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How the Information Society is progressing

16 June 2012

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The first era, including the past ten thousand years of written history, has been characterized by tribal politics and the acquisition and maintaining of wealth by force – essentially a system of gang-warfare. It is a physical and psychological fact that using our brains is the most energy consuming activity we undertake. To avoid thinking we cleave to ‘isms – the lazy person’s what-to-think-guide. Nevertheless, over thousands of years, in rebellion against prescribed and proscribed thought, enough people have used their brains innovatively for developed nations to now be able to claim that “We have worked hard to abolish work – and have succeeded.”  


In industrialised nations, due to generations of hard work, valour and sacrifice and, recently, the Electronic Revolution - the Knowledge Economy - there is overproduction of most consumer goods and services. Real wealth and the products of the Real Economy are flooding developed countries. The world has never before produced so much real wealth. But the traditional, tribal, Money Economy mechanisms, used to count, account and to share wealth fairly, are inadequate. The Real Economy, over millennia, has been and is maintained by the efforts of the majority of the population while the Money Economy, the legal paper which represents real wealth, is 75% owned by just 4% - some of whom have contributed little to the commonwealth. Despite sweeping, historic, social revolutions to diminish the plagues and powers of aristocrats, aristocracy has resurfaced with a vengeance, this time rooted in America, under the guise of capitalism and free-market forces for the good of all the people. As global society deposes the last of these dynastic dinosaurs, they will lash their powerful tails with potent and destructive rage.


The 3 economies, Real, Monetary and Knowledge are badly out of alignment, out of sync and disjointed. The Electronic Revolution will bring a new, fairer, more open reality.


Though we would all rather drown in Global Warming floods than cooperate with each other - humankind is on the threshold of the era of intelligent-cooperation. This second phase, era or epoch is characterised by the Electronic Revolution, automated production, free-information, constant, instant global communications and, most revolutionary of all, by individuals thinking for themselves. It is bringing global social responsibility and radical changes; for example, it is probable that voting for and empowering charismatic individuals – gang leaders in politics and business - to decide our futures, will soon be replaced by voting on issues – democratically, well informed, electronic-voting on everything from household waste, to health care, to car production, to travel systems, to global warming, to taxation, to wealth distribution, to whether we should replicate the deadly 1918 “Spanish” flu virus, or go to war, or help the sick and the poor.

NEW EPOCH NEWS notes the key steps of progress and the resistances to entering the second phase.  We live in interesting times.


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Tuesday, 3 April 2012 Total surveillance by sinister agents of RIPA  The intended HM Gov surveillance of ALL Internet traffic by the UK's GCHQ radio interception centre at Cheltenham takes the world a step nearer the Q-Field in AD2516-After Global Warming, where all 11 billion citizens have a priceless diamond PC on their foreheads, connected both to their brains and to the quantum-field of communications.   While the civilised, advanced and democratic people of 2516, living in a world without money, illness, want or poverty, bless the global, indeed universal, telecoms - AD2012 is going to experience interesting times as governments, corporations and lunatics of all types try to control all our communications on today's  fledgling Internet. When Sir Tim Berners-Lee created hyperlinks and the World Wide Web at CERN, on the foundations of the USA's "nuclear hardened" military telenet, he envisaged it as free, open, non-commercial, intelligent, private and beneficial.   As control freaks pervert its development and route our every exchange via spies, spooks, snoops, police, employers, medics, head-teachers, data-marketeers and nosey neighbours, I foresee that a 2nd Wave WWW, the 2WWW, will quickly be created by alienated and new ISPs, innovative hardware enigineers, useful free websites like Wikipedia, impertinent emerging economies and disrespectful, disobedient users everywhere. Initially, the 2WWW will be the intelligent-cooperation network that Tim Berners-Lee hoped for. It will almost certainly be hand-held, wireless, global and low cost. This 2nd Wave Internet is the tool that will evolve and eventually give birth to the marvellous and indispensable Q-Field of AD2516.   * RIPA is the UK's existing intercept law. "We only seek to protect you from paedophiles, criminals & terrorists."  Rt. Hon David Cameron MP - Prime Minister.   NH.. 51

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Today’s newspapers headlines shriek in panic UK warned of debt storm from Europe”. Then tell us that nobody knows which banks, stock-exchanges, financial centres, countries and continents will be ruined by a few amiable hard-pressed Greeks and Spaniards not paying their rents and fuel bills on time.


How can the Chancellors, Treasuries, bankers, politicians, civil servants, economists and financial journalists not know who owes what to whom and when? It is their job to know. It is what we pay them vast salaries to know - and to control.


In other industries, executives know what their rivals are doing; what their contracts, risks and Balance Sheets are. They watch each other to spot strengths and weaknesses and to copy best-practice; except it seems in the easiest of all industries to track by computer – the money-economy.


One good quality laptop with Microsoft EXCEL could hold and publish all the daily Balance Sheets of all the world’s currencies, banks, dealers, wheelers and financiers. The global money-industry has hundreds of huge IBM mainframes – what do they use them for? Cannot these executive overfed, overpaid clowns count? It is only simple arithmetic, simple bookkeeping, not rocket science or brain-surgery. Don’t we pay these dummies enough multi-millions per year? Or are they so busy spending their “rewards” that they haven’t got time to go to work?


As Harold Bailey, who started work aged 12 in the dark-satanic-mills of Lancashire and from 1900 built an electric-switchgear business, would forcefully say “They’re bloody useless. Get without the lot of them!”




As the UK, USA and other governments legitimise their Total Internet Surveillance, the privacy debate heats up.


The untainted self-righteous preach that only wicked people with sins to hide fear routine, constant interception. I am easily persuaded that Internet bullies, trolls, terrorists, deranged psychopaths, financial crooks, organised criminals,  bankers, main board directors, the inevitable alleged gangs of paedophiles who allegedly threaten all our children, bent coppers, dissembling politicians, election riggers, evil gossips, commercial cheats, war mongers, peddlers of fat-killer-foods and other dangerous addictive drugs - and all habitual sinners, should be monitored, punished, banished, beaten, beheaded, have their naughty bits cut-off and be cast into the exterior darkness.


But, one person’s sins are another’s radical rights. Should Islamic Sharia Law govern the Internet? So, I am equally easily persuaded that ordinary citizens have rights to communicate without being spied on; that the Internet is like the road networks that all can travel on without moral judgement; that many governments are malign, much of the time, and cannot be trusted with our personal data; that intrusive corporations will spy on our health, habits, finances, wants and needs and tediously, incessantly target us; that employers and other authorities will secretly auto-judge us via mad-mathematicians’ algorithms and block the progress of all eccentrics.


WHAT WILL HAPPEN? Governments and humans have forever spied on fellow citizens. Whispering conspirators were eavesdropped, letters were intercepted, war radio signals and codes were broken, rooms and phones were bugged, tracking devices put in cars, and etc – and thus many traitors, Enemies of The State and Ungodly Heretics were tortured, burned and otherwise discouraged.  But modern blanket surveillance and data capture is of a different order – and yet is inevitable as long as civil-servants exist and have tax-revenues to deploy. The response will be cyber-war with non-hackable new Internets, evolving to counter each excess of surveillance until a balance is reached between sin and privacy.  As the world is full of loonies, many hearing messages from diverse assorted gods, (about 49.5% are currently deranged) the cyber-war will span many decades – even centuries – until evolution creates The Next Generation – those without Stain or Sin.


Monday, 11 June 2012  - WILL THE WORLD RUN OUT OF MONEY?


TO: John Humphrys, Presenter at BBC Radio 4 Today.




Robert Peston sidestepped your and all your audience’s question “Can Germany just keep on producing €100 billion …to bail out other countries…  …how much money is there?”


Read these 600 words to gain more understanding than 90% of economists.


The Real-Economy – The Money-Economy – The Knowledge-Economy


Goods, Services – IOU’s, Invoices & Agreements – Currency – Cash – Loans – Interest & Charges – Debt.


You and I agree to trade my house for your BBC IPR Rights & Royalties. This is a Real-Economy transaction/deal which we value at £10M each.  We swap IOU’s. We have just created “Money” and trade. This is the base of all money – real deals between real people for real things of value, noted by ourselves (money). The limitation you ask about is in the existence of real things of value – which are created by human effort and ingenuity. But – we cannot trust /have confidence that each will deliver title and not cheat so we go to a 3rd Party – the Queen HMQ or Mervyn King or our local Bank Manager who for a price – Interest/Charges – will guarantee our deal to both of us and thus inject Trust and Confidence into our complex transaction. HMQ looks at the deal and finds it to be Fair & Reasonable & Realistic and she buys/ swaps /underwrites our IOU’s for her IOU’s – for £10m Sterling – which “Promise to Pay The Bearer”. These are bank notes /currency/ Bearer Bonds. HMQ has an honest face so we are both reassured, have Confidence and, relying on the intermediate-currency, we process our transaction and each pay HMQ 0.5% for her right royal, sterling services.


ALL money is an accurate bookkeeping process to record such real transactions in the real economy which would otherwise be impossibly complex “swaps” of goods and services. Currency & Liquidity is the amount of personal-home-made IOU’s converted into bank-notes which as “cash” are Bearer-Bonds (who holds them owns the value) or as Cheques /Card Payments are specific to the Parties to the transaction (e.g. you and I swap named cheques, guaranteed by HMQ or her licensed banks).  All these papers are the Money-Economy reflecting the reality of the Real-Economy (the world of work).


We will draw a veil over the crooks, criminals, auditors and swindlers who pervert Trust & Confidence; except to say there is a surfeit of crooked bookkeepers gouging out money tax-free from our august institutions; a bleeding wound which must be stopped.


Is the German fundament /well of currency infinite? No – but it is very deep.  I will swap 100 new BMWs for my house, Confident that I can swap /rent a BMW this week for food or a new coat. Most humans would do that deal – and Germany has a very large capacity for manufacturing reliable goods. We do not count German’s wealth only on what they have in stock-on-hand today – but we have Confidence they can keep on making swappable /tradable nice things – for ever. More conveniently – I will translate my Confidence & Trust into German currency – today the Euro.


Into the calculation of the depths of Germany’s pockets to prop up the EU we must add the entire capacity of the whole of the EU – even Greece makes wine, olive oil and amuses tourists. So Euro Confidence rests on the whole current and future Real-Economy of the whole of Europe – kept working and producing by that fierce and merciless Angela Merkel. As long as the human race keeps working to make things, with the help of automated robots, – the well /flow of money is assured.


The global production of goods and services every year is about US$60 trillion or $17,000 per worker per annum. The 100 billion set aside for Spain is 0.16% of one year’s real-economy – if it is a 10 year deal then it is a mere 0.016% of global production. You may rest easy in your bed – for now.


Follow my blog on these and other future matters:




Best wishes


Noel Hodson


REALITY CHECK: The global annual production of goods and services (GGDP) is $60 trillion a year, to supply 7 billion souls – wealth created by a workforce of about 3.5 billion people. $60,000,000,000,000 (60 with 12 zeros) divided by 3,500,000,000 workers (3.5 with 9 zeros) is a yearly production of $17,412 per worker. Most is consumed in the same year. The $18 trillion Tax- Haven cash is 30% of the annual global $60 trillion production. The GGDP surplus p.a. is about 1% - for 30 years siphoned to tax-havens (30 years x 1% = 30%).





THE FUTURE FOR BANKERS?  It will be no surprise to people who have read AD2516 that the future for bankers is ZERO. In the future there will be no financial sector. The money-counters and money-lenders will at last be driven from the temple – or, more gently, will be replaced by the ultimate internet, the Q-Field. The inescapable logic is that most goods now and ultimately all goods and services will be provided robotically, automatically by computerised factories and offices. Necessity work will no longer be necessary. Anyone who denies this is a deluded fool.


So who owns and will own the means of production? And who will print money and record our trillions of transactions? At present, about 1% of people own everything, pay no taxes – and are licensed by us to print, distribute, keep safe, lend and collect our money and to be the honest global bookkeepers – and not to steal it all and hide it offshore and lend it back to us via “The Free Markets”. This is a burden of trust they cannot bear. These responsibilities require saintly qualities – in unsaintly, ill-educated, selfish, greedy spivs, crooks, dissemblers, sociopaths and idiots.


“They” are the executives of major corporations and governments at every level. As Wall Street reels, London staggers, China closes its Great Wall, Russian oligarchs defect, Greece melts into medieval times, Spain defaults, Gangsters gamble with (our) off-shore trillions in projects that are rapidly destroying the planet, and, this month, City lunatics upgrade from optic fibre to wireless share & stock trading to gain a millionth-of-one-second time advantage (gambling with our vital shares, commodities and currencies), the Global-Money-Economy disintegrates. It has to be returned to sanity. It has to be globally nationalised and rationalised. As President Obama said “We must put away childish things”. It is time for the world to grow up.


Why and How – in this marvellous age of limitless computer power where all money transactions (bookkeeping) are logged on global IBM mainframes by allegedly intelligent economist executives – are authorities surprised by deficits, “mountains of debt” and “rivers of off-shore cash”? Why does not every organisation publish a daily Balance Sheet that is integrated by The World Bank and IMF into a daily global Balance Sheet? No more surprises.




PS - To: Mrs Trellis of North Wales.  Do not worry! Yes you are made of atoms but not of fissionable atoms and so you are unlikely to explode like a nuclear bomb in the near future.







Blogwise – I woke thinking of Maureen Jones, the foundation stone of North Wales Supplies, Bangor; a tiny, dying company I managed back to life in 1966. Like priests and politicians Maureen replaced need for evidence with repetition; as in “He’s a really, really, really nice man” – or “It’s really, really, really true – honest to God”.  But I  embrace the scientific method, so, when my blog-follower, Mrs Trellis of North Wales challenged the concept that if you or I exploded in nuclear fission we would destroy Britain, I felt compelled to explain the most famous formula on Earth, namely E = MC2, and show it is really, really, really true.


E is for Energy – Energy does work. It moves things. It lifts, pushes, grunts and heaves at things. There are dozens of diverse, bewildering units for energy.  Early motor car engines were ranked in horsepower or HP – an 8 horsepower engine would whisk a small half-tonne car along at a brisk 60 mph, 96 kph (27 mps) – equivalent pulling power to eight large horses, but fuelled not with kilos of grass per day but with the convenient essence of that grass, compressed in rock for millennia – and released like a Genie from its bottle as inflammable rock-oil, petr-oil, or petrol; that Americans insist on calling “gas”.  That is a store of Energy.


=  (equals)


M is for Mass – We could write essays about defining mass – but suffice it to mean here our body weight; say a neat, young, healthy 12 stones, 168 pounds, 76 kilograms. This is mostly water, H2O, about 80% water or two hydrogen atoms & one oxygen atom, mixed with carbon and trace chemicals. Science does not know how these stick together or stay together, in the pattern necessary to make a human – but facts outweigh the shaky theory – of Inertia.  We are “dissipative” systems. We absorb sunlight, air, water and food, add it to our structure, and excrete what we don’t need. We are what we eat – absolutely literally; we really, really, really are. Before bananas flew a thousand miles to our kitchens, we ate and drank locally, we absorbed sun and star light locally at particular angles of incidence – and, thanks to sub-atomic entanglement, we are scientifically, eternally in contact with the long-body that begat us, the soil our food grew in, the hills our water flowed down. We are embedded in the Earth. Think of that next time you feel homesick. And we are intimately connected, forever, with every other person and thing on the planet, with whom we share DNA, air, water and excreted molecules, via sub-atomic (quantum) entanglement. 


X  (multiplied by)


C is the Speed of Light – It is the fastest thing in the universe. Try as we endlessly do, we cannot find anything that moves faster. It does not speed like a bullet – that is a really, really, really poor concept that leads to poor theory. Light spreads out from an energetic event – say a light bulb or flame – spherically. Light “propagates” in spheres, like globes. These spheres expand at the misnamed “speed” of light 300,000 kps, 300,000,000 (million) metres per second or 186,000 mph. Nothing moves faster.  Light propagates in waves, like ripples on a pond.

C2 means C squared – or C X C, the speed of light multiplied by itself.  In kilometres per second, kps, that’s is 300,000 x 300,000 or 90,000,000,000 kps, or 90 billion kps.  It’s a long, long way to go in one-second. 


Finally, to a crib from the WWW - …from 1kg of matter, any matter, we can get out 9 x 1016 joules of energy. Writing that out fully we get: 90,000,000,000,000,000 joules. That is a lot of energy! For example, if we converted 1 kg of mass into energy and used it all to power a 100 watt light bulb how long could we keep it lit for? The first thing to do is divide the result by watts (remember that 1 watt is 1 joule per second): 9 x 1016 J / 100W = 9 x 1014 seconds.   1 hp = 745.699 871 582 J/sec


So, one kilogram of matter is 90 million billion joules. Our 76 kilo body mass has 76 x 90 mbj or 6,840 million billion joules – which is, according to Bill Gates’ MSoft Excel:





1 hp = 745.699 871 582 J/sec











Or in the common tongue – it is 9 million, billion HORSE POWER per second.  As an atomic explosion takes about one second, all the light (heat) we have compressed into our structure to make ourselves – all our in-tension or intention to be, rather than Not to Be,  - expands outwards in one second – which would do considerable damage to North Wales.  Maureen, Mrs Trellis, you and I are all incredibly, potentially, really, really, really powerful; much more powerful than any atom bomb exploded to date.


Do you feel like letting go, like expanding – and returning to the field of light you have contained, constrained and bottled up to make yourself?






We cannot progress to a bright future until the primitive, hostile, chaotic, cruel Money-Economy and its “Free Markets” for crazed gamblers, evolve into sanity.


SANITY: Europe is at last embracing the inevitable by forming a banking-union to underpin all its banks with common laws, cross-guarantees and standards. Whatever it is called, this is nationalisation, sanity and commonsense, stepping forwards from superstition, magic and fairy-tale “self-balancing” economies; out of the dark ages into the light. The world has to nationalise and rationalise the money-economy. IBM computers will soon tell us hour by hour what the bank balances are between all banks, all countries and all institutions. No more surprises.


INSANE EVIL: The USA is reacting against global monetary sanity by offering support & succour to the worst, most evil LOAN SHARKS, in the name of the Free Markets. For example the SEC welcomes the coming flotation of WONGA that, with others, already boasts more than 1.9 million UK victims locked into inescapable debt at 4,225% APR (Yes – that really is four-thousand-two-hundred-and-twenty-five percent interest a year) imposed on the very poorest. No reports tell how these gangsters enforce their contracts on people earning below a living-wage (which means being unable to live and so sinking ever deeper into depths of hell). £100 borrowed by a family and rolled up for 7 years totals more than the US National Debt.


FORGIVENESS & HEALING: Fortunately – as an act of supreme generosity to mark this Golden Jubilee Year, the 60th Anniversary of Queen Elizabeth 11’s Coronation and continuing role as Head of State – Her government has commanded The Bank of England to withdraw licenses from all loan-sharks, shut them down and to re-issue their victims’ debts at Base Rate 0.5% a year. The capital sum is trifling in City terms – less than £300M – but the immense relief to 2 million families is a great liberating joy for mankind. The gangsters will be publicly beheaded at the Tower of London.  The next step by edict from The Queen and President Obama is refinancing all debts charged at more than 5% APR at Base Rate, as a major grassroots Quantitative Easing, which will boost the global economy and reverse the recession and austerity.


Make a generous and kindly act by signing and circulating the petition:





1st June 2012.   HAPPY HUNT FOR THE HIGGS.


Several irate friends ask yet again “What the hell is the Higgs?” and my wife reading my doom-mongering economics blogs said “For heaven’s sake, lighten up!”


I can do both in one article.


STRAW INTO GOLD: The Higgs Boson, hunted by CERN, is the magical, miraculous, momentous moment and particle created when pure-energy turned or turns into matter. Hence it is dubbed “The God Particle”. Pure-energy is the Electro-Magnetic (magnetism and electricity) field which is Light. Light is the basic stuff of the universe. It includes the light we can see, plus X-rays, Infra-red, radio-waves, TV rays, rainbows and the whole Light spectrum, most of which we cannot see but our instruments detect.


BIG-BANG: Light filled the universe after the alleged Big-Bang that allegedly started the universe. In science, Light is not a “Thing”. It is no-thing. It is pure energy. It is a field force in wave form though it has no form. It cannot be bottled. It has no existence (does not “stand-out”). So, although the entire universe is literally filled with Light, in every place and at every point, science calls it “empty” space – the Void. But it is scientifically, really and actually full of Light; which is how we can see distant galaxies and the whole universe.


CREATURES OF LIGHT: Nobody knows how Light turned or turns into particles that make the atoms that make the molecules that make the elements that make us (and other large or “macro” things). We are made of nothing but Light. We are all Creatures of Light. An atomic bomb turns most of the uranium/ plutonium / hydrogen etc back into Light – hence the light-flash and monstrous explosion. If you or I exploded atomically, we’d destroy all of England and probably Wales as well.


HIGG BOSON: The Higgs (Prof Higgs’) Boson (photons and other ephemeral tiny parts of the atom) is an alleged relatively large tiny sub-atomic (smaller than an atom) photonic particle that Prof Higgs (an English physicist) mathematically calculates (Prof. Higgs still lives) to be the particle that is missing from the “particle zoo” that constitute The Standard Model (of the atom etc). Most other particles that have been calculated to exist have actually been found at research centres like the Large Hadron Collider or LHC at CERN. (“Large” means big; “Hadrons” are found at the centre or Nucleus of an atom – made of Quarks (the tiniest of all particles. Rhymes with ‘corks’) and include many types including pions and kaons; “Collider” means the Hadrons are bashed together at CERN at high speed). The very expensive collisions smash the Hadrons into bits. Scientists hope that one of the bits will be the elusive Higgs Boson.

I have just alienated all scientists and given Richard Dawkins terminal apoplexy by using English, magic, God and inappropriate Caps for emphasis, instead of maths-physics-obscure-language, which is vitally necessary to secure their budgets.


Scientists explain that the Higgs Boson confers mass on matter, on the other sub-atomic particles such as photons and electrons that are otherwise weightless. It weighs - or compresses light-energy of about 125 Giga (a billion) electron volts. (WikiP - data hints at a possibility the Higgs may exist with a mass around 125 GeV/c2 (about 133 proton masses, on the order of 10−25 kg).)


The evidence that the Higgs is indeed missing, or not yet found, is in the calculation that in the centre of atoms, where the Quarks are, about 80% of mass is missing and that at the other end of the scale, galaxies are “missing” up to 90% of the mass needed to glue them together. The Higgs would provide the glue in the form of more gravity. Gravity is also a scientific mystery.


Another way to think of the Higgs is as the boundary process between God and Creation; between Angels and Humans; between Spirit and Mind and between Sentience and Consciousness. On that scientifically heretical note, I will cease. 


After reading science as an amateur observer for more than 50 years, I have, as you might expect, a complete theory of how it all works – A TOE or Theory of Everything – which has yet to be scientifically tested or even noted.


 And a short visual version for busy executives at:





1) TODAY - Stop loan sharking; to free families from inescapable debt and interest rates ranging from 15% to 4,500% (Yes - that is four-thousand-five-hundred percent per annum). Please sign the petition :-http://www.avaaz.org/en/petition/5_per_annum_cap_on_all_interest_rates_charges/

2) TOMORROW - Direct the economy. Ask your Member of Parliament, Senator, Congressman or representative - "Who in government hides their capital and tax affairs off-shore?"  - And press for the repatriation of the off-shore $18 trillions to be re-invested in the nations of origin such as Greece, Spain, Italy, Ireland, UK, USA, Japan etc. etc. - to boost economies and create good intelligent jobs for our unemployed youngsters.

SLIDE 11 - The $18 trillion Tax- Haven cash is 30% of the annual global $60 trillion production. The GGDP surplus p.a. is about 1% - for 30 years siphoned to tax-havens (30 years x 1% = 30%).


