL ECONOMY - In the short and medium term, the UK must educate and train its workforce to carry out the higher paid techno-jobs required in the global-village.  Lifelong education is vital with capital (money) at a sufficiently low price (interest) to oil the wheels of entrepreneurship. The UK has always been an inventive trading nation - importing goods, cleverly adding value, and exporting them. We must increase our abilities to add value - via a sophisticated manufacturing base - and not neglect our ability to educate and train globally (for fees) and to entertain (media sales, sport and tourism). Our brilliant skills in financing major world transactions is a big earner via The City; which should not risk being weakened by having too soft a home-market (back to those fat-cat interest rates) or by turn-a-blind-eye financial frauds.




The City of London has proved itself incapable of protecting savings. Revert to a good State Pension which recognises the reality that this generation's retirees are paid for by the existing workforce - and use taxation to pay decent pensions. Privatisation of pensions has simply turned to fraudulent practices which reward an ever increasing population of financial services parasites - and the UK economy is carrying too many such "advisers" and companies. No citizen should be discouraged from providing their own pension - but need education to avoid having to feed the parasites as well as themselves.


FISCAL POLICY - Slowly (20 years) move from direct to indirect taxation. Increase Estate Duty on wealthy families. Collect taxes from dodgers (N.B. - $7trillion off-shore funds - this would pay the UK & US Budgets for a few years with no taxes charged).




Guiding Principle: "We are, like it or not, moving into an ever shrinking world where all are obliged to look over the neighbours' fence before tossing our garbage over it - and to recognise their humanity before we decide to exploit their labour or geographic assets. The world has changed and information flow prevents us from ignoring our neighbours' rights and needs."


On immigration - "We in the UK are a particularly bastard race of mixed genes; and the mix has produced a very able society. Should we now stop mixing?"


Policies and actions:


First - count the numbers. We have computers these days. Count how many arrive - and what they bring - and count how many leave and what they take. We should be encouraging people to come and bring or generate wealth and encouraging the worthy to stay and not export their wealth to tax-havens or elsewhere. It is this balance that we must constantly review and get right.


Integration - people need to integrate because otherwise basic human nature creates paranoia which ultimately leads to genocide. However, the UK is one of the most tolerant Nation's on Earth as regards eccentricity - so if people want to eat uncooked lentils, wear odd clothes and strange hairstyles - in or out of school or the workplace - let it be. Just as long as the eccentrics don't want to impose their odd beliefs on the rest of society - or murder everyone in the name of some crazed deity they imagine they talk to (or worse - who talks to them).


Immigration is not a real problem in the UK - after all who can afford our house prices? – The problem is integration. Lack of integration starts to feel like an invasion by stealth.


Defence - We live in a dangerous world that is only partly civilised. We cannot leave ourselves vulnerable to primitive warriors, psychopaths and sociopaths - we need a strong, modern and well trained military. Dictators - We should help to police the world against cruel, murderous regimes. It is now too small a place to know and ignore what is going on in other countries. We do owe a duty of care to other communities.


Terrorism – In his terrifying book ‘1984’ George Orwell predicted, decades before the technology, government cameras on every street and in every room in every house. The population was bewildered and controlled by a phoney war, with a hated fake enemy who was supposedly doing atrocious things around the globe – but, thanks to the free-world’s benign dictator, Big Brother, citizens were kept safe from these imagined terrorists. Does this horrifying Sci-Fi society ring any bells? To maintain the illusion of enemies everywhere, the government set off the occasional “terrorist-bomb” in the city slums – which both cleared a derelict area and frightened the populace into cringing, paranoid compliance.


Terrorists have always existed in all societies. They are the mad, the disenfranchised, the incompetent minority, who apply the tool normally reserved for the exclusive use of governments, physical violence, to express their rage. They are not and never have been a global conspiracy. The answer to the, very real, threat of terrorism is that our secret services, hugely well paid, hugely privileged, hugely able, equipped and educated – should damn well do their job; a job which is dangerous, is stressful and requires great intelligence. But they should do it nonetheless – or resign. In World War 2 our spies and double-agents were brave agents, risking their lives. Where are the James Bonds these days? In the decades up to the Iraq war, the immensely wealthy American intelligence agencies did not have a single agent inside Iraq – presumably it was too dangerous, or too difficult. Did the UK have spies in Iraq? Or were they all having lunch in Knightsbridge.




HOW can we most rapidly improve society – by Education, Education and Education. And by joining the political process by adopting the policy of informed, with a strong stress on ‘Informed’ consensus.

Support the EPICUS Party.