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Noel Hodson – Author, Writer, Reporter

I write serious and humorous novels, short stories, illustrated children’s stories, business and technical books and papers, research papers, training manuals, reports on the Information Society and telework including News, Statistics, Forecasts and Opinion, papers and books about the future, on economics, the environment and transport; AND I create interactive tools in EXCEL for business modelling and forecasting. I ghost write novels or scripts and produce copy for PR and advertising.


Published Work Includes:


1)  THE HAUNTING OF A FAVOURITE SON – The True Life Story of a Very Shy Man

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Author: Noel Hodson

Type: Autobiographical novel

Publisher: Publish America & Publish Britannica

First Published: January 2004.

ISBN – 1-4137-0791-2

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This is a collaborative, illustrated Self-Help book resulting from The Haunting of a Favourite Son, aimed at the caring professions and at the 4% of the population who suffer from acute shyness or social-phobia, now defined as the third most common mental health syndrome.

Authors: Noel Hodson, Ann Stewart - Consultant Psychiatrist, Robin Stewart – Artist and Pauline Hodson, Psychotherapist & Chairperson of the Society of Couple Psychoanalytical Psychotherapy.

Type: Self-help paperback.

Publisher: Thorsons have expressed interest.

First published: Target date June 2005.




The seminal and definitive work on why, where and when to telework. It is used by tutors on the subject of the Information Society and on managing dispersed organisations and teams. Covers the subject from technology to taxation to family rows. It was the first UK book to be written by a distributed team on PC’s linked via ISDN telephone lines.

Type: Hardback business text-book. It was delivered to the publishers two weeks BEFORE the deadline.

Authors: 26 authors including substantial contributions from the editors.

Editors: Mike Gray, Noel Hodson, Gil Gordon.

Publisher: Wiley & Sons

First published: October 1993.

ISBN – 0-471-93975-7

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4) AD2516 – LIFE AFTER GLOBAL WARMING – first print in July 2005

A humorous and dramatic story which accurately predicts the future. It accompanies three hero’s who crash into the Arctic ice in 1999, are resuscitated in 2516 and have to adjust to the new world. A page turning yarn based on serious, credible societal and technological forecasts. It will make a great film.

Type: 120,000 word novel

Author: Noel Hodson

Publisher: Publish America

First Published: July 05.

ISBN – 1-4137-6870-9



Isaac Newton was an alchemist before he defined the way science should be done. He is arguably the World’s most significant genius – and the most irascible. This tale, set in Woolsthorpe, England in 2004, brings Isaac from the past – to his astonishment – meeting a schoolboy who translates the modern world for him. Powerful energies draw Cambridge physicists to Woolsthorpe, who think he is mad – but are baffled by his grasp of science and abilities. The most scathing but ambitious of the scientists is determined to sabotage any attempt by Isaac to return to his own time, and to study the anachronistically displaced man.

Type: Novel – basis for a successful film or play.

Author: Noel Hodson

Publisher: N/A


First published: Target for May 2005.



This 90 page paper defined the rationale for teleworking and for the growth of the Information Society in business and environmental terms. It was summarised down to 30 double spaced pages, set in colour and distributed to most major UK employers. It helped to enable the vision of the early prophets of telework “Take the work to the people not the people to the work” to become a reality and to reduce commuting. When first written in 1990 it had difficulty in being taken seriously, but did start to change opinions; today in the USA there are more than 20 million teleworkers – and it is thought there are similar numbers in the European Union.

Author: Noel Hodson

Editors: David Tucknutt, Ron Penny; Mike Gray.

Type: Research and theoretical paper.

Publisher: BT, Martlesham Heath Laboratories. – publicised by Quentin Bell & Co, London

First publication: 1992

Reference B81/R102   PROJECT\TJT\EOT\REP\1-1.DOC

Updated: 1994 

Obtain it from: BT Labs, Martlesham Heath.



These are amusing short stories, based on true events retold with just a touch of artistic license, about the people of Heaton Moor, Heaton Mersey, Heaton Chapel and Heaton Norris, Stockport, in the period after the war, from 1945 to 1960, when the first teenagers were growing up and there was a brief resurrection of village life, before Bill Haley, Rock’n’Roll, Elvis the Pelvis, Cars, Drugs and the Sexual Revolution washed away the old society.

Author: Noel Hodson

Type: Novel

Publisher: not yet placed.