3) THIS YEAR - Press for reducing the immense and unnecessary costs of the Money-Economy which could and should be entirely computerised, with minimum cost transactions via mobile-phones. The future is for one single global currency and inter-nationalised banking; to cut the prices of all goods by 25%.




Protecting young workers from exploitation is a cyclical battle as old as mankind. Babies of slaves were the “property” of slave owners – to be screwed in every sense and worked to death. Indentured workers signed contracts to work unpaid for years in return for food, beatings and work-experience. The “dark satanic mills” from 1750 onwards housed workers, paid them a wage then took it back in rent and via the mandatory factory-shop. The casual abuse of apprentices underlies many Dickensian novels when for example “sound Victorian values” shoved children up carcinogenic chimneys as human brushes and child prostitutes roamed the streets. Before the 1950’s, only the rich entered the professions, paying for their articles – then they were unpaid – then at last articled-clerks were paid for their office work. In emerging economies, now, children are often cruelly abused with underpaid twelve hour days of dangerous and dirty work.


The minimum-wage and the living-wage exist to prevent such abuses. They need to go global.


Employers and economists raged against their introduction, prophesying total collapse if their slaves-by-another-name were freed. The bosses have been raging against their workforces for the past five-thousand years, on and off. Rights of peasants, serfs and freemen to wages and free movement were only won after bitter social battles following the great plagues of the middle-ages, which killed up to sixty-percent of the workforce, empowering labourers. Before those revolutions, serfs were classed as cattle, herds of uneducated families in hovels as “chattels” owned by the landlord; as was their daughters’ virginity. Today, politicians thoughtlessly exploit unpaid Interns.


Over the millennia the good guys have freed the slaves and paid wages. The bad guys have cheated and screwed employees. The good guys are marginally ahead in this long war; but the sociopathic bad guys never rest from oppressing their neighbours while gouging out obscene “rewards” for themselves. For a bright future – we must continue to Fight the Good Fight.







Moral philosopher Michael Sandel, (Havard, Oxford, Rhodes Scholar) interviewed by Guardian journalist Decca Aitkenhead, led her to ruminating on the magical and mystical powers of Free Markets.


Freedom must be exercised by responsible mature evolved human beings – or it turns into anarchic chaos. Since Milton Freidman, after 40 years of half-baked experiments with “free markets” and “monetarism” – we must surely have identified the theory’s grossest stupidities.


The world constantly hovers on the brink of economic collapse, while top executives gouge out obscene “rewards” tax-free to hide off-shore. The City of London “lost” more than £1 trillion. Wall Street “lost” ten times as much. (Pssst… They actually hid it off-shore). No global agency knows which banks owe what to whom or when; despite the world’s amazing computers there is no daily balance sheet maintained. “They” clearly cannot count very well. Peasants sell their own body parts to the rich. Grossly polluting, allegedly profitable “Free Market” multiple-competition buses jamming narrow streets in Oxford and London, UK, have sacked on-board conductors, so drivers take fares at every bus-stop, tripling journey times for passengers and creating gridlock for all road users. 47 million Americans need food stamps – the free US markets cannot feed them; 35 million US families have no health care, and thousands of US homes are boarded up by the banks (which cannot count) insanely consigning families to tent cities. The US infrastructure is crumbling. The income gap has never been higher; careless, contemptible aristocracy has ballooned while millions descend into the hell of persistent below living-wage earnings, proving there is no free-market at the top (who will offer to do Bob Diamond’s job for a fifth of his “rewards”?). Monopolistic corporations, selling water, air, metals, telecoms, weapons, food, energy, finance and drugs transcend borders and democratic controls, protected by the tax-payers they rip-off, as too big to fail. Up to 50% of young, educated people have no job prospects – a recipe for violence and crime. 


Our leaders are simply too damn lazy to think ahead. Would you trust them to build a plane or plant our crops or plan a surgical procedure? We need to apply science to planning human affairs. We must dismiss and eradicate at all levels belief in fairy-tale secret mechanisms that operate magically to set wages, prices and commodities. Our leaders need to realise there are no fairy shoe-makers who work while we all sleep to do their jobs and organise our world. Those silly ideas are just a load of old cobblers; a massive con-trick by the 1% of gangsters to exploit the 99% of honest workers.   

Its time to grow up!


Saturday, 26 May 2012 MADAM DEFARGE




Christine Lagarde, Head of the IMF, tells the Greeks to pay their taxes – or else. Italian activist, Beppe Grillo, though studiously ignored by the Italian media, calls for Italy’s governing “kleptomaniacs… …to put back what it has stolen”.


The thunderous silence in the UK and USA about repatriating $18 billion of tax-haven and off-shore funds to meet national deficits testifies to the fact that, for example, 2,500 UK senior civil-servants have fiddled their taxes for decades; Treasury officials, The Prime Minister and The Chancellor of the Exchequer and other Ministers are from families embedded in tax havens; the head of tax collecting does “confidential” deals to write off billions of corporate taxes; the head of Barclays is paid his wages via tax-haven companies; Courts strangely favour the most obvious and visible tax-evading crooks; TV and media top presenters always, without fail, hastily assure their public about massive tax-evasion cases “…They are of course acting perfectly legally” when it is obviously not so; and despite oft repeated enquiries MPs and Peers refuse to allow or answer the question “…which of you is involved in off-shore arrangements?” And then they quickly sack half the investigating tax-officers under the guise of austerity.


My current guess, from measuring the thunderous silence of our Demi-Gods on Mount Olympus, is that 75% of high-pay officials, executives, corporations and business owners (and dentists) shovel funds off-shore, gouged out of hardworking communities. Who knows, even at the very top of government, such as our most patriotic retired Prime Ministers, just might have taken enormous, many millions, of “speaking fees” from US Republican clubs and buried them in tax-free treasure chests. But …no, surely, that is a delusional nightmare too far.


But, if you are off-shore, in London, Delaware, Jersey, Liechtenstein, Andorra, Isle of Man, Switzerland, The Caribbean, Panama and the hundred other tax-havens, do not be fooled into assuming your secret funds will stay secret. The growing anger against sociopaths, who rape their home economies leaving them with “mountains of debt” and consigning their youngsters to lifelong unemployment, is being echoed by authorities responsible for European, USA, Pacific Rim and global fiscal and financial stability, after 30 years of official tolerance. It is naïve to imagine that your bank accounts have not been tracked. The security services watch continually for criminal and terrorist funds flowing round the globe; and in the process they incidentally pick up lists of tax-evaders.


When the political will changes, all the tax-collectors need to show to tax-assess the past 30 years of transfers, valuations and transfer-pricing and to open a back-duty case, is that the transfers were not “wholly and exclusively necessary for the business”. Madam Lagarde and Angela Merkel and others may even now be gathering the knitting patterns they will take to the foot of the public guillotine – to watch the heads roll.






A standing joke among my siblings is that our family was so dysfunctional that we locked the sane people up in the attic.


It is not an entirely accurate definition of our parent-child relationships, with dutiful, hardworking, sober, condom-free parents clothing, feeding, housing and educating six ungrateful monosyllabic kids. But many English families will recognise the metaphor.


Dysfunctional families cease to be amusing when parents stuff plastic bags into their teenage daughters’ mouths, pin them down and suffocate them to death; allegedly as did the unrepentant Warrington couple. If they were in a zoo, the keepers would anticipate their murderous, incestuous, psychopathic intent and separate the children from such insane primates – who populate our Fairy Tales and myths as Wicked Stepmothers, violent ogres, angry Gods, cannibalistic witches and other crazed monsters. Like Fred and Rosemary West, these people are conscienceless, narcissistic psychopaths, so far removed from sane society that they do not even know what their crimes are.


They are also unrelenting control freaks and terrible bullies.


Sociopaths are as narcissistic and insane as psychopaths, but have just enough awareness that others exist – and might arrest them – to dissuade them from crude violence. They also are conscienceless bullies who only see others as competitors and, if weaker, then fit for exploitation. Sociopaths lurk in the guise of cheats and liars in business, employers who pay less than a living–wage, by definition consigning people they work with eight hours a day to ever increasing inescapable debts and no life. Slave owners had the same instincts. Powerful sociopaths in governments, banks, cash-hoarding corporations and the private, tax-evading “Free Markets”  are currently depriving society of sufficient re-investment and cash (society’s bookkeeping) to enable normal transactions and lives – such as having a job, a home, travel, health-care and good food; while their hoarded cash, gouged from communities, soars in value.


Like murderous psychopathic parents, convinced they are doing the “honourable” thing, sociopaths also convince themselves of the righteousness of their relentless bullying. However much they have, they want more, and they want others to have less, so they become relatively more and more powerful. The others should have lower wages, lower pensions, longer work hours, lower social security, pay more tax and live on sink estates, breeding ever cheaper child prostitutes; a return to real Victorian values. It is time that the 99% refused to continue to be victims. 

Wednesday, 23 May 2012 AGING & RED FACED ON FACEBOOK


After fixing the foundations of the socio-economic system in the last ten blog-posts, we now get back to the serious business of forecasting, guiding and creating the future.


When Friends Reunited was launched, I had a go and made contact with people from primary school (age 5 to 11) and secondary school (age 11 to 16) all the way back to 1947 onwards. It was interesting and we few aging survivors even planned a reunion - but it never happened. After 6 months the communications faded away. Applying hope over experience I joined Linked-In and built up about 50 business contacts until the website took an unauthorised £180 from my card (which they repaid) and I cancelled. Invitations arrive weekly from several other business networks that seem to know my birthday, age, height, weight and legendary priapic prowess that their half-price miracle medications would boost - which I ignore. Undaunted - on baffling advice about "viral marketing" I have joined Facebook, to sell my E-novels, set up this blog and I have a Twitter account.


Facebook is primarily for students - ages about 18 to 25 looking for parties and partners - or so it seems to me. I am daily offered friendships with dozens of beautiful girls and handsome boys, fifty or more years younger than me. I ignore most of them, except close family connections, to avoid being embarrassingly tagged as either a potential paedophile, a good old fashioned predatory dirty old man or a totally self-delusional old fool. A few Facebook friends are massive commercial corporations, whose friendship fluctuates with the amount of money I spend with them. None of my "friends" admit to sharing any of my interests or aims - Futurology, Physics, Science-News, Comparative Religions, Internet, Socio-Economic Systems; which redefines friendship as I understood it. Perhaps it is more like family? 


Facebook has cleverly provided all the millions of members with their own free websites. Free so far. Many members already have/had a website.


Several of these social-networks have made it into big business - crowned last week by Mark Zuckerberg's spectacular launch of Facebook - UNIVERSITY TERM REPORT - "Very Well Done - No Need To Try Harder". But what will happen next? What of the future?


I guess that like Friends Reunited, the members will age and move on. They will find little more to say to each other or to boast about themselves. Younger members, school leavers going to university - also seeking parties and partners - will replace them. Thus there will be a fast "churn" rate, which is the expensive bane of all membership clubs, gyms etc. There will be an "event-horizon" where so many millions are on Facebook that it will be a "so what?" status. When everyone wins the badge - it distinguishes no-one. Facebook might evolve with its members, it might hold their loyalty, it might find a vital service or product it can sell them - to pay its bills. Facebook might become another Amazon or Google but it will not replace the internet. Or, it might be buried at the back of the stationery cupboard with all the other dusty, tired, old address books.


Who will dream up tomorrow's social-network successful business-model?






The vote in the UK Parliament for proposals to tackle legal loan sharking will take place
today - 22 May 2012 - (USA - raise the issue with your Congressman and Senator) !

If you haven't yet contacted your MP, please ask them to vote for amendment 40 of the Financial Services Bill 
and let them know an exclusive poll by ComRes for R3, the insolvency practitioners, shows widespread
public and political support for this measure!

The research shows:

98% of MPs and 93% of the public believe there is a problem with payday lending.

66% of MPs and 65% of the public support a cap on the total cost of credit.

This afternoon MPs can help tackle the problems caused by legal loan sharks in Britain-where
Which? research shows one in three payday loan customers experience financial problems as a
direct result of taking out a loan. Amendment 40 will give the new financial regulator tough powers to
cap the charges these firms can levy for credit. Its the first step towards securing industry wide caps
on the total costs of credit.You can also
read more about this proposal and the problems payday lending cause British consumers here.

The Government has not brought forward any alternative proposal, making this amendment the
best chance we have to give British consumers the same protection from these loans that others
around the world enjoy. Below is a sample text to use to email your MP to ask them to vote for this
amendment -
can find the contact details of your MP here. You can also help by tweeting about the campaign using
the #savebianca hashtag in reference to the recent Eastenders storyline on this subject!

Help me make a difference to the families in our communities struggling financially because of these
companies by taking action- let's together end legal loan sharking in Britain!



Stella Creasy
Labour and Co-operative MP for Walthamstow

p.s. Please also share this email with your family and friends to ask them to defy the Government
and support this amendment today!

Suggested text to send to your local MP

Dear XXX

As one of your constituents I wanted to remind you that today you have a chance to vote for amendment 40 of
the Financial Services Bill to help tackle legal loan sharking- and to let you know how popular this would be with
both your colleagues and the public!

A new poll by ComRes for R3, the insolvency practitioners, released today shows that overwhelming the
public and MPs support action on this issue. It reveals

98% of MPs and 93% of the public believe there is a problem with payday lending.

66% of MPs and 65% of the public support a cap on the total cost of credit.

This amendment would allow the new financial conduct regulator to cap the charges these firms can apply
for credit and so help protect consumers from the debt this high cost lending causes. Ministers claim they
support the spirit of the amendment but refuse to vote for it- legal advisors are clear that without explicit
powers to act, these companies will be able to challenge action by regulators in the courts.
Don't let the fight against legal loan sharking become a fee generating opportunity for lawyers- please vote
for this amendment today and join the fight to end legal loan sharking in Britain.

I look forward to reading that you voted for this amendment.

Sign and circulate this AVAAZ petition - to fundamentally improve the World.







21 May 2012.

Politicians, economists, commentators, journalists and Jeremy Paxman endlessly go on and on about “GROWTH”, a term which glides smoothly over 99% of their audiences’ heads, leaving no trace, impression or illumination.

The concept is quite simple. In the 1950’s many “slum” houses did not have bathrooms and had solid, outdoor lavatories, (whence came the phrase “Built like a brick-shit-house” to describe a hulking rugby forward), a dank cubicle furnished with lashings of cold fresh-air and yesterday’s newspaper torn into convenient squares. Economic growth, stimulated by government grants and delivered by the great British building and plumbing industry, gave all homes a bathroom and indoor WC. The activity created jobs, plumbing apprenticeships, soft-tissue-toilet-rolls and higher living standards; and was, incidentally, the beginning of the end of the British Empire. We had - Growth!

The problem today is having no easily identified cause that can fire the politico-industrial imagination and indignation as did non-absorbent, lead-printed newspaper squares, threaded on a string, hanging on the back of a damp brick-shed door. Bankers, civil servants and politicians could really get behind that issue.
To stimulate the US and UK economies now, needs similarly robust, clear vision and actions. And, to scotch any scurrilous rumours that I am a dyed in the wool socialist or communist or economic-anarchist, let me explain that all such stimuli require:

(A) A shared vision from our leaders

(B) 10% government grant to get it going, and

(C) 90% private sector funding (the High Street banks) to deliver.

Sadly, we have no leaders, no vision, no bankers and no trained plumbers. All we have are terrified off-shore hoarders, too dim, frightened, selfish and paralyzed to stimulate anything – in case they inadvertently improve anyone’s life but their own. They might be stirred into action by a ressurgence of the Guillotine Industry.



Stella Creasy MP – House of Commons - UK: on Loan Sharks

“Above all, the rates charged by high-cost credit companies often do not reflect any economic rate, meaning one that reflects competition in the market or the cost of lending. That is why rates vary so substantially, from 4,500% with Wonga to a mere 2,500% with Uncle Buck, 1,700% with Kwik Cash or 1,200% with PaydayUK. There is simply a lack of competition in the market to drive the price down in the way Ministers expect.”  


Stella Creasy MP is bravely pushing against the massed ranks of the super-rich for a law to control such charges – it will be voted on 21st May 2012.  If passed, which is unlikely, it will take years to have any impact on credit charges while “Free Market” villains, rogues and lunatics protect their favourite loan-sharks and borrowers fear the knock on the door every pay-day. One of the few cases my accountancy practice refused was a loan-shark or "journeyman" who nailed his victim's hand to the door if they couldn't pay up - just the one hand - before he got really nasty. To free oppressed families caught in debt traps, there needs to be an instant, global 5% Cap, now, today. The price of money is far too high - from 16% credit cards upwards. The money-economy is as expensive as all national health (private and state) services.

The lenders who Stella Creasy identifies buy money at 0.5% and sell it at up to 9,000 times the cost. The borrowers earn less than a living wage and so are locked into inescapable debt. This is indentured slavery. It is immoral. It is evil. It is against all world religions. Reducing interest to fair levels will reduce all prices of all goods by 25% and boost the global economy.
Sign our Avaaz global petition for a 5% per year Cap on interest & charges.
5% per annum cap on all interest rates & charges

Read the MPs debating the issues for years at a suitably sedate pace while their pals collect 4,500% from the poorest.


HANSARD EXTRACT - STELLA CREASY MP - It is little wonder that Payplan, a debt charity, is seeing a deluge of people in financial difficulty as a result of the payday loan market. It says that nearly half its clients had six or more payday loans in the last year alone. More than half owe more than £500 to those companies and, crucially, 61% had more than one loan at a time. Eighty-six per cent. of Payplan’s clients used their loans for basics such as food, transport and the everyday costs of living, not luxuries.
Such lenders are exploding across our towns and cities. Dollar Financial underpins Money Shop. Money Shop had just one store in 1992; it now has 450 shops across the UK. There are two in my high street in Walthamstow. Meanwhile, our friends at Wonga have secured £73 million from the Wellcome Trust to expand their operations; the Provident Financial share price has risen by 16% since the comprehensive spending review; and BrightHouse, which provides hire purchase agreements at hugely extortionate rates, has announced plans to nearly treble the number of stores it operates in our country.
The FCA has many toxic practices in the market to address. As the high-cost credit industry admits, a quarter of home credit users and a quarter of payday users have no other form of credit. As consumers, therefore, they do not have the power to shop around for more affordable forms of credit. That many of those firms do not do credit checks means that customers who borrow regularly from them cannot build up a track record to show to other lenders to prove that they are credit worthy so that they can borrow at more acceptable prices.
High-cost credit companies have high fixed costs, so they make their money by repeat lending, meaning that their entire business strategy is geared towards repeat borrowing and the “rolling over” of loans, about which many hon. Members are concerned. Thirty-two per cent. of payday loans are refinanced—the average is twice—and 15% of doorstep loans are refinanced before the end of their term. All hon. Members know what “rolling over” means: it means that interest can be charged on interest accrued as well as the initial amount loaned.
Such companies also engage in aggressive marketing campaigns to encourage that repeat borrowing, persistently offering customers the opportunity to extend their loans and take out new ones. There is strong anecdotal evidence that many of those companies lend consumers more money than they can afford to pay back in a month to ensure that they have to roll over their loan.
Above all, the rates charged by high-cost credit companies often do not reflect any economic rate, meaning one that reflects competition in the market or the cost of lending. That is why rates vary so substantially, from 4,500% with Wonga to a mere 2,500% with Uncle Buck, 1,700% with Kwik Cash or 1,200% with PaydayUK. There is simply a lack of competition in the market to drive the price down in the way Ministers expect.
18 May 2012.  

Thursday, 17 May 2012 Greek Fallout – End of Monetarism.


The banking crisis uncovered in 2008/09 that cost the UK about $1.5 trillion and the USA undisclosed trillions to stem runs on their banks, is now undermining European banks. Greek depositors are starting a run on their banks – and Spanish savers are hot on their heels. Those governments will also have to guarantee all deposits at the banks they license. Other western nations such as Italy and Ireland have already had the runs, of Olympic proportions, over the past twenty years – and it may seem futile to slam the stable door after the horses have all bolted. 


The cash exodus from major nations was led by tax-evaders who siphoned funds to tax-havens – including to London and Delaware. The “mountains of debt” left behind in OECD countries are far less than the “rivers of illicit cash” sloshing around off-shore. Should the two now be balanced and eliminated? The problem for off-shore banking centres such as London, while they celebrate their treasure chests filling with Greek deposits – is that those incoming funds are owed back to the depositors – they are massive debts in the UK banking system; another debt-mountain, waiting to explode volcanically.


What will become of us all?


The inevitable answer is nationalisation of all financial institutions. The banks are incapable of providing a secure service without 100% government guarantees and massive public funds. The off-shore rivers-of-cash running through the so called “the free-markets” will be repatriated from the pink-gin sunlit islands to be put to work in the real-economy. Why major nations ever trusted the creation of cash, vital investment and accurate bookkeeping to a bunch of insatiably greedy privateers will be a matter for future historians.


This is the end of the sad, mean, flawed, dispiriting, unintelligent, base, crooked and criminal “Monetarist Experiment”. Farewell to the low, muddled, selfish thoughts of Milton Freidman, Thatcher, Reagan and Bush.  Hello to a bright new future; free from loads-of-money, greedy, irresponsible freeloaders, spivs and gamblers. Just return all our cash to the tax-authorities via back-duty settlements and then bugger-off to Andorra or Rockall to play roulette for buttons, until the end of your chaotic, parasitical, deluded days. 


17 May 2012


Tuesday, 15 May 2012 - Cap the price of money at 5% a year.


Loan Sharks lock families, individuals and whole nations such as Greece, into un-payable debt; distressing families and ultimately making them homeless. But even low waged people can repay and escape debt if the charges are fair; eliminating court cases and bad-debts for lenders. 


Charges from 1950 to 1990 were typically on a Base of 7.5%, quoted as "2.5% to 6% above Base" or a maximum of twice-times Base Rate; and banks made good profits.


Lenders can now borrow at Base Rate, e.g. in the UK at 0.5% (half a percent). They lend on mortgages at about 5% or 10 times Base; on credit cards at 16% or 32 times; which increases to 30% or 60 times; pay-day loans are 300% to 3000% or 600 to 6,000 times Base Rate.


Loan charges are sandwiched and levelled at every stage of business – about 20 steps from raw materials through to consumer purchase. Capping the rate to 5% would reduce the costs at each step and final prices by 25%; beating inflation.


Only banks or the super-rich have or can buy money at 0.5% and sell it at up 6,000 times the cost. It is a privilege reserved for the 1% against the 99%. All the world’s religions and fair minded people are against such exploitation. The charges are now horribly greedy and excessive.


Ask your MP, Senator, Congressman or representative to press for a national and global 5% per annum cap on interest and charges. There is a petition on Avaaz you can sign. http://www.avaaz.org/en/petition/5_per_annum_cap_on_all_interest_rates_charges/?launch

Legally capping interest on debt is the single most important reform needed for a fair society - and the easiest and cheapest to implement. Freeing millions of families from grinding debts will stimulate the economy and create growth.

Monday, 14 May 2012 Support your local cyclotron





An excellent article in New Scientist 12 May 2012 by Michael Brooks and Richard Webb about Majoranas prompts an urge to unpick the hermetic language of particle-physics and The Big Bang that only one in five-hundred-million people even attempt to follow. Majoranas are nothing to do with Prime Minister John Major, or prancing Drum Majorettes, or bigger Big Macs with fries, but are theoretical particles that may or may not exist, named after Italian physicist Ettore Majorana, who disappeared in 1938.


 The many billions of dollars invested in the LHC at Geneva and other such test sites is motivated by mankind’s insatiable curiosity. We want to know how it all works. If we can figure HOW, then we might be nearer to knowing WHY, and if we know WHY then we might be able to tackle GOD about human built-in depreciation and a few other vexing issues. 


Most readers know that the LHC is a large Swiss/French circular underground tunnel in which bits of atoms are sent whizzing in one direction while other bits speed in the other direction – and are steered by huge magnets to collide. The collision debris is analysed by earnest people in white coats, spectacles, many bad hair days and open-toed sandals. And we know it is very expensive.


What they are looking for are the many bits missing from the Standard Model of how all the bits we do know about stick together. The Standard Model brilliantly explains and scientifically predicts the very small sub-atomic (smaller than atoms) things in the universe. It dates back to before Einstein, who added a few good ideas, and over about 100 years has evolved to be used to make many practical things – like mobile phones and touch-screen-computers and TV Reality Shows; in short – it works.


BUT – The Standard Model of minuscule particles has not been reconciled with the macro-world (as big as we humans, for example), or with Gravity, which is inexplicable, and it has 90% of the bits missing; both from the centre of atomic nuclei, where teeny-weeny Quarks hide, and from Galaxies as large as the Milky Way. If you had 90% missing you would not work – but somehow we and the universe do work, so the missing stuff is clearly not missing, it is just hidden from us.


For many decades the hidden sub-atomic bits have foxed physicists. The current proposed solution is the infamous and universally misunderstood Boson of Professor Higgs – which in teeny-weeny particle terms is a biggish one, but so far elusive and invisible. The minute a layperson quizzes a physicist about the Higgs, they cloak themselves in mathematical, algebraic obscurity, translate normal concepts such as speed, size and weight into unimaginable “MeVs” or millions of electron volts – electric-charges - not little balls hurtling round the LHC; glibly claiming that E=MC2 means matter and energy are interchangeable. And they descend into physics-speak to confuse even the most intelligent committees who, rather than admit utter bafflement, keep taxpayers funds flowing. In a few words, this is what they are talking about:


Professor Hubble observed that the universe is expanding. Theoretically tracking the expansion back by compressing it; takes us back to the beginning – The Big Bang. This was (theoretically) a very, very, very, very hot ball of non-material, expanding energy, lots of MeVs. As it expanded it cooled and, just like your chemistry teacher demonstrated crystals precipitating in saturated-solutions, bits formed in and from the cooling stuff of the universe (which is “light” or the electro-magnetic-spectrum). These bits were and are the sub-atomic particles. Light was transformed into matter – straw was spun into gold - and all the phenomena (things) in the universe started to form. The rest is history. However, 90% of matter seems to be missing – so conjure up the Higgs and start searching for it.


“They” think that 90% is missing because our home galaxy, the Milky Way, spins so fast that the outer stars, such as our Sun, should be flung away into space; there is not enough gravity in the matter we can detect to hold the galaxy together. Thus, they say, there is invisible matter or Dark Matter everywhere. The Higgs would fit the gap, fill the bill, do the trick. The LHC will find it – they hope.


BUT, just as all eyes are focused on missing matter, astrophysicists, studying very, very large things, announce that the universe is expanding ever faster. The Hubble Expansion is accelerating and something, another mysterious force, is pushing it outwards; leading gloomily, depressingly and futilely to the ultimate heat-death of the whole damned thing; rendering all of us, the whole of mankind and nature, our lives, thoughts, trials and triumphs completely and utterly meaningless. This annihilating force is called Dark Energy, a mathematician’s theory and conclusion that I wholly disagree with. 




PS – my ideas of what Dark Matter and Dark Energy are illustrated and with music, at: www.youtube.com/watch?v=7dmvCsQly2c


And without the diverting music:

Short, pictorial, overview of these speculations





PUBLISHED LETTER - THE GUARDIAN - 11th May 2012. – Original text.


In Guardian Letters, 9 May 2012, James Anderson of PAM, which advises on-shore and off-shore fund management, wrongly states that “Recovery of taxes payable on undeclared offshore income and capital gains…   …would sadly make almost no impact on the huge and unsustainable national debt mountains in Europe and America”.  But, repatriating the off-shore funds, gouged from the major economies, will quickly repay all the debts.


Accountants with Back-Duty experience know that where, say, $1.7 billion has been transferred to Cayman, as alleged in the recent Olympus case, the invoice from Cayman to Olympus is likely to be on non-commercial terms and not at arms length and therefore in breach of developed nations’ tax-laws. A claw-back of the tax-relief, plus compound interest, plus penalties – financial and criminal – plus tax on the off-shore capital income, will usually repatriate the total capital sum or more. The OECD estimate was $18 trillion off-shore in 2009, which would repay all national deficits. This river of illicit cash flows into Bonds, loaned back to the (indebted) communities who worked to create it. Over 30 years since deregulation, it requires only 353 such “funny-money” or “back-to-back” transactions per year to build up the $18 trillion; most of which could be clawed back via back-duty laws.  Mobilising the Intelligence Services to track and claw-back the funds would be a rapid way to pay off all the global deficits; repatriate first – ask questions later. And create good jobs for all our young people.


Noel Hodson - Oxford

Founding Partner, McVeigh Hodson - Blackstone Franks Accountants.



PAM - http://www.pamonline.com/asp/front/index.php

CV – Noel Hodson  www.noelhodson.com/SW2000/Take-the-Plunge-NH-CV.pdf

Money Wars -  www.noelhodson.com/Money-Wars-2012-V5SHORT.pdf

Notes - The alleged $1.7B invoice/s allegedly sent from a brass-plaque nailed to a palm tree in Cayman, allegedly to the main board of directors at Olympus in Tokyo or London will almost certainly have been granted tax-relief as a deduction from profits, by HMRC or the Japanese tax office - lets say, 25% tax or $425M. The home-country citizens in the UK or Japan have to fund this amount - and they lose the $1.7B, about 5,000 jobs, from being reinvested in their economy. Instead the $1.7B joins the so called "Free Markets" and the "Bond Markets", which then criticise the home-nations for having no cash and "mountains of debt" - then lend them the $1.7B at high interest rates, risk free and without any work or responsibility. They gouge it out, siphon it off, then lend us back our own money. It is a great wheeze if you can get in on it. This is where all the global cash and productive surpluses have gone to in the past 30 years; into off-shore funds, tax-havens and then back as high cost loans imposed on nations like Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Japan, UK and USA - We Are All Near Bankrupt Suckers - unless we retrospectively properly tax and repatriate that cash.

Finding such "Funny-Money" invoices and paperwork in breach of the rules automatically cancels the tax relief so the tax-relief granted earlier is "clawed-back" by the taxman. As such transactions are usually spotted years later, the taxman charges compound interest on the tax that should have been paid. E.G. As the paperwork was outside the rules, the taxman also charges a penalty - often double the orginal tax, another $425M. Over the years the $1.7B capital has been earning interest - in a tax haven so no tax was paid, for say, 5 or 10 or 30 years - and the taxman is entitled to charge tax on that income also, plus interest. If the people involved in making the transaction/s have deliberately misled the taxman - then criminal charges might be brought for false accounting or criminal conspiracy. It was such tax evasion and false accounting charges that sent the notorious USA gangster Al Capone to prison for a long time.

In America, tax advisors can be charged alongside their clients; so they always ask a new client, with whom they may end up sharing a cell, "Which prison bunk do you prefer Sir, - upper or lower?"




Based on forecasts of the Internet, increasing surveillance and as supposed futurists, for years we have advised adventurous clients to move their money on-shore, as global tax authorities circle tax-havens and tighten the net. The second part of our daily gloomy mantra has been “…and move to higher ground.” 


Nobody has moved their money on-shore and only one client family has moved to higher ground – above possible sea level rises due to global warming. Our persistent, prophetic, truly wise advice has been largely ignored, and even cruelly mocked.


But our reputations may be saved by today’s report from MCCIP, The Marine Climate Change Impacts Partnership, which charts the 200 miles northerly migration by fish to escape warming seas. Canadian and Scandinavian fisheries report cod shoals moving north – and Mediterranean species are being fished off southern England and Ireland, 200 miles from home. Ally this news to last year’s remarks by that most diplomatic, non-controversial, and widely loved observer, David Attenborough, that the Arctic Ice is melting rapidly, and the mockery may turn to wild applause – or at least a grudging acknowledgement. 


When the seas warm-up - the ice melts and sea-levels rise. The immediate impact and process is mapped in my E-book, OUT OF THE DEPTHS, available for a risibly small price from Amazon-Kindle.


Will the second part of our Cassandra-like advice – “Move your Money On-Shore” (before the taxman gets you) be confirmed by events? I think so, so act on the advice now.  Sorting out The Money-Economy is a pre-requisite condition for building the marvellous future promised in AD2516-After Global Warming, where 11 billion souls have great, long lives in a world that functions without money. Also, as it happens, available from Amazon-Kindle for a mere peppercorn. Buy now to avoid disappointment.


Two hundred miles north and south is the distance that climate scientists calculated 20 years ago that the deserts would migrate as the world warms; swallowing Spain, Italy and Southern France – some USA States and South Africa. Intelligent cooperation over water, and trickle-irrigation will avoid disaster – as long as the mad Money-Economy is fixed.


9 May 2012.



The Guardian, my favourite independent newspaper, possibly the best newspaper in the world, reports the OECD has recalculated bank deposits in Tax Havens at $2.7 trillion – down from the 2009 estimated $11 to $18 trillion. The OECD presented the new numbers to the G20 meeting in Cannes. Does this dramatic 75% fall in (reports of) tax-free cash sloshing around the globe mean we should abandon attempts to repatriate the funds and invest them into industries in the originating nations?


SLIDE 11 - The $18 trillion Tax- Haven cash is 30% of the annual global $60 trillion production. The GGDP surplus p.a. is about 1% - for 30 years siphoned to tax-havens (30 years x 1% = 30%).



No – actually. In 2010, from 2009 statistics (we all know that all statistics are wrong, but they are all we have) in Money-Wars (slide 11 of 23) we calculated that the OECD’s $18 trillion made sense, and it forms a part of the better documented $82 trillion in the Bond Markets (the Free Markets), that slosh around the globe – ever hopeful of finding a totally safe nation that can be fooled into being on the edge of bankruptcy and thus have to pay 7.5% for the next 50 years to Bond holders.


The sensible logic is that the annual surpluses from our national economies, about 1% a year, for the past 30 years have been siphoned off-shore – with tax relief given in the home nations.  The 1% surplus is the liquidity of any economy – which has gone missing and been siphoned away.


It is in the annual siphoning paperwork (transfer pricing, officers, controllers, resident status) that long established tax laws are most likely to have been breached, creating Back-Duty tax cases, which assess the tax-relief granted, the ongoing unpaid taxes, plus compound interest, plus penalties – that in most cases add up to the total capital siphoned out. 


So – the apparent 75% reduction actually reflects that funny-money is constantly shifting from tax-havens to Bond, Shares & Commodity Markets, to on-shore banks, etc. The $18 trillion siphoned in the past 30 years, could and should be subjected to forensic audits – and repatriated. The secret and intelligence services could easily track it down, as few bank computer operators will risk making fraudulent entries to obscure the trails.


Another Guardian article, about Facebook, tells us 2 billion people are on-line, and that 1 in 3 use Facebook. Maybe Facebook can track the Funny-Money.



This weekend, allegedly left-wing Francois Hollande beats right-wing Nicolas Sarkozy by 52% to 48%, for the French Presidency and allegedly left-wing Labour Councillors take control of Chipping Norton’s local government in the extremely right-wing heartland and homeland of conservative  UK Prime Minister David Cameron’s country seat. In Greece, as their elections take the country to the left, a middle-class dentist shoots himself, “because I can see no way out of debt”.  The poor, short-sighted man could not face being a Greek beggar. He did not know that everything changes and he did not have the courage to join the fight, stop being a victim, and shout for socio-economic fairness and justice. He must have believed the idiotic dogmatic bullshit that “The money has run out.”


In these cases “Left” means loosening monetary constraints and “Right” means ever greater tightening and austerity. The alleged “reason” for austerity in the UK, as most right-wingers endlessly whine and bleat is that “…we inherited a huge deficit from the Labour government…” (Blah! Blah! Blah! Yeh! Yeh! Yeh! – just do your damn jobs or get out!). These miserable, intellectually challenged, Alzheimer’s raddled, idiot CAN’T-DO austerity apologists have forgotten that it was the bankers who lost all the money. The City of London allegedly “lost” (or transferred to tax-havens via back-to-back contracts) more than £1 trillion in 2008/09, requiring UK.Gov to borrow from the alleged "International Markets" to save the banks – and to continue to finance the enormous, greedy, unwarranted, endless, distorted, insane “rewards” of the talentless, risk-free nonentities who, as soon they have the keys to the corporate safes, steal as much money as they can, as quickly as possible, betray their work colleagues, suppliers, shareholders, customers and countrymen, avoid paying any tax to their communities, sabotage their own companies and sneak off to Tax-havens – while unemployment accelerates out of control and our young people despair of the future. Even the alleged safe-keepers, the major shareholders, including our pension funds (our saved money) are all in on the self-reward gravy train and do nothing that stops the thieving, as they too gouge out huge, selfish, unneeded, tax-minimised “rewards”.


At the base of this Austerity -V- Expansion war is the definition of money. What is it? How can it disappear? Where is it? Who has got it? Why do governments and banks not have enough of it?  We live in the wealthiest, most automated, most productive, most informed and fastest growing economy ever – and yet have persistent, endemic poverty such as 35 million Americans on Food-Stamps and millions of families in loan–shark debt traps being paid less than a living wage; which means – for the slow witted and low IQs among us - that they can’t live. What are governments and corporate bosses doing?


Money is a set of political decisions. In a well run economy it is the accurate bookkeeping record of all the wealth and current transactions in the real economy. The real-economy is the real goods and services owned and transacted – money is a set of IOUs that keep track. Money cannot be “lost” but it can be rationed.


When the Egyptians learned how to tame the River Nile and produce surpluses and became very wealthy – a major chunk of their wealth was diverted into assuring the royal families of eternal life by building pyramids. These immense public projects needed immense resources – men, stone, wood, paint, gilding, sarcophaguses, embalming and funerary art. The food, clothing and housing of the workforce was authorised by the Pharaoh of the day, who effectively issued IOU’s (money) to the public granaries, wine-stores, weavers, clothiers etc. for the all the supplies needed for these large infrastructure projects. This monetary expansion, quantitative easing, additional economic activity not only did not bankrupt the nation – but despite the silly underlying concept, made Egypt ever more successful – over a thousand or more years. The activity provided jobs, focused talent and education, created national pride, tourist attractions, medical advances, writing, the arts and military might; and transported the bosses to Heaven - maybe.


Today’s well paid, overpaid, fully pensioned world leaders – in business and government – lack any vision, direction, ideas or understanding of wealth creation. The majority of them are simply scooping up as much cash as possible, as fast as possible, climbing the golden ladder to the steel-ceiling, clambering through and smashing down the trapdoors – onto the heads, hands, children and lives of the rest of the world.  Then they whinge and trot out their self-serving bullshit economics, “…the money has run out”. The money has not run out – it cannot run out – it should expand with our successful real-economy – the richest 1% is choosing to keep what they’ve got and bully and starve the 99%.  They want to stop the clock – freeze the process – with themselves at the top – for ever.


This is the wealthiest society ever and the real-economy is expanding fast. The bookkeeping, money-economy has to be reformed to keep pace. It is time to repatriate the past 30 years of siphons to tax-havens; bring the cash ($11 to $18 trillion) back to the originating economies, invest it in projects in those economies, and thereby re-balance all the economies around the world. Then we can continue to build a marvellous future for all.


7 May 2012.

Thursday, 3 May 2012 - HELP - How can I spend £3,500 a day?


Boardroom Pay – Shareholders Revolt


This morning in the UK, the Conservative-Liberal coalition licks its wounds after being thrashed in the local elections in which they are losing hundreds of local-council seats to Labour. Will public schoolboys Prime Minister Cameron and Deputy Clegg now do a U-Turn and allow the UK economy to expand?


Meanwhile, in Boardrooms, top directors are weeping and nursing their injuries after their wrists have been slapped with a wet flannel by powerful shareholders “outraged” at excessive executive pay. The shareholders are institutions, insurance giants and pension funds etc, that hold big chunks of shares – on behalf of the bewildered public. Those same institutions also dole out excessive pay to their executives – and many share the same conspiratorial remuneration-committee non-executive directors who, for a mere £50,000 a year or so, in three days work, will calculate that quite newly elevated, ordinary, talentless, risk averse plodders MUST be paid £3,500 a day – or they will emigrate to Rockall or China leaving our nations in ruins. And, of course, if they have to spend £3,500 a day on themselves – an onerous task - the executives cannot be expected to actually turn up for work.


…So we might be forgiven for not wholly believing that the wet-flannel wielders mean what they say.


And, of course, the revolting shareholders (or the executives representing the shareholders) decisions are not binding on the criticised corporations, they are only advisory.


How should it work?  The most important socio-economic function of corporate executives is to provide jobs – to create jobs – to manage workers – to run effective organisations. Their joint pay should be a percentage of the wages paid to ordinary workers, adjusted by the numbers of jobs they manage and capped against average pay by, say, 5 times. E.g. – If BT employs 80,000 people in the UK, on average wages of £35,000 a year, the entire executive group, say 100 mangers, should earn 80,000 x £200 or £160,000 each – but capped to 5 times the average pay. If the workforce declines – so does the executive pot.


Shareholder power must be reformed by law to overcome the divide & rule tactics of executives.


4 May 2012.

5th May 2012 The rich will always be with us


The UK Sunday Times Rich List was, it seems, published last week, concluding that 0.001% of citizens, about 1,000 individuals among 63M souls, own or are worth £414BN – enough to pay off the UK deficits several times over. Some of the Blessed 1,000 are drones – in hugely overpriced banking, rip-off gambling hedge-funds, fiddling the books and other parasitical activities – and many own vital industries contributing fairly to society.


There are arguments about precise definitions of personal wealth but the Blessed 1,000 undoubtedly wield and direct great economic power. Society needs these rich-nodes of independent wealth to counterbalance and be alternative investment centres to the vast cumbersome wealth of government. While it is true that most major industries are born from long term, futuristic government backed risk investment, (Christopher Columbus, Walter Raleigh, Captain Cook, Empire Building, Scientific Research, The Spitfire, Wars, The Jet Plane (post-migrant recognition), NHS, North Sea Oil, Computer Industry (posthumous recognition), British Leyland (ouch!), the BBC, BT, BP, Nuclear Power, Gas, Electricity, Water, Railways, Agriculture, etc.), the entrepreneurs do thereafter bring the products to the people for their enjoyment – usually efficiently and sustainably. Industrial heroes, industrial leaders, major employers, innovators and entrepreneurs fully deserve their enviable day-to-day rewards, their power and their alleged “wealth”- which in reality is mostly shares in corporate organisations employing millions of people, which few of us would care to work hard enough to own, control and manage. 


The social contract goes awry, as it has done this decade, when the Blessed 1,000 and the Government (“2,000 top civil servants are fiddling their taxes”) shovel their assets into elevated off-shore, off-planet tax-havens, convert as much into cash as they can, pull up all the ladders, slam down the steel trapdoors, cut themselves off from the communities that have enriched them, and refuse to pay taxes or to re-invest in those communities. Currently this self-elevation into the International Super-Rich, into the Drones Class, is denying jobs for up to 40% of 15 to 25 year olds, paying millions of families less than a living wage, trapping them in loan-shark debt, letting infrastructure crumble and sabotaging vital social organisations. Angry critics from the 99.999% might holler a vulgar Manchester imperative “S**t! Or get off the pot!”


In previous centuries, the Blessed 1,000 were mostly pillars of their communities who built Model Villages, Town Halls, free schools, hospitals and infrastructure. That was and is the economic justification for allowing their glorious power to continue. In France they broke the contract and suffered the guillotine, in Russia and the Colonies they suffered confiscation, expulsion and death – and today around the world, radical governments are wresting land and utilities from private hands – for better or worse.


Power and Responsibility are opposite sides of one coin. Power without responsibility will always self-destruct. The rich will always be with us - as long as they act responsibly.


3rd May 2012

Wednesday, 2 May 2012 Benevolent viruses? Not on your life!


Wednesday 2nd May 2012.


Sickness & Diseases - Health & Miracles


Having dispensed the forgiveness of all sins to all mankind (on the Internet) in yesterday’s blog, I was reminded again, by a TV documentary of an American asking what wiped out the entire Mayan population in Mexico in 1210AD – that we love a really nasty, deadly global pandemic. Several million Mayans died – (they are the ones like the Incas who built stepped pyramids and revelled in gory human sacrifice) – but they died not of The Black Death, The Plague, Spanish Flu or German Measles imported by the Conquistadores, but died of drought; in the middle of a tropical rain forest. Apparently when the North Pole gets very cold, the rains fail in Mexico and the Mayans had no rivers, lakes or aquifers and relied on cisterns and ponds to store the winter rain. Three years of drought killed almost everything.


But I digress. The researchers found a large pit full of skulls – heads without bodies; the type of mindless violence we like to indulge in, in hard times, when we have no TV game shows to amuse us – and speculated if they would find a deadly virus or bacterium in the bones. Similarly, about ten years ago, Norwegian scientists dug up deep-frozen human corpses in Greenland that had died in the Spanish Flu global pandemic in 1918-20 (after World War One). They did find dangerous bugs related to H5N1, or the killer bird-flu. Naturally the diggers and medics took precautions against being infected. They fully believed, they “knew”, and were counting on the fact that the bugs, germs, viruses or bacteria when thawed from the bones would still be viable and capable of starting another pandemic.


It is now widely accepted by science that our DNA, within our cells, bathed in seawater, has acquired and tamed and married innumerable bits of virus DNA or RNA – many of which were once dangerous enemies to us – and would have caused pandemics. It is also accepted that we swap DNA continually, all the time – through body contact, food sharing, water and breathing; criminals famously daub DNA on every surface, for the convenience of detectives. When dealing with bones from diseased victims, we have recently learned to be cautious. Those invisible, minuscule, squirming, reproducing, parasitic nasty life-forms, packets of foreign DNA, can do us to death. We are all quite comfortable with the knowledge that the bones of old sinners can fatally infect us with their altered or malevolent packets of DNA.  We gleefully list the 100 top killer diseases – and try to avoid and eradicate them.


But what of the old bones of Saints, or the DNA of living Saints?  Are there benevolent strands of DNA that we share? Can we be infected with goodness? If not -Why not? 


Our existence and reproduction are evidence that benevolent DNA is ubiquitous and universal. Our parents generally bequeath good or benevolent packets of DNA that enable our lives. By malevolent, I mean harmful to our life, and by benevolent mean life enhancing. Perhaps the company we keep is more important than we yet fully realise. Perhaps the famous billionaire recluse, Howard Hughes, had a point. And perhaps the millions of medieval pilgrims, walking thousands of miles to revere saintly remains, hanks of hair, cups used by Saints and chips off The True Cross and other Holy Relics, though mired in ignorance and deluded by spivs, had a glimmering.


But – NO!  We can believe in nasty killer pandemics; we love a great malevolent virus to fight; we like to be shocked as we pile up the innocent bodies – But benevolent viruses that help us? …Not on your life!



SCALE: A human cell as big as a house contains bacteria as big as a football, viruses as big as golf balls and DNA strands like human hair. DNA is very small.


2nd May 2012.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012 Thought Police on the Internet


File Sharing – Internet Shoplifting – A Question of Scale


It is difficult to sort the distortions from the outright lies from the statistical interpretations from the paranoid delusions from simple bullying power “you-will-obey-me”, in the file-sharing and internet censorship debates.