An original and seminbal 120 page paper commissioned by the RAC through Quentin Bell PR Company, Covent Garden, to look 7 and 14 years ahead.  Researched and drafted in 1997 it forecasts the traffic increases year by year on UK roads, the impact on other transport, the growth of telework and advanced telecommunications and the shifts in what we work at, where we work and how the changes affect transport.  Despite the rapid growth of electronic communications, the paper predicts GRIDLOCK – unless structural changes are made. Some of these now are. Following this paper, the author later explored the concept To Tarmac the Railways – and turn them into roads; an idea that still looks like a good thing to research. The RAC paper was largely ignored as it did not forecast the expected conclusion that more telework, computers and telephones meant less traffic jams. Another paper by Buckingham University which did blithely forecast empty highways was promoted instead.

Author: Noel Hodson

Editors: The RAC and Quentin Bell PLC

Publisher: The RAC

First Drafts: July 1997

Available from: in part - this web site    ..\index_files\10_rac6.htm



A children’s book about the nocturnal, little people who moved into all the empty and unused chimney pots after the Clean Air Act. It is a roofscape story of great journeys and perilous adventures – in the process of being refreshed and re-illustrated. First drafted in 1975 it has waited a long time for completion.

Author: Noel Hodson

Illustrator: First drafts Noel Hodson – to be redrawn.

Publisher: Not known



Bank Dresdner commissioned this 30 page paper “to be written with British humour” about the future of telework and the information society. Written from the perspective of a lecturer in 2021, the narrative is amusing, including for example the resurrection of the Russian economy through the belief that Boris Yeltsin had acquired immortality from drinking Pure Russian Chernobyl Vodka or PRCV, which became the hardest currency on Earth long enough for Russia to get rich and to embrace the Information Society. Numbers of serious forecasts are presented in a light hearted style.

Author: Noel Hodson

Type: Research paper

Publisher: Bank Dresdner – for Corporate Customers

First Published: May 1999.

Available:  on this website    ..\index_files\futurehumour.htm


11) Over the Rainbow

A page turning tale of survival and courage and the foul murder of an inspired heroine, set in London, England during the coming time of global-flooding and global-flu.  The book also accurately tracks the scientific reports underlying concerns for the 80% of humans living on the coastal margins, and medical fears of a global pandemic from H5N1 avian influenza. Will you and yours survive?  See the pre-ISBN draft print – available for download at













Noel Hodson


Shyness, Social-Phobia, Haunting, The Haunting of a Favourite Son, Noel Hodson, a Favourite Son,


The Haunting of a Favourite Son
















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The Haunting of a Favourite Son

(The True life Story of a Very Shy Man)

by Noel Hodson


PublishAmerica - ISBN 1-4137-0791-2      



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This book is a surprisingly good, and different, read – a fascinating and page turning story – which is surprising in the light of the agonisingly acute problems it wrestles with. Written in an immediate and intimate style, spiced with humour and with unrelentingly bitter criticism of revered institutions, it draws the reader into the secrets of families, children, virgin-birth, Catholic-sex and psychotherapy. The book is highly unusual, if not unique, in revealing the crippling pain and limitations imposed by shyness. Ultimately this “tortured little tome. Good in parts” as the author has described his work, is an optimistic tale that offers growth and the potential of re-birth to the hidden millions of people who stammer, or are mute, shy and suffering, and to all of us who have problems in life. 



Forty percent of the population are noticeably shy. About four percent are crippled by an acute shyness known as social-phobia. Most social-phobics become alcoholics or commit suicide. If you know an adult or a child who may be suffering from this syndrome, give them this inspiring and hopeful tale. The hero of this true story, driven by his mother’s demonic haunting, finds professional help to understand his highly dysfunctional family, to overcome shyness, to gain insight and at last to gain the courage to reach towards his full potential. Set in post-war Stockport in England, the book also beautifully sketches a portrait of those innocent and impoverished decades after the troops came home and of some of the forces that shaped our parent’s and grandparents lives.



Catholics may empathize with the author’s view that “There is no such thing as a lapsed Catholic – there are only recovering Catholics”. Professionals in the fields of psychology, psychiatry, psychotherapy and general medical practitioners will find some of the clearest descriptions of social-phobia symptoms and circumstances that will inform their practices.


Noel Hodson was born during World War II to parents disorientated by the war. He left school at sixteen, and with no qualifications he made his way into business, starting an Audit Practice and several other business advice firms, and tackling some large commercial projects. Time after time, at crucial points his fight against social-phobia wrecked his career – and he started over again. Noel has written text books and papers about the future of the information society and is currently working on a humorous novel set in the year 2516.


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