This week a UK court banned a long established film file-sharing website, requiring the website hosts or Internet Service Providers (ISP) to shut it down. Hollywood celebrates - impoverished youths, the odd shoplifter and penniless adults mourn. The victory for censorship is immediately followed up with strident calls to require all ISPs to censor content – pornography, violence, civil unrest, music swapping, sexism, dwarfism, chavism, personal insults, racial abuse, anti-Chinese Government content, criticism of UK.Gov, identifying idiot-gaps in USA fire-walls, Jeremy Hunt’ism, abortion advice, Evolution-Theory, free-encyclopaedias that bankrupt honest publishers, free tuition in hundreds of subjects – stealing students from college courses, medical-self-diagnoses, radical tweets and twitters calling for change, copying media reports - and so on – the list of would-be complaining censors is endless.


The main arguments for censorship are that file-swapping is stealing expensive content and will ruin the entertainment industry – and that vulnerable people must be protected from things they should not see, hear or speak. But, printed comics, magazines and books were for hundreds of years, and still are, swapped extensively without ruining the publishing industry. Kids copy music and give it to friends – as they always have done – yet the music recording industry is thriving and millionaire stars are in the ascendant. The creative-content industries have not shown that file-sharing damages their revenues; they would be only too happy to pay millions for campaigns to publicise their wares as widely as file-sharing does. Case not proven.


SINS - Schoolboys have shared grubby pornography since Adam – and posh, quality pornography adorns the walls of most stately homes, art galleries and glossy magazine covers; as it always has. These irreligious, sticky-handed “sins” cannot be blamed on the Internet. I blame the kids’, particularly the male kids’ deoxyribonucleic acid and their parents – and grandparents and all their heavy-breathing progenitors. Nubile females have danced, dressed, flirted and writhed provocatively since the beginning of time – the internet is not to blame for human sexuality. Maybe it is the intelligent designer who got it wrong. Horrifying weapons have been made, copied and used in terrible wars since Cain and Abel – the internet reflects the innate primitive human urge to maim and destroy to get what we want. Sins of violence are inherent and have traditionally been punished only when acted out. The internet thought-police are blundering into confusing fantasy with reality.


Obsessive surveillance and censorship of Internet content will lead to an alternative system being created that circumvents all “authorities”. Today’s youngsters, almost wholly disengaged from the old laws, business and politics, will go their own way.


1st May 2012.

Monday, 30 April 2012 My Boy The New Messiah - Maybe!


Observations by an insightful parent.


We have friends from South America staying with us – two parents and two teenagers, a boy and girl. Within five minutes of arriving the young man set up his mobile phone, hooked into a PC tablet for power, and was ever after immersed in texting to friends thousands of miles distant. His father, an educated, thoughtful business man and political figure said that even if his son’s messages were intercepted, the surveillance officers would not easily understand the conversations because that age group abbreviate, use slang and no longer apply grammatical structure – as we elders did and do – rendering their texts almost incomprehensible.


Like Proust, the young man writes a stream of consciousness which might not contain a verb, subject or object for many pages. In the context of Professor Susan Greenfield’s theory that computer memory and internet data are a giant evolutionary step for mankind, dispensing with the need to learn anything by rote, the father is forming a theory that the electronic revolution could be liberating previously untapped, constrained and restricted intelligent and creative potential, denied to previous generations – reared in the strait-jackets of sombre, sober, perhaps stultifying received wisdom. He observed that today’s generations live in a very different place to us older, mature souls and that they are so disinterested in our “old” value systems and work and social structures that they simply ignore current politics, business and organisations; and ignore our presumptions, assumptions, prejudices, fears and, of course, our advice. 


We, elder statesmen, agreed that not only did our children and grandchildren use the new technologies a thousand times faster then we are able to – but they appear to do so without learning processes that we can identify – and they are universally incapable or unwilling to explain intellectually. These futuristic skills seem to be absorbed through their skins and exist in their hands. Verbalising and defining in old fashioned terms seems to be unnecessary and sabotages the processes. They are applying playful instinct where we would grind through dull educational courses.


For the future – it is conceivable that this quite different method of mobilising our brains will create novel solutions and initiatives that all generations to date have not dared to allow into our socio-economically trained minds. To those of us berated, beaten and honed to be good, compliant and useful citizens through effort, pain and discipline this new way of, in our terms, “playing” with the new and ever changing technological gizmos, forming ephemeral, constantly communicating networks that transcend all geographic, time and class boundaries, could be not just “one giant leap for mankind” but the donning of ten-league boots to set us (or them) racing into the near and far future at speeds and in directions beyond all our past dreams.


But can they also tie their own shoe laces? (Sorry – Velcro straps).


30 April 2012.

Sunday, 29 April 2012 "ET ...Phone Home"


Your universal home is where your deoxyribonucleic acid is.


I recently watched a beautiful true-life Australian film The Rabbit Proof Fence, set in the 1920's, where three little aboriginal girls, cruelly wrenched from their parents by bone headed, stubborn, persistent British administrators, walked 1,200 miles home – partially navigating by a fence erected to contain the plague of rabbits, thoughtlessly introduced by British colonists.


It reminded me that whenever I travel, unconsciously I map out how to walk home, and on what compass bearing. This homing instinct has been with me always. Homesickness has been officially recognised for thousands of years as potentially rapidly fatal to soldiers, when fighting wars far from home. They would simply take to their beds and die. The only cure was to return them home. Sci-Fi master Douglas Adams alludes to it when a glance from Ford Prefect, a traveller from another galaxy, shockingly conveys to a London publican just how far Ford is from home. Steven Spielberg’s ET brilliantly plays on our shared deep unconscious yearning in the Extra Terrestrial’s sad whisper - “ET Phone Home”


We are all products of our home soil. Science can tell from old bones where the owners were born, lived, travelled, who and what their parents, descendants and credit ratings were, and what they ate. The earth and water of our homeland, cunningly wrought by patterns from the Aether, inertia, sunlight and starlight into the energetic dissipative creatures we are, writes its unique signatures into every atom of our being. Photonic and sub-atomic entanglement ensures that wherever we may roam the focal points of our physical construction call to us, via the Aether, at all times. If you did happen to wander into a galaxy 10,000 light years distant, the local friendly scientists could analyse your chemistry and quickly locate your precise origins – whether they could ship you home is another question.


For future space travellers – for example on the Space Chimney Drive craft in AD2516 – as they move further and further from Earth, their homeland beacon links will stretch, infinitely, and for some the unconscious message of great distance will invoke the most unassuagable homesickness ever experienced. As with medieval soldiers and sailors – the only remedy to save them from certain death will be to send them home.


29 April 2012.

Friday, 27 April 2012 Strictly Sci-Fi - Fun for Futurists


From: Noel Hodson – to New Scientist Magazine

16 Brookside, OXFORD OX3 7PJ – 28 April 2012.


Lisa Grossman’s article “A curious case of missing darkness” NS 28 Apr 2012, reports that 3 surveys, one by Christian Moni Bindi’s team at the University of Concepcion, Chile, do not find Dark Matter, nor elusive proposed WIMPs, within a 13,000 light years radius of Earth and the teams can balance the forces holding the stars they observed together without the allegedly missing 83% invisible matter. Perhaps Hubble Expansion provides an alternative idea worth investigating. Continuous expansion, of about 6.819E-19 % per second (circumference of the observable universe disappearing at light-speed) of all spheres on all scales from Planck’s minimum to the observable universe, attenuates the electro-magnetic field, the stuff of the universe, causing partial temporary vacuums into which the energy field flows to balance the field – acting not unlike the force of gravity.



This in-flow would be invisible, ubiquitous and persistent; it may be the “dark-matter” that mathematicians need to explain the cohesion of spinning galaxies. It is an idea that could be tested.


Noel Hodson

Oxford, UK

Thursday, 26 April 2012 Cash is King


From: Noel Hodson to The Guardian, UK

Will Hutton (Kamikaze chancellor – Guardian 26 April 2012) is correct in saying the UK’s economic and fiscal positions are “a disgrace” and “totally unnecessary”. Are millionaire posh-boys George Osborne’s and David Cameron’s policies suicidal cock-ups or conspiracies? Did their Eton, Oxford, Bullingdon Club educations churn out dunces? Did their banking, capitalist families teach them nothing? True to their supporters, they are most likely consciously and determinedly pursuing a solid Tory, City, Thatcherite agenda to enrich the rich and screw the poor.


If so, how does it work? The OECD estimates huge cash deposits in tax-havens; up to $18 trillion. Even half that repatriated and reinvested would pay off the World’s deficits and boost graduate jobs, growth and all social services. This off-shore hoard is controlled by the cash-rich, including most millionaires, most corporations and tens of thousands of highly-paid executives.


In the good old days, Thatcher and cronies stripped the flesh off the UK and fed it to the global rich simply via a 17.5% Bank of England base rate – creating record unemployment and business collapse while doubling cash-sterling-deposits every 7 years, risk and effort free. Similar “monetarist” moves in America heralded a 30 year freeze on wages – cruelly slashing incomes during decades of unearned-income-led inflation – drones-inflation. Today there is so much global free-cash, the “Free Markets”, chasing unearned income that interest rates are near zero and will remain so. The government licensed banks still gouge money from the Have-Nots through 15%, 30% and 300% charges to individuals but the loan-shark industry is a few billions out of the off-shore trillions, which only the mysterious Bond Markets can absorb. Greek, Portuguese and Spanish crisis drive national Bonds to 6%, but that is not enough for The Markets. To screw the UK poor, Osborne cannot crank up the base-rate to effortlessly increase the value of cash as did Thatcher.


Scarcity – cash starvation – in a world where well paid jobs evaporate; where the young are forced into unpaid indenture; where millions are paid less than a living-wage delivering them to loan-sharks; is Osborne’s choice. By making cash scarce and driving down wages – the value of cash soars; we all need cash. What now is the going free-market price for a child-prostitute? The 2008/09 bank collapse lost a trillion pounds from the UK and de-leveraging Wall Street and The City took many trillions from global liquidity. Quantitative Easing has put back a pathetic fraction, freezing the levels of traditional business loans, mortgages and new-start investment; so far so good for the cash super-rich. Restricting government spending and diverting department budgets into the private sector takes more billions out of circulation, reducing the spending power of the poorest and freezing infrastructure investment. The value of any scarce commodity increases. The smart global money is buying Cash.


Will Hutton is too kind in assuming Osborne and Cameron are stupid. They are being true-blue cunning capitalists and Conservatives. It is a terribly risky strategy for the nation – but real capitalists revel in risk – and they will never have to pay the price.


Noel Hodson


Wednesday, 25 April 2012 The Rt Hon Jeremy Embarrassing Hunt MP

The UK today is deeply embarrassed by Culture Minister Jeremy Hunt, responsible for TV, Radio etc. being charged with cosying up to James Murdoch and Rupert Murdoch over their £8 B bid for BSkyB TV. By lunchtime Jeremy Hunt had thrown his private adviser to the howling wolves but the Parliamentary pack is not diverted. They insist that the Minister was in a quasi-judicial role in judging the bid and should have been entirely fair and neutral - while dozens of copy communications indicate he was not.

Such official sleaze is not new and is all too familiar. People in office can be seduced, bribed, blackmailed and bamboozled into bad decisions. It is extraordinary that we vote for, say, Tony Blair, because he figures out an attractive social policy - and then expect him to have an intelligent grasp of a hundred other policies - such as the Iraq War, which voters knew nothing of and did not want. The current Prime Minister, David Cameron, promised voters a thousand times "No top down re-organisation of the National Health Service" which he immediately reneged on in his first weeks of tenuous power.

IN FUTURE: The Internet enables democracies to vote - not for smiling, baby kissing, grinning, vacillating, U-Turning, lobbied, lying individuals - but for issues. There are no technical barriers to putting all Senate, State, House of Commons and all other issues to the voters - daily or weekly - locally or nationally. Strictly Come Dancing organises polls very well. Audiences vote on many TV & Radio programmes, such as the exemplary TV show Big Brother, host to George Galloway MP, now a newly dignified Member. Website AVAAZ organises mass petitions on serious issues. It is time for us to have real democracy - where we really get to vote. The politicians can do their best to convert us to their points of view - and News Corporation will doubtless have its say - and Civil Servants will massage the information - but the final word should be with the electorate.

Too lazy? Too dim? Too uninvolved? Too primitive? Too biased? Too uninformed? Too bigoted? Then use the Internet to properly educate the voters - and usher in the era of Internet-Democracy.

25 April 2012

Tuesday, 24 April 2012 SPYBOT - Lavatories get CCTV


Whitehall, London, UK - Beat the deficit major new efficiency drive with SPYBOT.

While the British Conservative-Liberal coalition government squabbles, bites its own ankles and turns somersaults, patient civil servants, who collectively never sleep, press on with the real long-term policies of UK government. These include sabotaging all renewable energies and hugely subsidising nuclear and, latterly, gas fracking - and - embedding surveillance systems ever deeper in our lives. Certified, re-educated Minister Francis Maude, recently released from a Whitehall persuasion cell back into the community, today announced that henceforth all UK lavatories (porcelain, steel, glass fibre, incl imports) will be fitted with Skype PC cameras and every cubicle ceiling with CCTV to permanently record every visit, by every citizen along with an analysis of their deposited precious bodily fluids.

Whether at work, at home, in hotels, airports, stations, prisons or elsewhere, too many citizens spend too much time in bathrooms, water closets, loos, lavatories etc. etc. on so called "comfort breaks". Mr Maude argues that it is in the public interest to know just what people do on these timewasting, possibly sinful, potentially illegal and often disgusting visits. Experts advise that an average healthy defecation (number two's) should take no more than 6 minutes, without the Times Crossword or a mobile-phone, and urination (number ones) take 2 minutes. Researchers believe that analysing the live-data at GCHQ Cheltenham from all 63 million UK residents will show that by rigidly enforcing time-slots, national productivity can be increased by £72 billion a year. On-line, real-time human waste products analyses employs sophisticated chemical, virus and bacteria systems developed  to detect life on Mars. "We will monitor the health of everyone - all the time - and intervene at the earliest symptoms" said Francis Maude. "This will save the NHS £27.4 billion a year and help reverse the fiscal deficit left by the last Labour Government...  Laggards and infected people can expect a visit from a Local Authority Pan-Health Monitor."

The Minister also claims that currently on 1.2% of visits (828 million events per annum) drugs, alcohol and other harmful substances are abused. "These anti-social habits behind closed doors will be stamped on" vows Maude "Only those horribly guilty citizens with something to hide object to this data being collected for the good of the nation. It will also at last end the arguments, the vast, endless, time-wasting, male mass debates as to whether yours is bigger than mine. Which it isn't" 

All SPYBOT data will be automatically shared across all government departments. Number Ten Downing Street and Buckingham Palace are exempted from the new SPYBOT surveillance laws.  

Monday, 23 April 2012 Birthright


On St. George's Day, celebrating that transnational Greek /British/ French/ Russian /Chinese etc. heroic slayer of dragons, which is also my wife's and my 47th wedding anniversary, and prompted by a call in New Scientist magazine, 21st April, to close the sociopathic gulf between the Haves and Have-Nots, the overpaid and the underpaid - it is appropriate to revive the futuristic and heroic wealth-distributing "Birthright" and slay the dragon of insatiable human greed.

"Birthright" was born from European Commission discussions in the 1990's in Brussels about The Information Society - The Electronic Revolution - Automation - and the embryonic Internet, which concluded with the great news that mankind (including women) had worked hard to abolish work (hard, crippling, tedious, necessity work) ...and had succeeded. The downside was that necessity jobs would increasingly disappear. Today, with significant percentages of young people without jobs and millions otherwise occupied as older students and supermarket packers, that prediction is demonstrably coming true.

Centuries before we abolish money completely - as in the book AD2516 - we MUST, for our own survival share out today's unprecedented wealth. Or the only consumers left, able to buy any products and services of the wholly automated economy, will be Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, The Royal Family, Chinese Billionaires, Footballers and mad dictators; while the rest of us huddle in tent cities, our houses boarded up by the Courts, beset by debt collectors, stripped and beaten by bailiffs - without any hope of paid work or disposable income ...ever. Birthright is a sensible, fair, evolutionary, not revolutionary, method of distributing wealth and liquidity, from birth, in a way that creates more wealth.

How else will the next generation of babies - born helpless and naked into this world of grasping, aggressive, greedy, crazed, selfish, purblind, armed, gated "owners" - new babies with no hope of ever finding paid employment - How will they get a share of the vast wealth created by the intelligence and toil and sacrifices of the past 5,000 years?

The dragons guarding their hoards of gold will hiss and scream with rage and vomit fire at the huddled masses who dare to approach - but we must be heroic and slay, or peaceably reform, the dragons.

Bring in Birthright, now.



The Guardian’s Saturday issue, 21 April 2012, brings a letter writer’s dilemma; to comment on the Cameron’s family tax-havens or the cyberspace war. Both are crucial to our future and happily they can be linked.


The Internet is recording all our personal data – and – all our financial data. There is no hiding place.


All that is lacking in the battle to repatriate taxes and capital from tax-havens (which were a British invention) is the political will. Very, very, very few off-shore arrangements would stand up to scrutiny by “the ordinary man on the Clapham omnibus” under past and current UK, USA or EU tax laws. Most could and should be unscrambled, back at least 30 years, and the funds taxed and repatriated.


The usual weak spots in the tax-free paperwork are:

The owners who shovel funds overseas must thereafter be at “arms-length” from the ownership and management, which means handing the capital to a Panamanian tobacco chewing lawyer to do with as he likes. The management must be in the tax-haven – which means all key meetings must be held there (now modified for teleconferencing). Or, the owners must live in the tax-haven – Cayman is interesting for about 3 days; over populated Monte-Carlo has a sewage problem; Switzerland pre-licenses home celebrations of more than a handful of guests.


UK to Funny-Money-Land transactions have to be on “normal commercial terms” including accurate valuations of properties, IPR  and assets transferred, interest charged, management-fees and the sale of brass nails at $2,000 a nail. Values can be assessed retrospectively. Bent accountants and lawyers who file-dress the transactions quickly lose their creative-flair and give the game away in silly descriptions. All “brass-plate” firms – where your family “charity” pins a plaque to a coconut palm and calls it an office, then channels £10 million through it – are un-commercial, thus illegal and the transactions can be unwound and taxed.


Essentially – if a family has set up a “trading-post” operation to dump profits for example in Jersey (a fun island for one afternoon) that off-shore company must be real, with real goods, real employees, really managed in Jersey by real residents, run on normal commercial terms and the owners, resident in London, New York, Paris etc must have no material interest or control. In the deeply relaxed decades since Thatcher set up the Margaret Thatcher Foundation as a charity in Berne, few if any off-shore entities have kept strictly to the rules – and so could be retrospectively taxed by the owners’ nations. These rules even apply to the complex international transactions of banks and huge multinationals – and their top executives.


How? The intelligence services particularly track criminal money globally – for obvious reasons. Remember how they recouped every penny of miners’ union funds, hidden offshore in the 1980’s. They sometimes visit your friendly, secretive Delaware branch of your favourite bank and get copies of accounts – but they mostly track money via the Internet. A special task force of, say 500, intelligence officers in each major economy could be formed to do what Dave Hartnett, head of UK tax collecting, and the major audit firms, have astonishingly and completely utterly failed to do – to list the off-shore firms and critically examine their bent paper work since 1980. The teams could earn a good commission on all tax collected and paid. With up to $18 trillion in tax-havens, by OECD estimates, the agents have much to play for – and many millions to earn – as they heroically save the global financial system from recession.


If western governments are too coy, too busy, too polite, too complicit to reclaim the $18 trillion, and repay every global fiscal deficit – even in Greece – then the new Internet citizens, the Hacktivists, could take on the job; and earn the praise of their countries and governments.


Friday, 20 April 2012 Barclays £2.1B Bonuses & £0.7B Dividends


In 1985 an old fashioned City stock-broker advised me - "Never, ever, ever invest in companies where the executives are so highly paid, they no longer NEED to work". It is difficult advice to follow today.

Saturday 21st April 2012 Tarmac the Railways & Get Britain Moving Fast

Addison-Lee, the civil-disobedience London mini-cab taxi firm, are economically correct in demanding access to bus-lanes. It is barmy to build and maintain, say, a three lane road and close off one-third of it. In old towns and cities with narrow streets, bus lanes are doubly barmy, as they shut-down half the network; this creates gridlock; as in Oxford UK, on the London Road, where many millions have been spent over the past 5 years on traffic management - including bus-lanes - resulting in daily gridlock.

No accountant ever meant to be an accountant - but I reluctantly accept that I am a long experienced professional bean counter (and Futurist) with a natural inclination to count and to try to be balanced - neutral politically - when counting. I have professionally studied the real costs of transport systems for decades.

THE FUTURE - FACTS:  In correspondence with Lord Weinstock, Chairman of GEC UK, we figured out mass transit systems. They included vehicle free zones served by moving walkways - conveyor belts for people (cheap, robust, pollution free - some New York escalators have operated for 80 years), including replacing The Underground in city centres; peripheral car-parks; electric powered bicycles for the halt and lame; main routes with free hop-on buses only, one bus instead of six or seven fighting for a bus-stop; computer summoned shared public taxis replacing local buses; small low-pollution cars (not unlike the BMW Oxford Mini) with rapid hire networks (the average private car lives for 105 thousand hours and is parked for 98 thousand hours); AND, most controversial of all, giving train-spotters apoplexy, - turning railways into roadways. Railway tracks are "covered" by trains, empty or full trains, for a few minutes each day, 1.5% of the time, and even at that the train systems are dangerously overloaded. Using the centre to centre railway routes for buses, coaches and commercial vehicles will clear the roads for people to enjoy.

These ideas were formed before the 2008 FOODTUBES Project (Google it) to take 50% of vans and lorries off the streets.

In a powered vehicle study for New Zealand, we found that in money and pollution terms per passenger mile, trains are the worst (because they are so damned heavy, often empty and need exclusive routes), one-person cars, buses next, and the most efficient are cars with two or more people. Best of all - the purpose of the study - stop commuting and work at home by computer.

Will London's Mayor Boris Johnson, head of Transport for London (TfL) support Addison-Lee - and go on to tarmac the railways?

Wednesday, 18 April 2012 Hitler & The Brave New Internet


Not all regimes are benevolent. Who would you trust most with your personal data - Hitler, Stalin, President Carter or your Employer - or GCHQ Cheltenham, the CIA, Facebook, Google, Apple, Amazon or your local Parish Council? Sir Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the Internet, fears for its safety, survival and independence.

In today's world of ever increasing automated production, robots and computer systems, we have ever increasing, relatively effortless wealth, which augers an increasingly peaceful future, which is fertile ground for stability, civilisation, intelligent co-operation and personal and group creativity. This coming Utopia leaves little room for Nazis, the Stazi, the KKK and other mad extremists to flourish. But somehow mad dictators still rise to power, buoyed by the mass thugish hysteria of deluded mediocrities and incompetents. We do not want our personal data in their anti-life hands.

Many authorities, from local to national governments through to major corporations are trying to control the Internet. They want to stop us talking to each other without their permission, analyses or intervention. They will ultimately fail, but in this time of dangerous transition - from the present gangster-economics where neurotics, bullies, spivs, crooks and sociopaths grab and hoard trillions of dollars and create the largest gaps ever between Haves & Have-Nots - to the future brave new world; there will be upheaval and unrest, before wealth flows evenly across the whole world. We are living in "interesting times" and more lunatics will rise to power. (We follow and support lunatics because they offer us certainty in bad times. But that's another topic).

FUTURE-FACT-FORECAST - What will become of us and our Internet? The massive intrusions, surveillance, snooping, spying, marketing, spamming, scamming, harassing, recording, tempting, seducing and censorship will get worse. There will be a technological cyberwar as, on the one hand, users, ISPs, hardware and software manufacturers, land-line and satellite telecoms engineers, are bribed or beaten into spying on all their neighbours - and on  the other hand as science-savvy, young at heart, impertinent, disobedient, clever, energetic rebels resist being corralled. If the snooping-interference does not reduce to sensible, socially acceptable levels - a new, global wireless internet will emerge for people who respect that the internet should be like a network of roads that anyone may travel on, irrespective of nationality, class, wealth, religion, health, reputation, credit-rating or mental stability. We all use the roads, largely unfettered, with a few sensible safety protocols, and so we will travel on the Internet. It would be a pity if the vast investments into the present system and the dominant Western influences and technologies are abandoned and lost due to the abuse by today's powerful organisations.

18 April 2012

Tuesday, 17 April 2012 USA & UK Tax Wars Heat Up

The Anglo-Saxon model is attracting some fierce critics. Economist Milton Friedman, Prime Minister Thatcher and President Reagan ushered in Monetarism, Greed is Good, Light Touch Regulation, The Big Bang and The Free Markets in 1980. Thirty-two years later, the great and the good are wondering if it was the right policy for democracy; and billionaire Warren Buffet proposes that even the loftiest of the super-rich aristocracy should pay the same tax-rate as middle-class families.  President Obama has the temerity to take up the baton for America.
http://www.barackobama.com/buffett-rule/tax-fairness. His impertinence will enrage our lords and masters who really should not be taxable at all - and who have the absolute right to empty the nations' coffers into secretive, anonymous, locked and impenetrable treasure chests in tax-havens, bankrupt the nation and then tell us we are bust, out of cash, lazy and unwashed - and must borrow it all back from them on their terms - or else! They have trillions hidden away and even complain, if the central banks pump pathetic bits of liquidity back into the starved economies through Quantitative Easing, that it will diminish the value of their cash. They urgently need our protection.

I am afraid this is my current hobby-horse, so as long as the media focuses on wealth, business and taxes you may have to suffer more articles on this topic. There is a neat slide short show with pictures, which explains the money-economy.
www.noelhodson.com/Money-Wars-2012-V5SHORT.pdf which is also on You Tube with music.

Polly Toynbee, one of Britain's most celebrated and influential commentators, battles on - today with an article "Stand up to the super-rich, Osborne. I'm on your side" where she analyses the conundrum created by UK Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, who is reducing the tax relief on millionnaires' gifts to charities in the forlorn hope that he can collect a bit more tax from them. Ms Toynbee asks whether the generous gifts they make should be out of taxed income - as applies to the UK middle-classes - and thus feed the government more cash, or given full tax-relief as it is today, thus feeding the charities and by-passing government. George Osborne will be greatly pleased to have Ms Toynbee's public support. The Banns will be read, starting next Sunday, in Westminster Abbey.  

Of course - several of the tax-relieved charities are not what Joe Public thinks of as charities. They only dispense charity to their own family and friends - usually via tax-havens.

What has all this to do with the Future? I think these issues are leading to massive global socio-economic changes that, allied to the Internet, will result in societies that do not need the Money-Economy. We are witnessing the beginning of the end of money. - 17 April 2011.

Sunday, 15 April 2012 Will we pay taxes in the future?

As both a self-promoted Futurist, Sci-Fi novelist and a veteran tax-planning accountant, I am honour bound to prophesy the evolution of taxation. Dominic Lawson in the UK's Sunday Times, today tackles Polly Toynbee of The Guardian, who wants all of us including politicians to publish our tax-returns. Dominic warns of the "Fire of Envy" consuming communities and of kidnappers and murderers targeting rich families who have foolishly revealed their income and assets; though I would have thought that the private yacht, personal plane and six mansions might give sufficient clues to bounty hunters. Polly Toynbee envisages the end of hypocrisy from all those who would impose penalties on millions of minor tax infractions while for themselves Minimising (legal and government sanctioned) Avoiding (legal but a bit creepy) or Evading (illegal - "...Which prison bunk do you prefer?") their own taxes by thousands, millions and billions of dollars a year.  My immediate focus would be on officers in the UK Treasury who themselves indulge in fanciful transactions with their family off-shore trusts, charities and secretive companies – what chance of a crackdown on tax frauds if the legal officials are in it up to their necks.

REPATRIATE THE LOOT: Both Polly and Dominic miss the main damage done to the 99%, to the rest of us. The tax dodgers not only fiddle the books to pay less tax - but many of them, in fact probably most of them, fiddle via off-shore companies, trusts, family charities and other sham organisations - and not only pay no taxes but they siphon the capital out of the very economies that have made them wealthy. Having imaginatively created invoices, agreements, bonds, trusts and other funny bits of quasi-legal paper to get tax relief on their profits at home - from industrious, stable, reliable, hard working communities - papers which currently many tax-authorities approve even though they are obviously fake; they take the cake and the icing to strange little countries with funny little governments that do as they are told by the super-rich.

The icing is the Homeland tax relief granted - billions and billions of unpaid taxes that the 99% have to compensate their Homeland for; the cake is the total capital they gouge out of the main economies and hide off-shore – before telling us our nations are bankrupt and have no liquidity. Currently, Christian Aid and the OECD in Paris calculate that from $14 trillion to $18 trillion washes around in tax-haven banks – so its no wonder there is no liquidity at home.

What do the 1% do with the capital they have extracted from our businesses and High Streets? They first globally gamble incontinently with it and distort every key price of vital commodities - distorting all prices everywhere - then, tiring of those silly games they lend it back to us via "The Free Markets" - those mysterious shadowy entities that set conditions for international Bonds, Bail-Outs and other "rescues", which are only needed because the 1% have purloined all the cash. $14 trillion will pay-off every deficit on Earth. The money-economy is bust because THEY have taken all the money out of our nations tills and piggy-banks. This is true for Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Italy and Spain – they are all suffering capital flight, to tax-havens, most established by Britain – and of course Switzerland – and now spreading like a plague. .

Will this last into the Future? No. In the far future there will be no taxes.

It is an unsustainable, mad state of affairs. The Internet will reveal all. The past 30 years of siphons will be reversed and the taxes and capital repatriated to the countries of origin. My best professional advice is - Move your Money On-Shore (repatriate before the government does it for you) and Move to Higher Ground (before the land based icecaps melt). Read OUT OF THE DEPTHS and AD2516 to see how it all pans out.

And - remember, if you are a smug Off-Shore-Johnny, President Bush Snr said in the 1980's about the Internet - "Forget privacy - Privacy is dead".  They (your friendly tax-officers, secret-service-intelligence agents, Internet government snoopers and Julian Assange) do know where you live.

15 April 2012.

Sunday, 8 April 2012 An Easter Essay




Easter Sunday 8th April 2012.


On the Spring Equinox, as the Sun ends hoary old Winter and gives Life to fertile new Spring – as Jesus is reborn from the implacable grip of Death to triumphantly give Birth to a new era of unconditional Love – as gardeners plant seeds to be tugged into glorious growth by the Moon – as Jews give thanks for the deliverance in Egypt of the First Born - as sea-level is anxiously monitored at The Thames Barrier that protects London – and as fond friends exchange symbolic eggs – there are a few, an intelligent minority, some of them scientists with high IQs, who stomp on the spring flowers, glower at the global celebrations and mutter “humbug”.  These sad lonely soured souls have nothing they can believe in.


But, this message from the manmade magical blogosphere; enabled by the mysterious transmission through metal wires, printed circuits, silicon wafers, thin-air and allegedly empty-space-time, of, we firmly believe, trillions of utterly invisible sub-atomic particles and extraordinarily well ordered, eternal, coherent electro-magnetic spherical pulses, waves, that speed out to the boundaries of the Universe …and back again – might inspire them all; believers and unbelievers alike, to recognise their own immortality.


The fundamental stuff of our universe is an ever-changing matrix, a criss-crossing, of these very same coherent, indestructible waves that scientists study and manipulate and that the entire population unwittingly but undeniably experience energising their mobile-phones, radios, televisions, Ipods, laptops, Mars Explorers and – if they pause to think for a moment – their own brains and nervous systems. We are all, along with all phenomena, with every material thing, embedded in and formed by these electro-magnetic waves.  Each of us starts as a seed-within-a-seed-within-a-seed, inside our great, great, great, great, great, great grandmother (you might like to count how many mothers you come from) – a seed that we can track scientifically back to about 1750 where it magically existed in a sphere smaller than the Planck minimum – which scientifically cannot exist – but we or it did; and with a little help from just one, per generation, of billions of otherwise superfluous and abandoned male spermatozoa, maybe at their wriggling and bumptious best at Easter, our unique selves emerged. The energy patterns from which we, undeniably, emerge are electro-magnetic - commonly and collectively known as Light. We are all Creatures of Light.


23 Aether-Matrix Illustrations



We at all times, without pause or effort, transmit every movement and every thought, electro-magnetically, into the stuff of the universe, that I call the Aether-Matrix. This Aether-Matrix is both incredibly delicate and extraordinarily indestructible. It changes to accommodate all the signals from all phenomena – it is constantly informed and reformed by those signals – yet it is also the Inertia of the universe, another mysterious and immensely powerful force that keeps Galaxies and Atoms in shape and in their places, and prevents boiled eggs from falling through the surface of the table. We all emerge from, inform and reform and return to the Aether-Matrix. Our unique message, our light-waves persist and are coherent, scientifically speaking, until The End of Days. - Happy Easter.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012 Total surveillance by sinister agents of RIPA

The intended HM Gov surveillance of ALL Internet traffic by the UK's GCHQ radio interception centre at Cheltenham takes the world a step nearer the Q-Field in AD2516-After Global Warming, where all 11 billion citizens have a priceless diamond PC on their foreheads, connected both to their brains and to the quantum-field of communications.

While the civilised, advanced and democratic people of 2516, living in a world without money, illness, want or poverty, bless the global, indeed universal, telecoms - AD2012 is going to experience interesting times as governments, corporations and lunatics of all types try to control all our communications on today's  fledgling Internet. When Sir Tim Berners-Lee created hyperlinks and the World Wide Web at CERN, on the foundations of the USA's "nuclear hardened" military telenet, he envisaged it as free, open, non-commercial, intelligent, private and beneficial.

As control freaks pervert its development and route our every exchange via spies, spooks, snoops, police, employers, medics, head-teachers, data-marketeers and nosey neighbours, I foresee that a 2nd Wave WWW, the 2WWW, will quickly be created by alienated and new ISPs, innovative hardware enigineers, useful free websites like Wikipedia, impertinent emerging economies and disrespectful, disobedient users everywhere. Initially, the 2WWW will be the intelligent-cooperation network that Tim Berners-Lee hoped for. It will almost certainly be hand-held, wireless, global and low cost. This 2nd Wave Internet is the tool that will evolve and eventually give birth to the marvellous and indispensable Q-Field of AD2516.

* RIPA is the UK's existing intercept law. "We only seek to protect you from paedophiles, criminals & terrorists."  Rt. Hon David Cameron MP - Prime Minister.


BUILD YOUR ARK NOW - Friday, 30 March 2012


Have you started to build an Ark, yet? New Scientist magazine 31 March 2012, reports that "...Arctic sea ice may already have passed a tipping point" ( newscientist.com/news ). We sailed the legendary North-West Passage last year but thought the ice would repair itself in the winter. It did not; and it continues to melt away. But, this is sea ice which already floats - so melting it does not raise the sea-level. But the sea ice holds back the mountains of land ice on Greenland, some 3km thick or high. That is a lot of water and the land ice is on its way down the mountains. Best advice is to move to higher ground - or build floating cities like the Dutch. The south-pole land ice in Antarctica is 5km high across 2,000 x 2,000 kilometers. Which is a hell of a lot more water, on the move.

The good news is we may not last long enough to have to migrate away from the coastal margins. New Scientist also tells us that the killer flu virus that is variously called Bird Flu, Swine Flu, and Spanish or Trench Flu from the 1914-18 World War One, is still dodging the best efforts of virologists to understand and confine it. The experts have identified that people with a faulty version of a protein, IFITM3, are more likely to die from the 2009 version of flu.

Move to higher ground to avoid the floods and wear a gas mask to stop the viruses. How high? And when? my e-book OUT OF THE DEPTHS gives you chapter and verse in the factoid summaries above each chapter, as well as showing how people might survive in London and New York.




Following recent letters from Canadian visitors (How Not to Attract Tourists,” by Mark Vanhoenacker - Op-Ed, March 16): In the two hours we stood in line a few weeks ago at JFK - hot tired thirsty and furious, along with other pensioners, among families with weeping infants - facing your surly, slow, shambling, mumbling and lazy officers, frequent NY visitors from the UK told us that when possible they fly to other US cities with efficient immigration and then go to NY. We wrote to Mayor Bloomberg and the NY Chamber of Commerce that we would enjoy spending another several thousand tourist dollars in your great city – after you’ve fixed this chronic problem.  How about some zero tolerance of official hostility? Otherwise – we loved NY.  - Noel & Pauline Hodson, Oxford, UK.


Have you been abused at JFK airport?




Contrast this hassle at JFK with the reception the heroes of AD2516, the controversial book of the future, are given when they visit New New York after being thawed out from a 500 year cryogenic nap on a diverted Concorde flight.  

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Fundamental reform of the money-economy.




I think that implementing the recommendations below will repair the global (in fact the USA-UK-Euro) economic crises.  

The underlying premise for immediate action is that the $18 trillion cash in tax-havens is the surplus from the Real-Economy from the past 25 years. And that repatriating it by claiming back-taxes for the source nations will fix all the deficits and on-shore bank liquidity in Greece, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Spain, UK, USA, Japan etc.  In the computer society, all the transactions can be traced. Nations should move very fast before the USA investigators mop up all the off-shore liquidity in back-tax-claims for the US Treasury.  


A major problem blocking reform is that many "superior" peeople, many in the top layers of society, have off-shore and tax haven accounts. Top people no longer pay tax.


Ask your government to identify them, starting with the governors. EG in  the UK, ask both Houses of Parliament and the Civil Service – “Do any of you, or your families, business colleagues or agents, have any interest in off-shore bank accounts, tax-haven bank accounts or tax-haven companies, trusts or other such arrangements?”




November 2011. In industrialised nations, due to generations of hard work, valour and sacrifice and, recently, the Electronic Revolution or the Knowledge Economy - there is overproduction of goods and services. Products of the Real Economy are flooding the world. Mankind has never before produced so much real wealth. But the traditional, tribal, Money Economy mechanisms, used to count, account and to share wealth fairly, are inadequate, warped, crooked, socially unfair and distorted.  It is time to tame the paper-tiger.


Brave protestors such as OCCUPY and UK-UNCUT need to voice clear and powerful demands.


(1) Repatriate and Tax all Off-Shore Funds. The $18 trillion in tax-havens (OECD 2010) is the surplus from the Real Economy generated by the 99% over the past 25 years. This will repair all fiscal deficits, feed the hungry and restore national banking systems. Such monies can be taxed under existing laws. Tax all annual incomes over $200,000 at 90%.


(2) Cap Interest at 5% - Reduce the Cost of Money. Thatcher and Reagan abolished the interest cap on ancient usury laws. Interest is now charged from 5% on mortgages to 3000% by loan sharks. A 5% per year legal cap of interest & charges on all loans will reduce most prices by 25% and substantially reduce inflation.


 (3) Pay an hourly rate equivalent to a Living Wage: equivalent in the region where the workers live. All Quantative Easing should be used to bring in a Living Wage worldwide. This will eradicate most poverty and bad-debts.


(4) Stop speculation & gambling:  Gambling is an addiction which has wrecked our vital markets and money-systems. Ban banks from speculating & create a 2 months buy-sell-buy transaction gap.




There is a global war between Haves and Have-nots. The Haves hold $18 trillion offshore (OECD 2010), mostly siphoned, with tax-relief, through fraudulent bookkeeping.


The mysterious so-called “Free Markets” control this hoard. They drive-up the interest on bonds and restrict cash in circulation. Their agents are the trans-border banks. They gamble incontinently in commodities, currencies and shares – wrecking systems we all rely on.


The Haves gouge out ever increasing “rewards” while suppressing the wages of the Have-nots; taking incomes now 230 times the wages of the low paid – driving the poor to borrow at 15% to 3000% interest, and ultimately to lose their jobs & homes.


The Haves mythologize “The City” and “Wall St”, which enable their stateless, trans-border, tax-free status, claiming it earns fortunes for the host nations. The reverse is true; London lost in 2008/09 more than all the alleged gains of the past 25 years – hence the global crises. Governments should track these tax-relieved “losses” to identify back-to-back transactions.


The 2008/09 Wall Street de-leveraging, took many trillions out of the money-supply, further enhancing the value of cash held and slowing transactions in the Real Economy.  The few billions of dollars, Euros and pounds put back by Quantitative Easing have not replaced it, sabotaging the Real Economy.


All national fiscal deficits can be met by rapidly repatriating and taxing the offshore cash to the countries of origin. In the longer term it is inevitable that all financial activities will be regulated globally, which may require nationalisation – at least for a decade or two.

How it will really be

How it will really be
After 500 years of deep-freeze


Coming soon to a city near you

Coming soon to a city near you
Global Floods & Glacier Flu





cash wars – letter to the guardian – 22nd december 2011




The OECD estimates $18 trillion is held off-shore, which from my tax-planning experience I estimate equates to about 7.5 million tax dodgers globally, or less than 0.5% of the global workforce. I ask the influential and informed signatories to the letter “Tax avoidance must become taboo” Guardian 22 Dec 2011, and my own MP, Rt. Hon Andrew Smith, firstly, to ask Parliament to identify the few elected representatives, senior civil servants and other executives who have assets in tax-havens, however cunningly hidden, and secondly, to press for a 500 person tax-recovery-team from the Intelligence Services, examining “false-accounting” and paid 2.5% of recoveries, to repatriate the UK’s portion of the $18 trillion, which I estimate as not less than $3 trillion.  This amount will fully restore our banks and repair all fiscal deficits.


Noel Hodson

Oxford (full address below)


See how it works - Where has all the money gone?



You Tube version – 21 Dec 2011   http://youtu.be/mlUjncgWG-w










dire warning - CASH WARS (9) we are doomed – 1 december 2011




The Guardian articles (Global central banks step into stave off second credit crunch – 1st Dec 2011) were today followed by a dire warning by The Bank of England about vanishing global liquidity. Both omit to ask the vital question “Where has all the money gone?” For three decades the real-economy has never been more automated or productive. The annual productive surplus, some $18 trillion, has gone to tax-havens; e.g. recently Olympus cameras sent $640 million from London to Cayman, with UK tax-relief granted on the alleged “invoice”.

This cash is all “off-shore” sloshing around in the “free markets” – held by 2% of the population - who want the 98% of honest folk to borrow it back at high rates. Most of this $18 trillion can be rapidly repatriated under existing tax laws by challenging the alleged commercially priced invoices, the allegedly arms-length relationships of the parties, and the alleged management of the funds by alleged tax-haven residents.  

The Telegraph listed MP’s expenses.  Will the Guardian list the offshore deserters, including Members of both Houses and senior civil servants?


Noel Hodson  





OCCUPY - CASH WARS (8) find the traitors and deserters – 28 November 2011



22 NOV 2011. To: The Rt. Hon Andrew Smith MP – Oxford East, UK


Dear Andrew,




I think that implementing the recommendations (below text and attached PDF) will repair the global (in fact the USA-UK-Euro) economic crises.  Please pass them to the relevant UK government elected representatives and civil servants.


The underlying premise for immediate action is that the $18 trillion cash in tax-havens is the surplus from the Real-Economy from the past 25 years. And that repatriating it by claiming back-taxes for the source nations will fix all the deficits and on-shore bank liquidity in Greece, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Spain, UK, USA, Japan etc.  The UK should move very fast before the USA investigators mop up all the off-shore liquidity in back-tax-claims.  


Could you ask both Houses of Parliament and the Civil Service – “Do any of you, or your families, business colleagues or agents, have any interest in off-shore bank accounts, tax-haven bank accounts or tax-haven companies, trusts or other such arrangements?”


Thank you for your work and intervention about my row with Barclaycard.  You received an assurance from Hector Sants, CEO at the FSA that the bank was at fault – and, two weeks later without explanation, my Barclaycard was credited with the 9 misappropriated “Continuous Payments” that the villainous on-line Californian “Merchants” had nicked via Barclays.  The FSA decision ought to be broadcast for the sake of all those who cannot fight back.


Best wishes - Noel



November 2011. In industrialised nations, due to generations of hard work, valour and sacrifice and, recently, the Electronic Revolution or the Knowledge Economy - there is overproduction of goods and services. Products of the Real Economy are flooding the world. Mankind has never before produced so much real wealth. But the traditional, tribal, Money Economy mechanisms, used to count, account and to share wealth fairly, are inadequate, warped, crooked, socially unfair and distorted.  It is time to tame the paper-tiger.


Brave protestors such as OCCUPY need clear and powerful demands.


(1) Repatriate and Tax all Off-Shore Funds. The $18 trillion in tax-havens (OECD 2010) is the surplus from the Real Economy generated by the 99% over the past 25 years. This will repair all fiscal deficits, feed the hungry and restore national banking systems. Such monies can be taxed under existing laws. Tax all annual incomes over $200,000 at 90%.


(2) Cap Interest at 5% - Reduce the Cost of Money. Thatcher and Reagan abolished the interest cap on ancient usury laws. Interest is now charged from 5% on mortgages to 3000% by loan sharks. A 5% per year legal cap of interest & charges on all loans will reduce most prices by 25% and substantially reduce inflation.


 (3) Pay an hourly rate equivalent to a Living Wage: equivalent in the region where the workers live. All Quantative Easing should be used to bring in a Living Wage worldwide. This will eradicate most poverty and bad-debts.


(4) Stop speculation & gambling:  Gambling is an addiction which has wrecked our vital markets and money-systems. Ban banks from speculating & create a 2 months buy-sell-buy transaction gap.




There is a global war between Haves and Have-nots. The Haves hold $18 trillion offshore (OECD 2010), mostly siphoned, with tax-relief, through fraudulent bookkeeping.


The mysterious so-called “Free Markets” control this hoard. They drive-up the interest on bonds and restrict cash in circulation. Their agents are the trans-border banks. They gamble incontinently in commodities, currencies and shares – wrecking systems we all rely on.


The Haves gouge out ever increasing “rewards” while suppressing the wages of the Have-nots; taking incomes now 230 times the wages of the low paid – driving the poor to borrow at 15% to 3000% interest, and ultimately to lose their jobs & homes.


The Haves mythologize “The City” and “Wall St”, which enable their stateless, trans-border, tax-free status, claiming it earns fortunes for the host nations. The reverse is true; London lost in 2008/09 more than all the alleged gains of the past 25 years – hence the global crises. Governments should track these tax-relieved “losses” to identify back-to-back transactions.


The 2008/09 Wall Street de-leveraging, took many trillions out of the money-supply, further enhancing the value of cash held and slowing transactions in the Real Economy.  The few billions of dollars, Euros and pounds put back by Quantitative Easing have not replaced it, sabotaging the Real Economy.


All national fiscal deficits can be met by rapidly repatriating and taxing the offshore cash to the countries of origin. In the longer term it is inevitable that all financial activities will be regulated globally, which may require nationalisation – at least for a decade or two.





OCCUPY LONDON - CASH WARS (7) – 9 November 2011.


9 November 2011.

Open letter to Simon Jenkins, at the Guardian.

Dear Simon Jenkins,


I agree with much of what you write about “empty philosophising” but the confused purblind groping for fairness might one-day, over the rainbow, lead to an efficient, sane, global financial system. The essential problem is that existing laws and implicit ethics are commonly flaunted by all players, resulting in false accounting on an historically unprecedented scale.  Bankers, auditors, lawyers, directors, officials, business colleges and regulators are so accustomed to cheating society and the real-economy that many now falsely believe they have Law and God on their side.  If we cannot trust the IOU bookkeeping that underpins money, it loses all value.  I cite the vast frauds of Enron, Parmalat, Olympus and Madoff, with their crooked auditors, as the merest visible tip of the $18 trillion tax-haven funds (OECD 2010), which are the surpluses from the work of the 99% in the real-economy since Thatcher in 1979. In the UK the financial sector pays 1.2 million operatives – the same size as the NHS; whose bosses force up the cost of money, gouge out the surplus to tax-havens, like Olympus has, and enfeeble the UK economy by stealing both our taxes and capital via false documentation – that fools only UK Tax Superintendent, Dave Hartnett, (will he allow tax relief on the Olympus $600M payment from London to Cayman?).  No matter how fast we work and produce, the gangsters steal the rewards faster than we can store and share them.

The immediate practical steps are to cap usury at 5%, which will reduce all prices by about 25%, eliminating inflation and most bad-debts; to repatriate the $18 trillion tax-haven funds, and tax them, which will repair most nations’ deficits; to have a minimum 2 month buy-sell period to stop insane and mechanised gambling; and to establish a fair living wage tailored for each economic region, which will greatly boost the global economy.  

 You might profitably write about the UK elite, including our elected representatives, Lords, Ladies and senior civil servants, who use tax-havens; and the immense costs to society of the UK financial sector and how those costs can be substantially cut.

 Noel Hodson

PS – Do you have an off-shore account?  Does The Guardian pay you in the UK or overseas? Will you ask your MP to raise the question in Parliament “Which members (& families, friends, lawyers, chums) have off-shore-tax arrangements?”


OCCUPY WALL STREET - CASH WARS 6 – 7 November 2011.


LETTER TO THE GUARDIAN:  Gary Younge sees that “As Wall Street wormed its way into everyone’s life, so Occupy protests grow…” (Who knows where the occupations are going – it’s just great to be moving.  Guardian 7 Nov 11). And he speculates on where Occupy is going.  In this era when the world has the wealthiest, automated real-economy ever, I believe Occupy is unconsciously intent on fair-shares; by eliminating all the deeply embedded, debilitating, insatiable tape-worms; by arresting financial sociopaths to re-establish business ethics; and thus by decimating the price of money – the immense and unnecessary costs of the global financial consortia.  


The immediate practical steps are to cap usury at 5%, which will reduce all prices by about 25% and eliminate most bad-debts; to repatriate the $18 trillion tax-haven funds, and tax them, which will repair most nations’ deficits; to have a minimum 2 month buy-sell period to stop insane and mechanised gambling; and to establish a fair living wage tailored for each economic region, which will greatly boost the global economy.  


Will change be achieved without violence?  Each month my doubts grow that the incumbent elite will appease the mob to create fair-shares. The global powder keg is the USA, where every household is legally heavily armed and where the wealth gap and blatant unfairness is most endemic.   


Noel Hodson




OCCUPY WALL STREET - CASH WARS 5 – 1 November 2011.


To Global Economic Protestors & Religions – Take Aim.


Our first common objective – “GLOBAL 5% CAP ON LOANS”


St Pauls Cathedral, Church of England, Christian congregation and all religions may find common cause with Occupy, Uncut and the 99% economic victims across the world by reinstating or restating the laws against Usury, with a 5% interest per annum cap on the costs of all and any loans.  5% is 10 times the 0.5% Base Rate that, for example, Credit Card Banks buy money at.  A 5% cap allows banks to buy money for £1 and sell it for £10.


Currently the banks buy for £1 and sell for £16 £32 to £34 £68. Money lenders to the poorest buy for £1 and sell for £3000  £6000.


Usury laws have featured strongly in all formal religions and governments for thousands of years. Limits were swept aside by Thatcher and Reagan in the madness of Monetarism; characterised by the 1980’s Big-Bang in the City of London, which heralded the obscene, sociopathic greed that we now recognise is sabotaging the world today.


Reducing the cost of money will powerfully stimulate economic activity, reduce bad-debts, refill bank balance sheets and - reduce all prices in all economies - and thus prevent runaway inflation. Interest and Charges add high costs at every stage, from primary industry such as farming and mines, through manufacturing & distribution, up to consumer delivery to homes.  On average, prices would fall by 25% if Usury caps of 5% are re-introduced.  Reducing the cost of money will free millions of families and individuals from crippling debt.


By citing The Bible, The Qu’ran, The Talmud, Upanishads, Veda, Analects, Tripitaka and other holy books, the world’s major religions could lead a campaign to control usury. It is known to be a social evil that siphons wealth from the poorest to the richest, enslaving individuals, households and nations in debts they can never repay or escape. 


From the politicians’ perspective – How many votes would it lose to re-introduce a 5% cap?  Who will object?  To enforce the law, penalties need to include confiscation of any ill-gotten gains and long prison sentences for all the officers of culpable lenders.


Tomorrow, the date of Christians’ All Hallows Eve; as we welcome our 7 billionth neighbour, make a GLOBAL 5% CAP ON LOANS your first common cause and demand.


Noel Hodson

Oxford 30 Oct 2011.






OCCUPY needs to have clear, simple global targets, aims or demands. I think these three will repair much of the damage and inequality - and greatly improve the global and national economies:


(1) Repatriate and Tax all Off-Shore Funds. The $18 trillion in tax-havens (OECD 2010) is the surplus from the Real Economy generated by the 99% over the past 25 years. This vast amount will repair all fiscal deficits including the UK’s, Ireland’s, USA’s, Greece’s, Japan’s etc; and will restore liquidity to national banking systems. E.g. The current Olympus scandal of siphoning $400 million, with tax relief, from the UK to Cayman is symptomatic of how the $18 trillion surplus has been gouged from the 99%  - this is done using false accounting (is there really a huge financial Mergers & Acquisitions consultancy beneath a coconut palm in Cayman? If not, then the transfer pricing is fraudulent, bent bookkeeping). Such monies can easily be repatriated and taxed under long existing laws. Use MI5 MI6 the CIA, Mr Dave Hartnett, etc to track and return the funds – then have the court arguments about the transfer pricing paperwork.


(2) Cap Interest at 5% - Reduce the Cost of Money. Thatcher and Reagan abolished the interest cap under usury laws that go back to biblical times. Since Thatcher, interest is now charged from 5% mortgages to 3000% by loan sharks. A 5% per year legal cap of interest & charges on Credit Cards, Personal Loans, Business Loans, Hire Purchase, Leases and all loans will greatly reduce costs at every stage of the supply chain (e.g. interest is 25% of the cost of building a house, or car etc) and thus reduce inflation. Households will be able to repay their debts as Cameron urges.  In the UK each ¼ percent rise or fall in interest rates amounts to £2.5 billion transfer of wealth from/to poor to rich (borrowers to lenders).  This Interest-Cap will turbo-charge the global economy and bring full employment for our 1 million jobless youngsters.


(3) Pay an hourly rate equivalent to a Living Wage: equivalent in the region where the workers live. All QE should be used to bring in a Living Wage worldwide.




That will do for a start.


Noel Hodson







The immediate reason that “Britain is in the grip of ‘worst financial crisis’ – Bank chief: “There’s not enough money” (Guardian 7 Oct 2011), is the massive reduction of leverage or credit creation by banks around the globe in 2010 following the 2008/09 collapse. This removed trillions of dollars from global liquidity, particularly in the US and UK. The few billions from quantitative easing are not yet nearly enough to compensate. This suits the off-shore super-rich as it drives up the power of their cash (The Free Markets). It was and is messy and confusing to allow private banks to print money (leverage – credit creation) outside the control of The State which guarantees the currency (honest bookkeeping). It is healthy to restrict money from time to time – to stress-test the reality of the reflection of the Real Economy by the Money Economy, but all busy communities have to have enough cowrie shells, wampum beads, doubloons, pounds, pieces of eight, dollars or euros in circulation to enable and record trade – and this record is a primary duty of government. It is time to remind ourselves that money is nothing other than a bookkeeping system of IOU’s. Too many people, banks, speculators and governments have been grotesquely fiddling the books for too long. Too many deserters and traitors have siphoned money generated by their neighbours’ honest hard work in the Real Economy into tax-havens (about $18 trillion according to the OECD). This is bent bookkeeping that can easily be corrected.


Alongside the inevitable nationalisation of the money supply and all financial organisations, the crisis can be quickly fixed: (1) Repatriate the $18 trillion to repair all fiscal deficits in  the UK and worldwide (2) Cap usury on all existing and future debts at 5% p.a. to swell the spending power of the poor and to significantly reduce every price in the economy, thus holding down inflation (3) Use QE to lift the Minimum Wage to a Living Wage of £11 an hour, enabling the poor to escape debt through work (4) Legislate that all financial companies file a daily set of published accounts, which are collated to enable a realistic overview of events, instead of lurching ignorantly from crisis to crisis (5) Stop all short term gambling with our cowrie shells by insisting on real delivery of the commodities or financial instruments and a two months minimum holding period (6) Combine all the world’s currencies into one accounting package – a single world currency - to enable sensible control of the money-supply to enable and accurately record the global bookkeeping. With today’s computers (in honest hands), this regime is possible. Bookkeeping is not rocket-science.


Noel Hodson

(full address below)







LETTER TO THE GUARDIAN 22 SEPT 11 - Following your 22 Sept 2011 headline “$400bn plan to save ailing US economy” BBC Radio today reports that nevertheless the US, UK, Greek and EU money systems are still DOOMED and collapsing. And hysterical politicians today said that the UK National Health Service is DOOMED and collapsing. And the sea-level is rising inexorably – submerging 80% of DOOMED UK property. We employ 600 allegedly intelligent MPs at £100,000 a year apiece, advised by another 600 allegedly experienced Lords; all allegedly advised by hundreds of top civil servants, the cream of our education system; advised by super-intelligent economists. It is understandable, as feeble governments will not legislate, that “The Free Markets” being a bunch of unregulated, thoughtless, greedy, myopic, irresponsible, selfish, neurotic gamblers will panic second by second. But our highly paid governors should either do their jobs and calmly provide a stable currency and economy – or resign en masse in favour of competent managers - the Chinese government perhaps.


Noel Hodson







CC Will Hutton; Andrew Smith MP 2008; 'Jim Messina, BarackObama.com'




Dear Ms Toynbee,




In case you don’t receive these President Obama briefings, below is today’s.


At the risk of me becoming tedious, tendentious and preachy, I think these measures will also be aimed at repatriating the offshore $18 trillion (current OECD and Christian Aid estimate). It requires no new legislation for the EU, US or UK tax authorities to examine the Transfer Pricing paperwork used for the past 25 years to siphon off the $18 trillion.


e.g. An Oxford UK dentist earns £300,000 profit per year. He/she sets up a staging-post company in Jersey - “Dental Mechanic Designs (Jersey) Ltd (DMDJL) – with the usual machinations of appointing a half-witted clerk as MD, Secretary etc. and of “having no control”. – DMDJL sends invoices to the Oxford practice totalling £250,000 a year for fictitious “designs”. That nice man at the top of the UK HMRC, Dave Hartnett, does not question the Transfer Pricing – so it is allowed as a deduction for tax purposes and the dentist pays UK tax on £50,000.


This continues for 10 years so DMDJL gets £2.5M which the allegedly non-controlling dentist continuously transfers to a numbered Swiss bank account (or Barclays International etc) and gets an unlimited debit card useable anywhere.  The dentist frets that the £2.5M is not keeping pace with inflation – and so lobbies hard to stop inflation by freezing workers’ pay and scrapping the minimum wage. The £2.5M is now static in value – which is an affront to the dentist’s human rights – so he/she invests it by buying Greek Bonds at 3%, guaranteed by the EURO, before realising that the Greeks are shiftless & lazy and need discipline – so the dentist, now part of The Global Free Markets, lobbies for the Greeks to be taught a lesson – to balance their fiscal budgets – and to pay 7% on the Bonds. Simultaneously, UK Tax has lost out on 40% of £250,000 x 10 years or £1M of revenues AND its banks lose £2.5M of liquidity – and so cannot lend to SME’s. (NB it requires only 7.2 million “dentists” worldwide to account for $18Tn offshore – a tiny fraction of the working population).


However, a sharp, experienced government lawyer, B Obama, reviews the Transfer Pricing paperwork and confers with The Ordinary Man on the Clapham Omnibus to ask if the clerk in Jersey could in fact have provided the invoiced services and if the dentist is truly “at arms length”.  The answer is “don’t be ridiculous” so B Obama replaces Dave Hartnett with an underpaid but honest school-teacher and applies the long existing laws – as follows - to assess the dentist’s back taxes:


(Arithmetic guesstimated but truly indicative)


Readjust Schedule D income from dentistry:


10 years ago – under reported profits £250,000 – tax 40% £100,000 + 5% compound interest p.a. £62,889 + penalty £100,000 = £268,889


9 years ago – under reported profits £250,000 – tax 40% £100,000 + %5 compound interest p.a. £55,132 + penalty £100,000 = £255,132


8 years ago – under reported profits £250,000 – tax 40% £100,000 + %5 compound interest p.a. £47,745 + penalty £100,000 = £247,745


7 years ago – under reported profits £250,000 – tax 40% £100,000 + %5 compound interest p.a. £40,710 + penalty £100,000 = £240,710


6 years ago – under reported profits £250,000 – tax 40% £100,000 + %5 compound interest p.a. £34,009 + penalty £100,000 = £234,009


5 years ago – under reported profits £250,000 – tax 40% £100,000 + %5 compound interest p.a. £27,628 + penalty £100,000 = £227,628


4 years ago – under reported profits £250,000 – tax 40% £100,000 + %5 compound interest p.a. £21,550 + penalty £100,000 = £221,550


3 years ago – under reported profits £250,000 – tax 40% £100,000 + %5 compound interest p.a. £15,762 + penalty £100,000 = £215,762


2 years ago – under reported profits £250,000 – tax 40% £100,000 + %5 compound interest p.a. £10,250 + penalty £100,000 = £210,250


1 years ago – under reported profits £250,000 – tax 40% £100,000 + %5 compound interest p.a. £5,000 + penalty £100,000 = £205,000


Total - £2,326,675




Then HMRC investigates the undeclared income on the investment of offshore funds – which will be very approximately £250,000 x 2% = £5,000 a year, which on the same basis as above is 2% of the dental work taxes, interest and penalties = £465,335.


Amount diverted to Jersey £2.5 million.




The vast majority of dentists, surgeons, lawyers, company directors, politicians, bankers etc will pay up rather than risk going to prison. In the USA they may not be given that option. The UK benefits from collecting the tax, interest and penalties, which balances the fiscal books – and improves UK liquidity. The same existing tax laws govern inter-company transfers and transfer pricing.


Crises over – as long as The City /Wall St is not allowed to either gamble it away or to pretend to lose it in “markets” while in fact conducting back-to-back contracts (lose it in the UK /US and secretly and simultaneously gain it in the Bahamas).


The EU, UK and USA have all the investigating intelligence agencies and computers required to track these transactions. The immense benefits are worth some patient book-keeping work.


Yours truly,


Noel Hodson



From: Jim Messina, BarackObama.com [mailto:info@barackobama.com]
Sent: 20 September 2011 00:38
Subject: "Class warfare"



Noel --

This morning, the President proposed the "Buffett Rule," which would require those earning more than $1 million a year to pay the same share of their income in taxes as middle-class families do.

This proposal makes sure millionaires and billionaires share the responsibility for reducing the deficit. It would correct, for example, the fact that Warren Buffett's secretary currently pays taxes at a higher rate than he does.

The other side is already saying it's "class warfare" -- that's their rhetorical smokescreen for providing millionaires and billionaires special treatment.

As the President said this morning, "This is not class warfare -- it's math."

The wealthiest Americans don't need further tax cuts and in many cases aren't even asking for them. Requiring that they pay their fair share is the only practical way forward. The Republican alternative is to drastically slash education, gut Medicare, let roads and bridges crumble, and privatize Social Security. That's not the America we believe in -- but many in the Republican leadership actually prefer those policies, which explains their refusal to act.

That's why they'll say "tax increase" over and over again, trying to muddy the waters and trick ordinary Americans into thinking the Buffett Rule will hurt them. And if we don't speak out right now, they just might get away with it.

If you stand with President Obama in this fight and want to see the Buffett Rule passed -- say you'll get his back now.

Of course, the Buffett Rule won't really touch most Americans -- only 0.3% of households will even be affected.

And without it, the only way to reduce our debt is to savage the programs that seniors and middle-class families rely on.

That's exactly what the President refuses to do -- in fact, he's said he'll veto any bill that changes benefits for folks who rely on Medicare but doesn't raise serious revenue by asking the wealthiest Americans or biggest corporations to pay their fair share.

This isn't just a commonsense approach to cutting the deficit -- it's the only way to make sure we can provide security to people who work hard and play by the rules.

So right now, I'm asking you to say you'll stand with the President on something that won't be easy. Get the President's back today:




Jim Messina
Campaign Manager
Obama for America







Your advice to Chancellor Osborne (World Economy – All in this together, Guardian 6 Sep 2011) would have even greater impact by re-stating the fundamentals which are often obscured.


(1) There is a global war between Haves and Have-nots. The Haves hold $18 trillion offshore (OECD), the majority of which has been siphoned tax free from national economies by fraudulent Enron-style bookkeeping, which would not stand Court scrutiny. This $18 trillion should be repatriated and taxed today by applying existing tax-laws. The Have-nots are kept in ignorance of this vast hoard.


(2) The mysterious “Free Markets” are the controllers of this illicit cash, with licit pension funds, who try to invest the cash risk-free, at high rates – mostly in Government Bonds. They manipulate national debt markets to drive-up the interest on bonds and to further restrict cash in circulation which enhances the value of their cash. The Haves are enabled to hide and move this flood of money by the trans-border banks. Failing a safe-haven in Bonds, they gamble in commodities, currencies and shares – destabilising vital price systems that we all rely on.


(3) Globally, the Haves gouge out of national economies ever increasing “rewards” while suppressing the wages of the Have-nots; currently taking 230 times the wages of the low paid – driving them to borrow cash at 15% to 3000% interest, and ultimately to lose their homes, as is happening in the USA.


(4) The Haves mythologize “The City”, particularly in the UK, which enables their stateless, trans-border, tax-free status, claiming it earns fortunes for the host nations. The reverse is true; London lost in 2008/09 more than the accumulated alleged gains of the previous 25 years – hence the crises and bail-outs. However, over the 25 years, The City took personal “rewards” of more than £300 billion, mostly offshore and tax free – paid for by hardworking families.


(5) The 2008/09 collapse on Wall Street and consequent de-leveraging, took many trillions out of the money-supply, further enhancing the value of cash held and slowing transactions in the Real Economy.  The few billions of dollars, Euros and pounds put in by quantitative easing has not replaced it, bringing the Real Economy to an emergency stop.


The national fiscal deficits can be met by rapidly repatriating and taxing the offshore cash to the countries of origin. But in the longer term it is inevitable that all financial activities will be regulated globally, which should start with nationalisation – at least for a decade or two.


PS – Do the economists calling for lower taxes on pay over £150,000, earn more than that? It would be ruinous for the UK to lose all its economic experts.


Noel Hodson


(Mr) Noel HODSON

Business Expansion Services 

16 Brookside, Oxford, OX3 7PJ, UK

Tel +44 (0)1865 760994







stone age to space age economics – 23 may 2011




Re - Fareed Zakaria’s article A Flight Plan For the American Economy. May 30 2011.


Fareed  Zakaria’s article (May 30th 2011) on the US economy notes that GDP is a historically high $13.5 trillion – but with 7 million fewer jobs. Globally, the smarter we work, the fewer jobs there are, but the faster production rises. Who is going to buy the overflowing goods and services when, say, half the workforce is redundant and living in tent-cities? Europe plans to mop up the ever-growing permanently unemployed in Lifelong Learning. We are at a dangerously unstable tipping point between salaried economic participation, disenfranchised poverty, and sharing our vast wealth with our children and with strangers. Or we can stupidly lock our fists into today’s cookie jars.  The old model has to change. We urgently need to deploy the World’s top-brains and our supercomputers to plan the transition from stone-age to space-age economics.  


Noel Hodson

Oxford UK





g20 global banking – 12 NOV 2010


12 November 2010.


The G20 summit leaders could make the world a far better place and fix most of the current economic problems by: creating a single world currency; nationalising all banks and financial services; using the launch of the single-currency to repatriate trillions of criminal off-shore capital to the countries of origin, which will meet all budget deficits and feed the starving; direct the coming dollar and sterling quantitative easing (QE2) into a decent minimum wage – for example in the UK £12 an hour, £480 a week, topped up from the present minimum by QE2 for 2 years then taken over by employers (and please don’t whine that it will bankrupt the nation). This QE2 would reduce mortgage and credit card defaults and quickly go into the banking system to help re-build bank balance sheets, thereby it would stimulate the economy. 

In the meantime – it annoys me to buy goods and services from UK companies that have moved their HQ’s to tax havens, to which they freely transfer bonuses, capital and profits via imaginative transfer pricing invoices and so deplete national cash-flows. Will the Guardian please publish a list of brands to avoid?


(Mr) Noel HODSON



times up – 22 feb  2010



22 FEB 2010 Time Magazine

In saying that Japan, India and China owe their economic success to following the American model, away from big government, Michael Schuman (Essay, TIME, March 1 2010) is blindsided to the long-termism of Asia - planning and investing for generations ahead - compared to the short termism of our "free" market model, which is now so extreme that 90% of transactions look less than than one minute ahead. Addicted gamblers, who use our vital markets as casinos, have wrecked the money system several times.  All margin trading should be banned and all investments should be for a minimum of six months, fully paid for and delivered.  I think the US system needs a dose of big  government to restore sanity and to avoid major crashes occurring at decreasing intervals.   


Noel Hodson

Oxford UK





gambolling bankers – 3 dec 2009



3 Dec 09 Guardian Newspaper


Bankers argue that bonuses are critical to retaining "investment" bankers. These specialists, most natural mathematicians who be-dazzle and baffle their colleagues, make and lose vast amounts by gambling, second by second, on futures, commodities, currencies, shares and indices. They use our normal bank assets, such as savings accounts, as stakes. Their activities have been deemed to have "no social or economic value".  In fact, such speculation drives up global prices, distorts reality and periodically collapses the world's money-economy; economists cannot yet count their total 2008/09 losses. The bonuses are often siphoned to tax havens. Gambling is as addictive as drugs and alcohol; like most addicts, these gamblers will do anything to sustain their habit. We should bless Mr Darling for finding a trigger to have them all emigrate, taking their unique skills as far away as possible.   



2010 - a pivotal year for mankind - climate-change, internet-freedom, & global banking – 3 feb 2010


This year will witness strenuous battles for control of our climate policies, our money and our internet. These 3 vital elements, among others, are under savage and determined attack as the electronic-revolution disturbs and discomfits the primitive, established habits of the intelligent ape. So far, mankind has applied apelike tribal and gang rules, often violent, to take everything and anything we desired, regardless of consequences.  Now we, the self-acclaimed pinnacle of God’s creation, are being obliged to grow-up and, as President Obama quoted in his inauguration speech, “It is time to put away childish things”.  No overindulged, overweight, greedy, thoughtless, selfish, narcissistic, physically powerful teenager wants to be initiated into becoming a responsible adult human-being.  I believe this year, 2010, is a pivotal year for us. Will we try to do ‘Business as Usual’, or will we move into the era of intelligent-co-operation? Thanks to the internet and the world-wide-web and Wikipedia, we all have the required information and we all can see the global picture – if we choose to look.  Three further quotes to take time to reflect on, “An Elder is one who pre-considers the consequences of actions for the next seven generations” and, “We hate to have to think – thinking uses more energy than any other human activity.” And, from another USA president, President George Bush Senior, “The internet means there are no longer any secrets – privacy is dead.” – Or, to put it another way – There is nowhere to hide.               


In an era of almost limitless automated, mechanised, computerised productive capacity; the wealthiest Real-Economy ever, we must learn to share, to cooperate …or else. We live in interesting times. I think 2010 will be a memorable, historic year for mankind.


Below – is news of the three elements, as we enter the New Year.




who will control the internet? – 3 feb 2010


From Oxford Institute for the Internet - OII

18 January 2010


I would like to draw your attention to a Policy Briefing written by our Visiting Associate Tony Wales, former General Counsel of AOL International, responsible for the company's worldwide legal affairs outside the US. It looks at socio-legal and regulatory issues arising from the UK Government's Digital Britain report (June 2009) and Digital Economy Bill, which includes detailed provisions for enforcement action against unlawful filesharing (where Internet users share music, video and other entertainment content without the permission of the copyright holders) by imposing new policing obligations on ISPs and other online intermediaries.  - Bill Dutton, Director  http://www.oii.ox.ac.uk/  



To OII. Thanks for your thorough briefing on the Digital Economy Bill.


If Lord Mandelson and the music and film industry do succeed in their crazed, world-domination objective of obliging ISPs to spy and report on all 2 billion Internet users, allegedly to stop a few children and impoverished adults swapping products, which the distributors lack the competence to protect; will OII then steer its followers to the new alternative internet routes and hardware peripherals, which will spring-up, free from government, business and advertisers supervision? Noel Hodson


PS - Unauthorised copying or sharing of my website and texts in whole or in part will be reported to the Peter Mandelson IPR Revolving-Door Media Trust (Bahamas) Inc. and result in Oxford University losing all internet-connections, paying large fines and having its officers imprisoned.




Comic Swaps & Copyright 23 NOV 09 - As a boy, did Lord Peter Mandelson never swap his Dandy for a Beano, his Superman for a gob-stopper, or show his Titbits to a pal? Did swapping wreck the publishing industry? Now he wants to track and criminalise 2 billion internet users, who may or may not copy and pass on content. The simple remedy for the music, film and Murdoch news providers is to get off the net; withdraw their precious content. Or should millions of internet users retaliate by suing all media companies for their use of plagiarised and copied content? This is a Pandora's box that Peter should not open - unless, of course, he is being guided by the hand of God.  - Noel Hodson (Mr)



19 Nov 09


Email to: Mr Rupert Murdoch.




Part of my business is forecasting the future of the Internet. I also advise businesses on novel solutions. If you use this information, please pay me a reasonable, commensurate fee - or - publicise my novels; see the address-block below. 


 1) I pay an annual subscription to New Scientist. They post me a weekly magazine and give me full access to an excellent website. This business model should work for The Times and other quality or specialist newspapers. 


2) VIP FILTERS - As the Internet grows and adds other alphabets, many, including Sir Tim Berners-Lee, are designing "intuitive" search engines.  They recognise there is a pressing need for VIP-FILTERS to narrow search results down to the top 100, rather than e.g. "Email Rupert Murdoch - 2,560,000 results".  News Corp does not have to wait for the new technology. Your teams/or machines can review and feed VIP DATA to subscribers by web-searching, archiving popular, intelligent information, and interposing a NEWSCORP search engine, which becomes the first search the (VIP) subscribers try. This turns today's media business model on its head. You copy free information off the web, repackage it, vet it and sell it on high-cost subscription to elite customers in particular niche markets, in specialist languages if needed (including the arts, sports, finance etc).  Robert Maxwell did a similar judo-throw on the Oxbridge academics when his Pergammon Press cheaply acquired rights to their rare research papers and sold them globally at £500 a time to scientific libraries - he was never forgiven. 

Subscription Sales:  Yes, you have to invest in a sales campaign - but you have an edge via your media businesses - and via existing niche-group viewers and readers.


2a) VIP-MOBILE hand held screens.  I am reasonably sure there is also an existing market for ultra-high quality, Sony-book-reader-size, mobile hand held screens with good sound and picture quality (good enough for e.g. Opera (n.b. The Met now broadcasts live) - Ballet - Snooker - Football etc).  Allied to the quality data from VIP FILTERS, owning such a mobile phone would be a high level status symbol. The technology parts exist but you need a 15 year old nerd to pull it together for you.  NEWSCORP-VIP-MOBILE would quickly be the top-end mobile-phone-internet-search of choice in many diverse niche-markets - say, £100 a month subscription.  From there it would spread downwards.


Almost daily, I search for reliable statistics and calculators - make a STATS-VIP-FILTER for me.  Yours sincerely - Noel Hodson




how can the money-system and the real economy be reconciled? – 3 feb 2010



26 January 2010 To S Lanman, Journalist. Bloomberg.net


"The standard Taylor Rule would have recommended that the Fed raise the rate to a range of 7 percent to 8 percent through the first three quarters of 2008, “a policy decision that probably would not have garnered much support among monetary specialists,” Bernanke said. A variation of the rule used by the Fed focused on anticipated rates of inflation, not actual rates, he said. "


Dear Mr Lanman -  Stealing from the poor to give to the rich, via the Base Rate, was most effective under Margaret Thatcher 1979-1989, when Sterling cash-rich depositors doubled their money every 7 years, risk free, without having to get out of bed. Wealthy international Americans must have really wanted to thank Mrs Thatcher as our property crashed, businesses went bust, families lost everything and we suffered the highest UK unemployment ever.  My engineering business was paying 23% on a fully personally secured trading overdraft - until we too went bust. And the cash-rich still didn't get out of bed.  In 2010, in the UK, every 1/4 percent upward shift in interest rates siphons £2.25B from the poor to the rich. The Taylor Rule, with a 7% increase would amount to at least £63B per annum of wealth transfer - or theft.  It is my last, life's ambition to see the wealth transfer go the other way - from the rich to the poor.  You should advise, via your News Channel, investing in guillotines and knitting needles.


And move to higher ground. – Regards - Noel Hodson 





3 Dec 09


Bankers argue that bonuses are critical to retaining "investment" bankers. These specialists, most natural mathematicians who be-dazzle and baffle their colleagues, make and lose vast amounts by gambling, second by second, on futures, commodities, currencies, shares and indices. They use our normal bank assets, such as savings accounts, as stakes. Their activities have been deemed to have "no social or economic value".  In fact, such speculation drives up global prices, distorts reality and periodically collapses the world's money-economy; economists cannot yet count their total 2008/09 losses. The bonuses are often siphoned to tax havens. Gambling is as addictive as drugs and alcohol; like most addicts, these gamblers will do anything to sustain their habit. We should bless Mr Darling for finding a trigger to have them all emigrate, taking their unique skills as far away as possible.   -  Noel Hodson (Mr)





17 November 2009


Sir - Defenders of City bankers, including I fear, parts of your 17 November editorial, and several readers' Letters, seem to be blindsided to the trampling herds of elephants in the room. The City lost so many billions of clients', savers' & pensioners' money in 2008/2009 that our cleverest economists cannot yet give a total, other than that globally to date $14 Trillion ($14,000,000,000,000) of tax dollars has been transfused into the system. The population, saddled with decades of new national debt, is justifiably enraged and would gladly throw the culprits to the dogs - not pay them to stay in office.  - Noel Hodson - Oxford




The Toxic Homeless - 13 NOV 09 - UN Rapporteur Raquel Rolnik (...America's housing shame - 13 Nov 09) met with dispossessed LA families, representing the feckless, reckless poor, who Wall St. and The City claim wrecked the global system by defaulting on loan-shark contracts and triggering toxic debt; so far needing $14 trillion tax-dollars to patch it up.  $14 trillion would pay-off 56 million $250,000 mortgages - half the homes in America. Or, coincidentally, $14 trillion is about the amount the OECD and Christian Aid estimate is held in tax-havens. Which is the most likely cause of today's global national deficits? Should we punish the poor or claw-back the offshore assets? - Noel Hodson (Mr)


27 OCT 09 - Please deliver this heavily capitalised, expletive message, via Letters, to City pundit David Buik, of BGC Partners, who complains about proposed Tory limitations on bonuses (Osborne angers City with plan to curb cash bonuses - Guardian 27 Oct 09). He says "... (Osborne) is far too rigid if he wants London to maintain its presence at the top of the financial tree". 


Hey, David ! Wake Up ! do we have to hit you with a brick! The City of London is at the bottom of the financial tree - wallowing in the mud. Maybe you missed the global meltdown and the massive government bail-outs. You and your pals just lost ALL the !!*frigging!!***  London City profits, gouged out in bonuses over the past 25 years. You have lost billions and billions and billions and billions - hundreds and hundreds of billions - of our hard earned UK money - not your own *!***!!**g money …but everyone else's. Millions of pensions have been decimated. You have lost so much of our money - you can't even count it all!  If HM Government (the taxpayers) removes its Bank Deposits Guarantees and daily injections of Quantitative Easing - all the City banks, brokers, wheelers, dealers and speculators would disintegrate. Our currency would collapse. It would be a hellish, violent social chaos.  Never mind having more! You should pay back all the past 25 years of bonuses, £300 to £500 billion, siphoned off under false pretences; and you should earn the Minimum Wage until it is all repaid!  You have made London a laughing stock as a proficient financial centre.  We can only pray that government can repair the immense damage. Televised public beheadings might assuage some of the nations' justifiable rage.  In the meantime please emigrate and take your unique skills to where you imagine they will be appreciated; try Rockall.




will we drown? are the ice caps melting? – 3 feb 2010


(Un)Settled Science - Hole in the AGWzone Layer!

by James P. Hogan  'james@jamesphogan.com'


January 14, 2010


Dear James Hogan, 


I have followed the climate-change and extreme-weather debate for more than 10 years - and I do recall the many scares you refer to; such as the numerous terminal threats to mankind (scientifically) analyzed in the 1960's in The Doomsday Book by Financial Times science journalist Gordon Ratray-Taylor.


It seems to me that the present Who-Dunnit squabble is a science-village gossip diversion from the main questions - Are the Ice-Caps Melting? …And… Can we Slow the Process?


The weather fluctuations, including unusual cold spells, were predicted at a meeting I attended about 12 years ago at the Climate Change Study Unit, Oxford; through melting North Pole ice adding extra masses of cold water to the oceans.


I don't think it matters a tinker's cuss whether or not it is anthropogenic - what matters, if the ice is melting - as seen on TV -  is, can we fix it.


In the meantime - read my novel, Over the Rainbow, move to higher ground and move your money on-shore. 



Thanks for an interesting paper. 


Noel Hodson



To The London Evening Standard

8 Dec 09


Three climate-change economic myths need correcting:

(1) We can't tackle the additional work: The UK could work 133B hours a year, we actually work 37B hours. There is 72% spare capacity to tackle the crisis.

(2) It will cost the world economy a lot: On the contrary it will create useful work, economic activity and extra wealth around the globe.  What we really mean is "I might have to change my income-stream and leisure activities".

(2) Who dun' it? Mankind or Nature? :  It does not matter a tinker's cuss who or what caused it.  Are the ice caps and glaciers melting? Will it cause disruption, deaths and chaos? Can we fix it?   


Noel Hodson (Mr)




think globally, act locally – 3 feb 2010



Sebastian Johnson, Oxford Strategic Partnership, c/o Oxford City Council, Oxford Town Hall, St Aldates, Oxford OX1 1BX

21 Jan 2010


Dear Mr Johnson,


One of my colleagues has brought the OSP to my attention. I have looked through the 2008-12 aims, which are worthy and ambitious.


Twenty-five years ago, we corresponded with Lord Weinstock at GEC, for a year or so, discussing integrated interlinking transport for Oxford, from electric bicycles, to pedestrian street conveyors, to City-cars to heavy freight systems - all to be manufactured at the Cowley factories.  Today, I am focusing my efforts on a pollution free, underground and CO2 saving goods transport system, Foodtubes.


On my local, Headington, transport front, you may like to consider adding for discussion the attached idea for the John Radcliffe Hospital - and perhaps for other similarly large centres of traffic movements.  In my view the JR developers ought to foot the bill for relieving traffic jams.  I would also recommend a single, free, hop-on-and-off bus service from Oxford Centre up and down the London Road to the A40 Park & Ride - as frequent as necessary - to eliminate the queues of rival buses, sometimes empty, competing for bus stops and causing gridlock.  - Best wishes - Noel Hodson


NB – The £33M cost of the underpass would be recovered in 2 years from saving the time and fuel of commuters.




The JR-Road Tunnel


1 Dec 09


As winter gridlock freezes traffic on the London Road, from St Clements to the Ring road, a proposal to link the JR Hospital car parks to the Oxford ring-road resurfaces. 


Local firm, SW2000 Intelligent Transport, claims that delays to the 10,000 vehicle movements a day, in and out of the JR, costs the JR staff, ambulances and visitors 15 minutes and an extra litre of fuel a day; 10,000 gallons a week; an extra 19 million gallons of toxic exhaust a week; losing £25,000 in productive time every work-day. Add the other non-JR road users and this traffic congestion costs the community £18 million a year in time & fuel;  plus the impact of toxic exhaust gases, which endanger health and increase global-warming.  


The JR should build its own road tunnel link to the ring-road; that is what ring-roads are for.  Oxford's traffic planners could be inspired by Switzerland's visionary 35 mile long, 150 mph, double rail tunnel under the Alps, being built this year to banish freight vehicles from Swiss roads; and by the dozens of long tunnels on the Italian Autostradas; or, nearer to home: by the 249 miles of Victorian tunnels built for the London Tube; by the prize winning 31 miles Channel Tunnel built 250 feet deep beneath the sea; and by the 2,300 metres, air-side-road-tunnel (ART) built in one-year under Heathrow, in 2008. 


 To bore a 1/3rd mile - 550 metres - traffic tunnel, from the Ring Road to the JR car-parks will cost about £33 million; which is less than two years of the costs imposed on the travellers and the besieged residents of Marston and Headington. The tunnel would be a low-cost, hugely valuable, permanent investment.  


The JR-Tunnel can readily be built with modern boring machines, as used at Heathrow, in less than a year.


The long-term value, for ambulance crews, for sick patients, for JR staff and visitors, of having rapid, direct access - and of reducing daily traffic jams for the whole community - is incalculable.   




Stupid government abuse of the Information Society – UPDATED 16 JULY 09


16 July 09


Popular, successful UK authors and illustrators of children’s books who regularly visit schools are refusing invitations because they now must be computer registered as Child-Workers, pay £65 a year to the Home Office for a licence and be vetted as potential paedophiles and child abusers.  The authors, including Phillip Pullman, say the rules are insulting and create fear between children and adults.  The Home Office says the £65 will enable even more intrusive checks on unblemished, blameless, helpful citizens.  



14 July 09

To: Counsellor Jiang Fan (Commerce), Chinese Embassy, LONDON


Dear Counsellor,


Electronic Surveillance


Over the past 3 months, I have read media and science reports saying that computers, telephones and other communication electronics, which are made in China, are being fitted with computer-chips (hardware) and programmes (software) to track the owners' and users' telecommunications. Please send me a list of these bugged machines so that I can make sure I do not buy any device, made in China, which could potentially track and report my use of it.


Yours truly, Noel HODSON





Bankers and banking – 10 JULY 09


Letter to the Guardian - 8 July 09


Alistair Darling and the Treasury are not addressing three monstrous and dangerous faults in the system (This mortgage can damage your wealth - Treasury's bank reforms propose risk alerts - Guardian 7 July 09).  First, casino banking must be confined as it was, to individual crazed gamblers risking their own money, not shareholders', depositors' and taxpayers' money. Banks should invest not gamble, with a minimum holding period of, say, six months between shares and commodities transactions. Second, some credit card and personal loans charges rack up to 50%. Loan sharking should be capped at 10% above Base Rate, subject to long prison sentences and fines.  Third, it is alarming for UK savers and the City of London's reputation that while the US authorities send Bernard Madoff to prison for 150 years, for losing £31 billion of savers' funds, the UK sends the ennobled Sir Fred Goodwin, held to be responsible for losing £28 billion of RBS savers' funds, to Monte Carlo to enjoy a tax free pension of £450,000 a year for the next 40 years.  


Cyberspace can still stop Emails – SME’s & the Internet - 9 JULY 2009.


'cristina.matinez@ec.europa.eu'; 'gerald.santucci@ec.europa.eu.'  


This email couldn’t get through to the European Commission.


3rd email send - maybe the internet will work this time.

2nd email send - Cristina Matinez seems to be off-line.

Would Mr Santucci's PA please forward this note to the authors of the draft paper on SME's:

20090708-fines-position-paper-draft2 - Public Consultation


9 JULY 09


20090708-fines-position-paper-draft2 - Public Consultation


Dear Ms Matinez,


I advised UK SME's on finances for 25 years; promoted Teleworking for 12-14 years; launched the first teleworked business-expansion-service (BES) franchise in Europe (Morton Hodson & Co Ltd) and I am currently promoting a CO2 saving, alternative, freight transport infrastructure, "Foodtubes".


I have the above draft paper and recommend further thought might be given by the authors to:


1) AUTO-COMPLIANCE - If launching a new small enterprise today, little has changed in 30 years. SME's realistically, continually complain about the cost of "red tape" or compliance with regulations. The Internet could carry out all compliance, registration and reporting tasks, transaction by transaction, and enable all SME's to automatically set aside taxes etc. 

I proposed such an automated one-book-entry system in 1990, called The Electric Cheque Book.  It would save significant amounts of productive time and large direct financial costs. It would provide highly accurate statistics on all SME business activity. What was difficult with 1990 's technology, could now easily be done.


2) CONFIDENTIALITY - "Forget Privacy - Privacy is Dead" - said the first President Bush (Senior) about the launch of the Internet and the WWW. However, today's SME's do need to know that the Advanced Telecommunications they are being encouraged to use are private and confidential. Last month, the Chinese government insisted that computer manufacturers build in tracking, spying and reporting hardware and software - and this month the UK learns that newspaper journalists have easy access to all our mobile phone calls.  The EC should publish a weekly list of ISP's, telephone-companies, tools and software that still preserve confidentiality. e.g. I will never knowlingly buy another computer or telephone that has Chinese installed components. 


3) VIRTUAL CURRENCY - A large percentage of SME's trade is done with other SME's. The Internet needs to provide a currency that enables such business-to-business trades. Given the present banking chaos and the complexity of bank loans and financing, such a virtual currency will eventually lead to a new banking system and the creation of a global business currency; this should be the "Business-Euro" and it should exclude all previous bad financial practices, cartels, greed, loan-sharking, casino gamblers, etc. The costs of operating such a virtual money system would be a fraction of traditional banking costs. 


4) RE-DEFINE PROFITS & LOSSES - In the long term and in contrast to paragraph 2 above; the Internet does open all doors to and provides previously well guarded secret knowledge about capital ownership, trading margins, business models, pay structures and executive rewards. It is inevitable that such information will become accessible to all.  The EC should create a socially-responsible new definition of Profits and Losses for pension, taxes, environmental, employment, wealth-sharing and all other purposes. The presently applied legal definitions as expressed and used by governments, tax-collectors, accountants, auditors and lawyers, come to us from the 18th Century based on 18th Century politics and philosophies. It is high time the definitions, the accepted protocols, were updated for the global Internet era, taking into account social responsibility and eliminating the exploitation of human and scarce resources. 


Please circulate this note to all relevant persons.


With regards


Noel Hodson      




Universal internet access - Power to the people – 6 May 2009.


It seems that the Information Society is thriving and has not yet been diminished by censorship - So far so good.  But we should be alert to the numerous threats from would-be censors of every shape, size, hue, religion, political belief, greed and insanity; and we should be rapidly developing internet protocols and delivery technologies that will protect everyone’s right to share and use the network.


In the year of 2008 (taken from a New Scientist article 2 May 2009)


210,000,000,000 (210B) emails per day were sent.

78% of Emails were spam.


Google searches 1 trillion web pages. (1,000,000,000,000)


ALL USERS – number approx 1.58B via computers (mostly fixed telephone)

                          Plus 1B via mobile phones


China              253,000,000 internet users -19% of the population

US                   220,000,000 internet users -72.5% of pop.

Japan               94,000,000 internet users  -74% of pop.

Brazil               67,500,000 internet users  -26% of pop.

India                60,000,000 internet users   - 4% of pop.

Germany         52,500,000 internet users  -64% of pop.

UK                   43,200,000 internet users  -69% of pop.


92% of the population in Greenland have internet access.


Internet growth is 50% per annum.


On-line advertising spending - $65,000,000,000  ($65B) globally.


Danger of Hi-jacking:  The use of Non-Latin alphabets, including Chinese, Arabic, and Cyrillic could divide the internet if such alphabets lead to the creation of national or regional website directories which are not accessible to the central ICANN directory – and thus would not be searchable by existing methods.  This could enable regional government control.   


POWER & ENERGY – Bobbie Johnson writing from San Francisco for The Guardian – 4th May 2009 - tells us that a single Google search uses as much energy as driving a car one mile (really?) and that US data centres used 61 billion kilowatts of power in 2006 (what does that convert to in litres of diesel?), enough to supply the whole of the UK’s power for 2 months and/or 1.5% of electricity used in the USA. Google has invested $2.3B into infrastructure in 2008 (presumably to supply electric power and use less of it). And Microsoft engineers are also on the case. However, my opinion is that the energy used sending an email is a tiny, tiny fraction of delivering a physical letter – and that internet searches and data preservation use a minuscule fraction of the equivalent physical libraries and physical searches of libraries.  Maybe we should mothball libraries and give access only over the internet – to save the planet.  


Historic, momentous, epoch changing, world turning, inspiring, uplifting, hopeful… Words fail us - 5 November 2008.


Senator Barack Obama today is President-Elect of the USA. 


Whatever happens tomorrow; this extraordinary, transforming event truly announces the second epoch.

It is so unexpected that Microsoft’s spell checker doesn’t recognise his name.



Surveillance Crisis – Cyber War - 23 October 2008.


The UK newspaper, the Guardian, today runs an editorial “Surveillance – Data with destiny” and expresses concern that the UK government is debating if it should permanently record all telephone calls, emails and internet-searches to protect us all from terrorists. The article asks whether such intrusive and personal records would ever be abused. Doh! 


Most computer savvy people are convinced that all communications are already being recorded; in the UK, by interception and analysing centres such as Cheltenham GCHQ. It is likely that all computers are built to keep a hidden permanent record of everything they do, which experts can recover. Think how much data can be saved in seconds to a flash-memory stick.


THE FUTURE:  So the “proposed” laws will merely ratify the existing status quo. How will angry and younger people react to such total surveillance?  They will wage cyber-war. The seeds of civil disobedience are already evident. The inescapable computer law of ‘Rubbish in – Rubbish out’ will sabotage the governments’ best efforts to track everyone all the time. The integrity and value of the data relies on accurate identity and location. Hoodies, youngsters on the streets, hide their heads from CCTV cameras – the next stage will be masks.  Petty crooks clone or steal credit-cards and financial identities, use and discard them. There is a lively internet trade in cloned number plates to disguise vehicles; the favourite numbers belong to politicians, judges and celebrities. Free and pay-for software, which hides computer internet identities, abounds on the internet; some of it may even work. People buy, borrow or steal other’s mobile phones, use and discard them. There is probably software that hides telephone number identities – or if not, there soon will be. Traffic cameras photograph license plates (cloned) and drivers’ faces; (masked drivers). To overcome these deceptions, government will have all vehicles carry embedded chips; all music and film downloads will be reported by embedded chips. The kids will re-program the chips or simply dig them out and throw them away. Clever kids will dispose of all spy-ware in their cars and computers – or steal or swap other people’s machines. The ubiquitous CCTV cameras are vulnerable to crude physical attack and as they are put on taller poles and buildings, the kids will find ways to disrupt the cameras with electrical signals – or catapults. Gangs of otherwise compliant citizens will flood systems with false data.  Otherwise law abiding citizens will habitually give erroneous information when form filling.  Computer centres will be attacked and wrecked. Outlaw internet systems will be created that are not monitored. Do you seriously doubt that a percentage of one billion pissed-off internet users couldn’t do these things? Chaos will reign supreme.


As the Nazi Party proved beyond doubt; when the State oppresses people relentlessly, the terrible irresistible government pressure and force eventually confronts, or perhaps it creates, the utterly indestructible diamond intelligence and spirit of the oppressed – and it is the State machine that is ultimately smashed. 


The pity is that much of the data being gathered for benevolent purposes is of great value to society, but revolutionary cyber warriors will not discriminate.  Will governments learn to act intelligently?


Financial Crisis – Part Two – 7 October 2008.


On the day that the town sized population of Iceland (250,000 souls) nationalise a bank and are financially ranked willy-nilly alongside China and America by hysterical journalists; markets continue to crash, pundits to pontificate, bankers to grieve, global politicians to dither and super-rich city executives to fearfully hide their ill-gotten gains. Mr Richard Fuld, CEO of wrecked bankers, Lehman Brothers, with only a slight and modest hesitation, yesterday told US Senators that he felt “horrible” about letting down everyone who had lost fortunes, but, Yes, he felt OK about the $500 million he had siphoned out for himself between 2000 and 2008. Death is too easy for such a modern Midas.


This crisis is an Information Society issue. We cannot properly communicate and trade globally in milliseconds if spivs, gangsters, loan-sharks, bribed officials and bent accountants and lawyers install themselves at key points in the system like parasitical tape-worms, deliberately spread Disinformation and, under the obscurantist cover of gobbledegook numbers, they fiddle the books, create false back-to-back transactions and siphon off billions and trillions of the people’s common-wealth – without being taxed.


It is worth repeating, to counter the many hired PR, media, Wall Street and City lackeys who parrot-fashion report otherwise - This crisis is NOT CAUSED BY US MORTGAGE DEFAULTERS. If missed monthly home loan payments were the basis of it all, billionaires President Bush and Senator John McCain would have stepped up like good citizens, put their hands in their own very deep, well lined Trust Fund pockets and personally made up the arrears of the poorest in society, to save the world from meltdown – perhaps with a little help from the US Treasury.  A few million dollars a month, supporting home owners in difficulties, would have made the underlying assets strong and non-toxic.  The root cause is actually the 28 years of Regan/Thatcher economics, monetarism and unrestrained manic gambling, feeding gargantuan amounts tax-free to the rich while freezing pay and support for the poor – and fiddling the books to hide the damage being done to gouged corporate balance-sheets.  It should all be clawed back.


Western governments, unthinkingly anxious about escalating credit card and mortgage consumerism (by the poor), saw in the alleged sub-prime crisis an opportunity to screw and make an example of some of them; young first-home families and poor late-home buyers, all with large mortgages, via the loan-sharking, boiled frog syndrome; frightening them into prudence and frugality with a property crash and homelessness; without having to hike up base rates and thus stoke up inflation, as Thatcher did to crash the UK economy and create 4 million unemployed. In disseminating for a year the frightening rumours that homes would plummet in value, the governments did not realise what destructive demons their fanciful middle-class doom mongering would unleash.  


If only they had properly audited their own nations’ transactions and verified them with global comparisons. The world must learn to count accurately. This fundamental neglect has not been due to lack of computing power. Money is nothing more than a reliable book-keeping system. It has been badly abused and is no longer an accurate account.


How can the Information Society fix the global system that is bust?  


1) Nationalise ALL financial institutions – world-wide.

2) Properly audit and publish all corporate and national balance sheets; eventually include all businesses.

3) Publish all the balance-sheets every day and explain trans-border variances and sinister siphons. Cap fat-cat salaries.

4) Create a single-global-currency and oblige everyone to convert all their assets.

5) During the conversion process – confiscate and repatriate all proceeds of crime, fraud and tax-evasion.

6) During the conversion process – recoup all “City Bonuses” of the past 25 years and examine their legality.

7) Create a global Domesday Book of all significant assets and who owns them. Start with Land, mapped onto GOOGLE EARTH.

8) Convict and punish all fraudsters – whoever their friends are.

9) Banish all speculators from all vital markets – energy, money, water, food, homes, air, metals, shares etc.

10) Record all the above on computers and publish daily on the web.

11) Reform all political systems as E-Democracies – voting on issues, not for leaders or Parties.

12) Introduce a global minimum wage of $10 an hour; sufficient to support a modest home loan.


These actions are radical; but lesser interventions and structures will not suffice.  


Financial Crisis – Saved from my radical self by judicious editing – 18 September 2008.




17 Sept 08 – Excuses, Excuses, Excuses - The continuing, if not escalating, USA and UK financial crisis is repeatedly punctuated in the media by failed brokers & bankers and their press-officers blaming it all on the fall in property prices. But it is illogical that the booming real-economy should wreak havoc in the money-economy. The reality is that massive amounts of our cash have been siphoned off - much of it via tax-havens - to enable global gambling in impenetrable derivatives, beyond the understanding of senior executives, by unsupervised crack-heads; which has so confused the regulators, auditors and the corporate world that few, if any, understand the banks' Balance Sheets and have lost all track of the relationships between the real-economy and the money-economy.  The alleged property "crash" is a tiny percentage of housing stock being auctioned off. 95% of property is not in forced sale and it retains its (real) value to the owners & tenants. And when traditional banking returns, in a month or so, property, land, factories, machines and other real assets in the real world, used and needed by real people, will still be the banks' main securities for loans. It is the banks' loss of liquidity through once illegal gambling that has depleted mortgage funds, halted property transactions and driven up food, oil and other commodity prices. The real-economy, where real-work is done, is fine. It is the money-economy that needs fixing - and it is a primary duty of government to fix it. We cannot leave our currency in incompetent hands. I suggest the wholesale nationalisation of all City interests, to stabilise currencies, and the immediate repatriation to their source-nations of all off-shore assets - calculated by the OECD to be $10 to $13 trillion. That will more than repair all the deficits.  




Risk, recklessness and financial stability. The Guardian, Thursday September 18 2008

The continuing, if not escalating, US and UK financial crisis is repeatedly punctuated in the media by failed brokers and bankers blaming it all on the fall in property prices (Banks: the contagion spreads, September 17). But it is illogical that the booming real economy should wreak havoc in the money economy. The reality is that massive amounts of our cash have been siphoned off - much of it via tax havens - to enable global gambling in impenetrable derivatives; which has so confused the regulators, auditors and the corporate world that few, if any, understand the banks' balance sheets, and have lost all track of the relationships between the real economy and the money economy.

The alleged property "crash" is a tiny percentage of housing stock being auctioned off; 95% of property is not in forced sale and it retains its (real) value to the owners and tenants. And when traditional banking returns, property, land, factories and other real assets in the real world will still be the banks' main securities for loans.

The real economy is fine. It is the money economy that needs fixing - and it is the duty of governments to fix it.
Noel Hodson


Give us back our money!– Letter to The Guardian newspaper - 15 September 2008


Lehman Brother's bankruptcy filing and the massive tax-payer bail-outs for Merrill Lynch and insurance giant AIG, indicate a subterranean fault line of foolhardy transactions over several decades, which will cause frightful after-shocks in the money-economy (Banking crisis - Guardian 15 Sept 08).  It is a primary duty of government to maintain stable currencies as "a means of account and a medium of exchange" which accurately represent what we value in the real-economy; which is more productive, automated, flexible and reliable than at any time in history.  The real-economy has never been healthier. In fixing the money-economy and wealth distribution, government must (1) rid the global system of addicted gamblers - margin and "derivatives" speculators - particularly from money-markets, food-markets, energy-markets, carbon-trading and other vital supply chains, and (2) must claw-back all overpayments made to executives in the last two-decades - which Polly Toynbee's timely new book defines as 'Unjust Rewards' - including all tax-haven accounts.  The rationale for repatriating these assets (OECD calculate $10-$13 trillion)  to their source communities is that much of it has been siphoned off, by stealth or brass-necked greed, by controllers of large and small companies, which are now insolvent or collapsing in value. In UK Company Law - and in the US as Conrad Black learned - such massively disproportionate self-awarded dividends, salaries and bonuses constitute criminal frauds against the creditors and shareholders of depreciated firms; and also in fact defraud all the employees and ordinary citizens who trusted them. These two measures, affirmed by new and existing laws, would repair the cash deficits, discourage executive theft and give us back monetary stability.


Noel Hodson
16 Brookside



It’s those pesky kids again, stealing valuable works of art - 25 July 08.


The media is full of the news that all the major UK ISPs are collaborating with “The Music Industry” to spy on kids and punish them, their parents, their families and their friends for swapping music tracks on-line.  This, for example, is from Time Magazine today:

If the voluntary (UK) code sketched out Thursday fails to curb piracy sufficiently, regulation could still follow. One possibility: the government could force ISPs to install fancy filtering software that blocks illegal file sharing activity. Measures recently proposed in France take an even stricter line: as part of an agreement reached last year — and due before the country's parliament this fall — ISPs could be required to switch off offending accounts for up to a year.

That Britain's approach is less draconian — the BPI, for its part, supports the French approach — reflects the difficult market for the country's ISPs. Internet providers' margins are disappearing, and competition is fierce. ISPs' need to keep customers sweet is "why we have this compromise solution," Mulligan says.


So what will be the consequences?  Firstly the music swappers will do it off-line, away from the prying eyes of governments and media corporate executives and their lawyers. Secondly the swappers will adopt, adapt or create identity scrambling software to baffle the ISPs’ filters. Thirdly the youngsters or adult internet freedom fighters will set up their own outlaw ISPs, beyond the reach of the authorities. Fourthly rebellious musicians will flout the spying systems, change their business-models and issue new swappable music. How soon? Well kids are very quick and there will be fortunes to be made – so the rebellion will start today and make an impact this year.


The established ISPs will of course make conciliatory noises and claim they are being forced (by law?) into spying on their customers; and they will hope to make a fraction of a penny for every royalty they help to collect from licit downloads. But ultimately and quite soon the ISPs will lose the confidence of large numbers of their other customers – who will fear that they too are being spied on by ISPs who have sold out to high pressure sales operations.  Nuke the Spooks!



Mobile phones and cancer - 25 July 08.


Time Magazine ran this story today, which follows up the fears raised by earlier research spanning several years that cell phones (and cordless phones) might cause cancer of the brain. It is an issue of public importance that ought to be resolved by a major government sponsored study. 


(PITTSBURGH) — The head of a prominent cancer research institute issued an unprecedented warning to his faculty and staff Wednesday: Limit cell phone use because of the possible risk of cancer.



Open letter to the Prime Minister. 16 July 08.


Dear Prime Minister,


For a man with great power, the vision to see that the ice-caps are melting (Guardian 16th July 08) and with little to lose electorally, you are being extraordinarily timid about tackling Britain's and the world's problems. If I were in your place, I would immediately:


1) Lead - do not wait to follow others - in creating all the energy Britain needs and will need from tidal, wave and wind power, which we have in super-abundance. Do this today via a government agency to buy all such green electricity at a guaranteed price, say 10p a unit, for 20 years. Germany has successfully done this for solar power. This cuts our oil-dependency and our import/export overdraft to nil.


2) Lead - do not wait to follow China and India - in creating stop-global-warming radical transport and buildings infrastructures. These include electrifying all roads and a new industry to build minimum-weight-vehicles, without internal combustion engines, drawing conductive power from road laid cables. This is not new technology - just neglected. Also adopt my hugely efficient FOODTUBES transport. Rid the nation of all overweight vehicles including empty buses and 475 tonne Inter-City trains. Tarmac and electrify the railways for the new vehicles to use. Though worthy things to do, there is little need to rush to insulate all homes and re-use plastic bags etc. as we can make enough pollution-free energy from our seas to be profligate. Britons do not need to live like monks.  


3) Lead - do not wait to react to crises - in controlling food supplies and prices.  The banks, the City, Enron, Parmalat and Wall St etc. etc. etc. have proved that private enterprise cannot be responsible for the essentials of life such as water, energy, money, land, houses and food. The coming era will urgently need massive re-nationalisation for a long period to protect the essentials of life from Thatcher's cavalier, cavorting, chortling "free-marketeers".  Food is far too important to leave to laise-faire, cum-day-go-day, magical-market commercialism - a hungry public becomes a very dangerous mob. 


4) Lead - not wait until after other OECD countries do it - in immediately nationalising the collapsing money system.  As even the USA has discovered, our currencies cannot be delegated by government and left in the hands of rapscallions, playing silly games and gambling with people’s homes, jobs and lives.  Claw-back all unjustified mega-pay packages with a 25 year retrospective 95% surtax. Also, repatriate to the UK all tax-haven funds which have been exported from Britain. Christian Aid and the OECD Paris, reckon there is from $10 to $14 trillion offshore - enough to pay off all the budget deficits and even repair the US mortgage industry.  This may upset JP Morgan and friends, but you might enjoy discomfiting their shy executives, peeping from behind palm fronds and sipping sweet pina-coladas at their beach homes in the Cayman Islands.


And, you might enjoy making these changes. All other problems, like your MP's John-Lewis-List and getting Aunty Nellie's hip treated 1.03% sooner, can be delegated to minions. Drop all ambitions to be "popular", focus on statesmanship, make your place in history, rebuild Britain, put the world to rights and have a good time.  What have you got to lose?


Noel Hodson (Mr)

Coordinator, FOODTUBES


Runner-up - 2008 St. Andrews Prize for the Environment




SW2000 Intelligent Transport

16 Brookside, OXFORD, OX3 7PJ, UK

Tel +44 (0) 1865 760994

website  http://www.noelhodson.com

The present and future of Global-Warming - read:



23 June 08 – Will the world’s thick-headed transport and energy planners ever get it?


For an InterCity train with 150 passengers, it would be greener to stop the train and give every passenger a Rolls Royce to continue their journey.  Why? Because a UK InterCity train, the great-iron-horse-that-crosses-the-prairies, weighs 475 tonnes, before any passengers get on it, which is 3.14 tonnes per passenger. A Rolls Royce weighs a mere 2.5 tonnes and its engine and rolling efficiency is far better than the steel on steel slipping and friction of trains.  Tarmac the railways! When will traffic planners understand the inescapable schoolroom physics of energy, weight and friction – and insist on MWV (Minimum Weight Vehicles) principles in all transport designs – including those damn great, diesel spewing, often empty buses which block urban streets. Doh! 


Before our planners are re-educated in minimum energy Gulags, US and NASA scientist James Hansen may achieve his wishes reported in today’s Guardian of (1) putting all oil executives on trial for killing the planet and (b) having America completely wired to enable green energy to be fed into the national grid – regardless of who makes it or where the generators are. Is the USA still in the hands of ENRON type exploitative companies? Germany buys green energy with a 20 year guarantee and through this has become the world leader in applied solar energy technology. In addition to extending national-grids, OECD countries should also wire all road lanes with induction cables and - back to the MWV’s – all road vehicles should be stripped down in weight and propelled by green electricity. An electric vehicle with an external power source does not need: a heavy battery, a tonne of internal combustion engine, a gear box, drive train, fuel-tank or a 300 pound driver chewing a hedgehog sandwich.


On the IT and ACTs front – little new stuff is happening – other than national and local authorities inevitably abusing the existing technologies by spying on their citizens. I think the IT world is in for a period of navel gazing before the next generation of really private, personal PCs, telephones and fast-internet products are created by the upcoming, ever more spied-upon teenage generation.  Every bedroom, bathroom and WC should be officially monitored for illicit activities and self-abuse; after all, if you have nothing to be ashamed of you can have no objections – …And sleep with your hands outside the sheets! 


For heavens’ sake - Nuke the Spooks.

7 April 08 – Famous Journalist liquidated?



Dear Letters Editors - I was hoping to post this comment/essay in your Comment & Debate section but many searches on Guardian Unlimited for Larry Elliot do not locate him or today's article. Has it been expunged by the Ministry of Truth and Larry liquidated?


If not - where is it?



"Larry Elliot" Monday April 7 2008 - We're in a winter of discontent again - but this time big finance is the villain. Page 28 Comment&Debate.




7 April 08 - Economies in Crisis


The global economy is not in crisis. In fact, the global, real economy has never produced more goods and food, more efficiently, more automatically, with so little human labour, in our entire history. We have never been wealthier. Once we stop people burning things for energy (coal, oil, gas, trees, crops, cooking oils, sugar, uranium rods etc) and harness the almost limitless energy from the sun, geothermal and tidal energy - supplemented by our western overweight kids on treadmills - the world will be fine.


What is wrong is that the Money-Economy is out of step, out of alignment with the real economy, and has been hi-jacked by myopic, greedy, aggressive, neurotic, power crazed, IQ challenged, compulsive gamblers; gambling with our money - our sweat and toil.  Money is "a means of account - and a medium of exchange". It exists to make it easier for us to swap the real-goods and services we create and to be a handy record of who owes what to whom. It is a paper trail that should be impeccably reliable (or gold, silver, cowry shells or whatever else we decide to ac-count with.  To protect the bits of paper we have legitimately collected, friendly bankers offer us their safes and vaults.  That is the money-economy.  The City exists to keep accurate track of the paper and to be a focus for collective investment into major social enterprises.


But, many of the bankers and their friends, relatives, fans, admirers, copyists, main board directors, dependents unto the fifth generation and tribes of compromised auditors, brokers, debt-raters, loan sharks, lawyers, judges, politicians and book-keepers have been cooking the books in ever more imaginative ways and found that dipping their fat, sticky fingers into the global tills and raking out handfuls of money at an ever faster rate, is not only not challenged as criminal behaviour, but is applauded and awarded by the vast majority of the political system and the media. If you have defrauded your neighbours and work-mates and half-inched a thousand times more loot per hour than they are awarded in a week - you are deemed to be a hero.  A little less obviously than grasping wads of money, our politicians and top civil servants guide their careers and policies towards the revolving doors held open for them years before their early retirements. Every unearned, unwarranted shilling that these sociopaths grab is an inflationary act and, worst of all, their ill-gotten gains impoverish, demean and insult the vast majority of patient citizens who work for a reasonable reward.  The unstoppable money siphon from the average, poor and starving to the already wealthy, super-rich and grossly over-rewarded - has to be stopped; globally.


So, it is the money-economy, not the real economy that is broken and needs to be fixed. 

How? (1) Retrospectively cap executive rewards with a 98% tax band, back to Thatcher's last stand.  (2) The present money-system is broken, so introduce a new system that bans speculators and gamblers by ensuring minimum time holdings of real stocks and commodities, and remove all obfuscation - make it simple - and register all business transactions daily for public record (a good laptop should cope - or maybe a few laptops). (3) Without warning, introduce a world currency, EURODOLLARYUEN, and oblige everyone to convert their wealth, on record - or lose it.  Repatriate all offshore, tax haven assets to the countries where the real-economy created them and ensure they are properly taxed or are confiscated.  This will pay off most global deficits. (4) Introduce capital distribution mechanisms such as BIRTHRIGHT to share the wealth base fairly and a minimum wage to provide a decent family living for a 40 hour week (not less than £10 an hour). This will abolish poverty. (5) Consign the present incumbents to lunatic asylums equipped for their eternal pleasure with super-casinos, where they can play to their hearts content with old money.


Or - the solution at a stroke - abolish money. Read my book AD 2516 to see how that will work.


In the meantime - Move to Higher Ground.














12 March 08 – Point and Counterpoint – Worried about the “Credit Collapse” ?




Subject: The Credit Collapse of 2008


The Credit Collapse of 2008
Martin D. Weiss, Ph.D.

The Credit Collapse of 2008 has begun.

The place is every home, business and government.

The time is now.

The credit collapse is not just an ordinary recession that repeats itself with each new business cycle of the 21st century. Nor is it the Great Depression returning to haunt us from the depths of the 1930s.

The credit collapse is a sudden surge in debt defaults by borrowers ... and an equally sudden disappearance of new loans by lenders.

It's an unprecedented surge in home foreclosures ... and an equally unprecedented cutback in new home mortgages.

It's causing unexpected corporate bankruptcies ... plus equally unexpected demands by banks to put up more collateral.

It's threatening to sink businesses, paralyze local governments and gut the investment portfolios of millions of Americans.

It's even starting to sabotage the best laid plans of government — neutralizing the Fed's interest rate cuts ... pre-empting Congress' economic stimulus plan ... and threatening to strip Washington of its traditional powers to fight a recession.

And I'm not the only one who sees this.

Yesterday's New York Times reports ...

that the government's usual fiscal and monetary policy tools are failing ...

that this failure is raising questions about what more the Fed can do, and ...

that its actions so far have done little to counter sinking housing prices, the falling stock market and disappearing jobs.

"The Fed's main weapons against a downturn," says The Times, "are ill-suited to a crisis that stems from collapsing confidence about credit quality."

Meanwhile, economist Edward Yardeni, formerly still holding to the theory that the economy was OK, has now reversed course. Ditto for economists at JPMorgan Chase and Lehman Brothers.

They don't yet call it the Credit Collapse of 2008, as I do. But they see it just the same — and they are beginning to recognize how serious its consequences really are.

What they may not yet recognize is that the Credit Collapse of 2008 could attack everyone and everything that depends on debt, including, ultimately, the U.S. government.

And it's moving fast!

Just in the past three months, we've seen the Credit Collapse of 2008 drive a dagger into the markets for prime home mortgages, commercial mortgages, business loans, student loans, credit cards and municipal bonds.

We've seen the credit collapse rip apart little-known-but-important "structured" securities — Residential Mortgage-Backed Securities (RMBS), Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities (CMBS), Collateralized Debt Obligations (CDOs), Collateralized Loan Obligations (CLOs), Auction Rate Securities (ARS), Credit Default Swaps (CDS), Structured Investment Vehicles (SIVs) and Variable Interest Entities (VIEs).

And just last week, to the shock of federal authorities, the credit collapse struck bonds issued by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Although not backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. government, these bonds were thought to be immune from the crisis because of their special status as government "sponsored" agencies. But they weren't.

The New York Times puts it this way: "If investors lose confidence in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which have become the only major remaining source of mortgage financing in recent months, Fed officials fear that homes sales and housing prices could plunge further and foreclosures could climb even higher than they already have."

Plus, there's still another, unspoken fear:

If the Credit Collapse of 2008 can slam into the market for government-sponsored bonds, could it not do the same to government agency bonds like Ginnie Maes, which are backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. government?

Further, if the Credit Collapse of 2008 can hit agency bonds, then, at some point, could it even bring down long-term U.S. Treasury bonds?

Fed officials are afraid to give an answer. They're even afraid to ask the question. But on Friday of last week, March 7 ...

They Could Wait No Longer.
They Were Frightened.
And They Panicked.

In a desperate attempt to avert a full-scale collapse of credit markets, the Federal Reserve declared it would offer ...

An unprecedented $100 billion in long-term loans, accepting virtually any kind of debt instruments as collateral — including bad paper that's at the core of the credit collapse.

An equally unprecedented $100 billion in short-term loans, accepting Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac bonds as collateral.

Plus, as much additional funding as needed to ease the pain for the next victims of the credit collapse, whomever those may be.

That's a heck of lot of new paper money flooding into the banking system — especially considering that it stems from economic weakness, not strength ... and that it comes in the form of devalued paper, not wealth.






10 Mar 08



Thanks for the interesting paper by Martin D Weiss, where he extrapolates from recent and past news to forecast near and far future economic outcomes. Overall he sees governments losing control of money - in its broadest sense as a "medium of exchange and a means of account" - as has happened in Zimbabwe and as happened in Germany after WW1. Martin Weiss senses a return to a barter economy - with gold, metals, oils and food commodities etc as the only "money" worth holding. But he can't have it both ways - if money collapses then people flock to real goods; the mainstay of which is land-housing - then water - then food - then fuel - clothes - medicines etc etc. To hold only mobile high value real goods such as diamonds, jewellery, art, etc etc which are quite a long way down the chain of tradable necessities, is simply substituting official money with bags of gems and bullion as the new money - which in turn can only be economically useful in stable, settled societies with tradable amounts of necessities (i.e. surpluses).


My view is that world treasurers / chancellors know what they are doing - and matters are not out of control.